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Royal pirates betting everything acoustic

Having the ability to make a difference for those in need or the ability to overcome physical, emotional, or psychological obstacles and still be able to make change… this man here is both for me. He humbles me in ways no one else has. This beautiful English acoustic version of their song, Betting Everything, was done before his life took a hard right turn. But even then he shows such sweet humility in such a simple song.

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After the video was posted on the Korean website Cyworld , the band received an invitation from the writer of Star King to appear on his show. However, the band declined the invitation since they had "major conflicts with school" and "scheduling was difficult for both of [them]".

They also did not want to portray themselves as a "Cover Band" to the world and to Korea. In March , Royal Pirates released the music video for their new original song and demo "Disappear". They declared, " This is not the actual debut of Royal Pirates. This MV was made independently for the fans and also for promotion of the band. The band also performed on a world tour with actor Lee Min Ho.

Their title track "Run Away" was made into a music video. Prior to this comeback, member James Lee had a nearly-fatal freak accident which caused him to give up playing the bass after 13 years. However, he returned to play the keyboard for the music video of "Run Away".

James Lee announced his departure from the band on January 31, via a handwritten letter on his Instagram account. Published on official YouTube channel. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed. This section does not cite any sources.

Please help improve this section by adding citations to reliable sources. August Learn how and when to remove this template message. Track List. Track List - Taiwan Edition. Gaon Chart in Korean. Now the only problem is what is classified as East asian admixture? What else? John Svan was born in Finland and calls himself a Finn…According to the ethnologists, the Finns in very remote times were of Mongol origin; but the various groupings of the human race into families is arbitrary and, as respects any particular people, is not permanent but is subject to change and modification through the influences of climate, employment, intermarriage and other causes.

There are indications that central and western Europe was at one time overrun by the Finns; some of their stock remained, but their racial characteristics were entirely lost in their remote descendants, who now are in no danger of being classed as Mongols. The Osmanlis, said to be of Mongol extraction, are not among the purest and best types of the Caucasian race. Changes are constantly going on and those occurring in the lapse of a few hundred years with any people may be very great.

The chief physical characteristics of the Mongolians are as follows: They are short of stature, with little hair on their body an face; they have yellow-brown skins, black eyes, black hair, short, flat noses, and oblique eyes. In actual experience we sometimes, though rarely, see natives of Finland whose eyes are slightly oblique. We sometimes see them sparse beards and sometimes with flat noses; but Finns with a yellow or brown or yellow-brown skin or with black eyes or black hair would be an unusual sight.

They are almost universally of light skin, blue or gray eyes, and light hair. No people of foreign births applying in this section of the country for the full rights of citizenship are lighter-skinned than those born in Finland. In stature they are quite up to the average. Confessedly, Finland has often been overrun with Teutons and by other branches of the human family, who, with their descendants, have remained within her borders and are now called Finns.

They are in the main indistinguishable in their physical characteristics from those of purer Finnish blood. Intermarriages have been frequent over a very long period of time. If the Finns were originally Mongols, modifying influences have continued until they are now among the whitest people in Europe.

It would, therefore, require a most exhaustive tracing of family history to determine whether any particular individual born in Finland had or had not a remote Mongol ancestry. This, of course, cannot be done and was not intended.

This is the practical construction which has uniformly been placed upon the law…. Under such law Finns have always been admitted to citizenship, and there is no occasion now to change the construction. One drop rule. And you British have some connections with iberians, i have read. True or not. You guys while we are at it why dont you make everyone who looks Asian to Mongols? The Mongoloid caracter is minimal in the contemporary Finns.

Maybe five percentages of the Finns are Europo-Mongoloid. The average Finn are pure Caucasoid. There are Baltids or Lapponoids on the majority of the pictures in this topic and few Europo-Mongoloid Saami people. Mongoloid is East Asian? The average is not pure caucasoid, I dare you to show me a autosomal DNA study. Every Finns have a little bit of this mongoloid dna. Nothing wrong with Mongol blood having it in small amounts even, peolple from slavic countries should embrace it more I think.

Yes both Lithuanians and Finns are very Northern European like genetically overall. Finns on average 9. Mongoloid race, not limited to geography can be called as East Asian attributes to geographically limited region , are you sure? The races do not have genetics temporarily. Maybe in the future!

But now the race is metrics and not genetics. Just like all Caucasoids are Western Europeans :tongue. In genetics there is a term Eastern Eurasian. That's not East Asian. Actually the Iberians are the only Europeans carrying african admixture in the admixture analysis. Check it better. Yes, the "Eastern Eurasian" is the proper term in the genetics. What about these maps?

Influence which reaches up to Central Europe :dance: Why do you deny the Mongolian influence in Finland? Western Eurasia: west from the Altay or the Ural if we use the CE term Central Eurasia: between the Ural and the Altay Eastern Eurasia: east from the Altay I would place Central Eurasia between Volga river and Yenisei river if we talk about North , because the territory between these rivers is inhabited by local populations of various Eurasian admixture degrees.

I would count to Central Eurasia also territories, inhabited by Kazakhs, Kyrgyzs, and related ethnic groups. Uighur territory is Central Eurasian too, even if technically it is in China. I am only interested are they showing what they think is a real admixture or simply some bogus similarity direction based on which they will show the real admixture. There is a table inside the article I can't get it now, because I would need to buy it which showed Iberians as the only Europeans carrying African admixture.

Never mind I've found it! That was the supplement to the article. I would place Central Eurasia between Volga river and Yenisei river if we talk about North , because the territory between these rivers is inhabited by local populations of various Eurasian admixture degrees. The Altay Pamir, etc. This was the eastern limit of the historical Caucasoid expansion. Anyone can see that these Iberoids have a significant amount of negro admixture.

Finland-Swede linguist M. Castren added to this in s when he investigated the Finnish language and tried to understand which languages were related to the seemingly isolated tongue. He found that Sami, Estonian and Hungarian were from the same family but so were a series of languages across Siberia such as Komi and Mari. And even languages like Mongolian and Greenlandic seemed to have a similar grammatical structure.

The maps are correct, it's you who are in denial in regards to your non-white ancestry. Here are your racial kin. Observe the similar shape of the face, nose, skull, the same hair, eye and skin colour. In 50 years from now you will inshallah be reunited, both land and soul, with your racial kindred and bowing towards a the black stone in kaaba. The natural order of things will be restored and you will be home with the race and creed where you belong. It will not change the fact the Finns after Lithuanians have the next highest European component while Meds like you non-white Iberoids are hardly even counted as half-European.

You guys are coming out of the woodwork, chill out. Spreading lies leads to nothing. Yes, due to strong black and Muslim immigration now the Swedes are of hot blooded temperament. Finns are wannabe Mongols at best. True mongols live in Mongolia and Buriatia. We're an honourable race and people. No wonder Slavs, Finns and eastern European Estonians want to be associated with us.

I was in Mongolia in July. To my disappointment, I got no brotherly treatment as a Finn and it was quite difficult to blend in not only because I was half a meter taller than them : I was actually threatened two times with violence in nightclubs in Ulan Bator because "I'm a westerner that comes to steal their natural resources" and shit like that.

But I have to say I was quite disappointed with today's young mongol "warriors". They used to be the hardiest motherfuckers of all but now they seemed to be just chubby drunks. I barely noticed as one of them suddenly literally kicked my ass from behind in a bar. Sorry for the off topic but this thread is already brain off. Nightclubbing is western evil that has infiltrated Mongolian culture. Mongolian traditional social gatherings for young people are very different to that of western nighclubbing.

No wonder you couldn't blend among the drunkards. Don't underestimate the Mongols, we are still hardiest group of people around. Okay, I saw a lot of good riders in the countryside. In the 13th century you had the sturdy Mongolian horse and in its time the high-tech Mongolian bow combined with soldiers that were amazingly accurate with them while riding. However, today I would be more impressed by a hardy and fierce Mongolian soldier in a Mongolian-made fifth generation fighter jet that would be as advanced and deadly as the bow back then.

Mongolian 0 Altaian 0. These boys though.. You know exactly what I mean The Punk Syndrome follows a Finnish punk rock band whose members all are learning disabled, living with autism and Down syndrome. The film shows the band members using punk music as an outlet to their frustration with everyday things, such as living in a group home, not being served coffee because of their disability and so on. The film has been said to open a window to the world of the disabled.

The movie has an upbeat tone and it has been compared to another band documentary Anvil! The Story of Anvil. You know exactly what I mean I didn't know, I'm sorry. I only made a search for 'strange looking finnish' and that rock band did appear. I didn't read texts and only saw the pictures And what is with us Turkics we are your nearest brothers :.

And what is with us Turkics we are your nearest brothers : It depends which Turkic peoples. If they live in Turkey, Iran or Caucasus, then no. It depends which Turkic peoples. Well im considered Turanid so do i count? You maybe but in general Turks from Anatolia and Azerbajan want to 'Europeanise' our ancestors. It's for this reason many people from Kazakhstan and Altai are distancing themselves now from western Turkic speaking peoples.

Seriously guys? This silly thread still going on.. I only want to add that all dagos have olive oil in their black hair and sandnigger blood in their veins. Well to be true this looks quite badass. Saharawi-Moors are badass. No you dumbfuck, this looks badass "Our [Finnish] Hakkapelites cannot have been any sort of fine representatives.

I should mention a parade of the Gustaf Adolf troops in the Thirty Years' War, while the king still lived. At first went the blue, yellow, green etc. Then came, clothed so-so, bridles and baldricks repaired with birch bark and cord, legs hanging from the backs of their small, shaggy horses, cutlasses dragging on the ground, a troop of hollow-cheeked but stern-eyed men. No you dumbfuck, this looks badass Why insult me? But you are right those Finns look many times more badass. Why insult me?

How you know this? These last two maps are ridicolous, man. If you have only minimal African admixture, then why does your nation look predominantly dark and non-european? Remember my thread? Making fun of disabled people, very civilized. Spaniards just keep on showing how undeveloped culture they have.

Spain has never contributed anything to the development of human kind. Is it a coincidence, that all the former colonies of Spain are third world countries, while Australia, USA etc are more advanced than Spain? Spain itself could be considered the Mexico of Europe.

Corrected: What about these maps? They have practically no effect one's overall genetics. Be cognizant of the fact that, especially in Iberia, N. African autosomal markers are exceedingly old and arose in a period when Berber populations were essentially Eurasian, with nothing to speak of in therms of ME or SSA influences. Those maps are not an authoritative source. Those were created by some guy on the internet, by the username of Maciamo. The fabricator, has no formal education on anthropology and the percentages presented in his maps, were manipulated for personal benefit.

It's very important to note, that, his cartography has false numbers based on studies that didn't even exist. If you ask him for sources, he won't give it to you. Because he can't. One must also stress that, Eupedia displays orthographic errors. Eupedia is a total joke. I was on there some years ago and will never return because many members are intellectually dishonest, especially East-Med people. The guy who runs the forum has clear biases.

What have Finns ever done to Spanish? I think it is due to Spanish being used to epitomize southern Euros and Finns being used as representatives of northern Euros. These stupid rivalries should stop. This thread is because the one that opened Mr. KNowall about Spaniards. First, Moors were not niggas. Second, that photo is about the celebrations of the South of Spain called "Moors and Christians", which are the Festivals of the Christian victory over the Moors.

Recreate battles and people is proud to have defeated and expelled the Moors. Third, why do you speak about the percentages of Qatari blood in Finsgolians, as Solin asked you? My nation look predominantly dark and non-European only in your Mongolian mind. No, many of your look Mongolians. I dont give a shit for "North European look", and still less your particular look, with Mongol traits.

For that thousands of Finns come to live to Spain each year, right? And this it say me a Finnish?? I dont know any famous Finnish that changed the world. Were Finns who discovered and colonized an entire continent perhaps?

What do you have in Finland, apart from wooden houses and igloos xD, to talk about development? That does not mean that Spain is Third World at all, as you are talking. Spain is famous worldwide for its excellent public health system or quality of life. The fact that thousands of British, Germans, Finns, Norwegians etc come to live in Spain is the proof.

Former ex-Spanish colonies were rich when they became independent from Spain. It's not our fault that after its independence, and governed by mestizos, they finished as they have done. At least we were an Empire, unlike you They look Mongolians in your arab-mind. Besides, you haven't been even able to post a single Finn, who looks "mongol". The most extreme cases you posted aren't even Finns. Well, first of all, population of Finland is only a fraction of population of Spain. If you compare Finland to other countries with same population, we haven't been any less successful.

Second of all, you guys had a geographical advantage to be at the Atlantic coast, which was necessary for conquering any land in Americas. For example, Germany and Italy didn't have that advantage and their "empires" were much smaller. Next time you use a mobile phone, remember your Finnish friends who were behind that technology and I don't just mean Nokia, but basically any smart phone. Both android and iOS are based on ubuntu. It doesn't really come as a surprise, that Spain has failed the Euro.

And of course there are lot's of Finns and other people who move to Spain after their retirement. The prices are cheap and the weather is good. Yeah, massacre of Native Americans, what an achievement. You mean this Mongol empire? Which one? Christiano opened this one first! Nice trolling didnt know blacks from Europe are on this forum.

Are you having the following thread on mind? KnowitAll open that thread as response to this thread. Linux by Linus Torvalds, a Finnish American. Ubuntu is just an operating system built from Linux, its owner is a South African and its based in the Isle of Man. With regards to Android, apps run on a secondary layer called 'Dalvik' created by an Icelander if I remember right and essentially a rip off of Java.

The OS is Linux-based, but most apps don't run directly from it. I am not sure, though. No Finns???? Please, man Bitch, please. There have been more cases of schizophrenic Finns who murdered many people. Also you are famous for your high alcoholism and for being one of the countries where the gender violence is more high. I have read that this is due to a gene that Finns have and which activates your violence :noidea: Terrorism in Spain is the same sad thing than terrorism in Great Britain, Russia or any country, politician issues, and I think that this does not nothing to do with violent or uncivilized behavior of a whole society.

You didn't care take into account the demographic data when you decided to criticize Spain in your previous comment regarding its contributions to the world :rolleyes: but now you have the perfect excuse with these demographic data for Finland Ok I will do it. Yet, it's your country that is in trouble and needs bailouts from other countries. The trouble of my country is the fuckin EU in itself. I hate that Zionist and antieuropean organization. Not only for their retirement.

The other day I saw a program about If they only look for cheap prices and good weather they would go to Morocco, Greece, Egypt, Tunisia, Panama, Costa Rica etc Don't need to be a genius to know that if they choose to Spain is for something else :rolleyes: Yeah, massacre of Native Americans, what an achievement. Massacre of Native Americans? Eupedia is a forum, like the Apricity. Quit posting desinformation. The data in both maps match perfectly. Add to this People have already pointed many of them out.

I have read that this is due to a gene that Finns have and which activates your violence :noidea: Alcohol consumption in Finland is less than in many Western countries, like Denmark and Belgium. Terrorism in Spain is the same sad thing than terrorism in Great Britain, Russia or any country, politician issues, and I think that this does not nothing to do with violent or uncivilized behavior of a whole society. Except that it is exactly related to society, you even contradict yourself!

Our couple of cases of school shootings were done by individuals. Terrorism in Spain is comparable to terrorism in arab-countries. And are Portugal and Italy doing any better? I guess there are lots of mongols living north of the Pyrenees then. How would you classify her? Alpine maybe? Off topic. Not at all! The map helps understand where all the non-European blood in Spain comes from. The study is from and deals with Haplogroups.

Of no great use unless you are tracking ancient migrations. Some of the photos that tend to be posted on TA of Spaniards and Portuguese are of non-natives, which is totally absurd. Mrkowitall, I can not understand how you can compare those 3 ladies with those alpinoid dudes. They have totally different morphologies. The 3 ladies are unreduced robust UP stock. The guys are neolithic stock, the whole morphology is maxxxed out reduced, how can it be possible for you to miss this? Also if the first lady can not pass in Finland, then where can she?

Most of the Muslims in Iberia were moriscos. They were native Iberians who converted to Islam and later expelled. Be sure of your facts before posting. If you mean the Brisighelli et al. It's a spanish founded study the irony!!!

It only uses 52 SNPs so it's basically a joke. I truly don't understand why morons keep quoting Brisighelli et al. Such people should belong to asylum. Can't we all just get along? I have a half Finnish, half Portuguese match on 23andme. They are more robust and have longer narrower noses. What is the most interesting character about the CM skull to me are these low wideset microsemic eyes which gives it a sort of cool medieval battle helmet look.

The end. Enjoy a couple of minutes of time you never had to waste on this crappy troll thread. Are you nuts or just outdated? As you can see proxy used here are East Africans, we all know that East African influence to Iberia is next to nill, the real influence is from West Africa.

Actual figures are much higher as Moors are not pure SSA. Infact when Sahawari-Moors are used Portocheese get double digit figures, their western brothas not far off either. Pay attention to estimated age of admixture event, which is 57 give and take few generations generation for Spaniards. If we use generation length of 22 years reproduction age per generation we land into year AD , which is pretty much spot on for Moorish conguest of Iberia.

My distant cousins Finngolians seem to be holding upper hand in this argument. It's not like it wasn't expected. Afro-Spaniards are more emotional but less convincing with their arguments. I like their collection of pictures though. You're right. Thank you for your angry, negative feedback via reputation system. Truly noted. East Africa is related to north africa. So, the east african is really pointing to north africa. And who are our western brothas?

Also, i think i never wrote anything about finns in my forum years, but i'm willing to start What should i speak about? Portocheese: You deserved the rep. This is why. Spell it correctly, don't be an ass. Don;t forget I pointed out all mongols were once white. So they kinda are mongols, but it's the east mongols who changes not the other way around. No, it's the shared SSA dna. East African Eurasian dna is via Arabia. Because Admixture is notoriously bad what comes to detecting actual admixture.

They cannot hold any sort of cold face or even maintain coolness in everyday situations. Is true, but at least I did this thinking that Mr. Knowall started this shitstorm. As a gesture of goodwill I will close this thread, although it is probably that Loki wants to reopen again but still there is another thread with a similar topic where the trolls can continue an active discussion.

They cannot hold any sort of cold face or even maintain coolness in everyday situations Imagine a good looking sexy tanned hot brunette from Spain or Portugal. A lot of people will be attracted to hot tempered southern European girls, than to cool pale Finnish girls. If it was real it wouldn't shift anywhere, and i'm convinced McDonald would have picked it up too, but all he picked up was north african.

What do finns have to do with this? McDonald is very good at picking up real SSA. Dienekes wrote a very good entry on the Moorjani study: It's very bad and shame on Dienekes. As for IBD distances i remember the strange results it gave on Eurogenes when it was used. Direction of gene flow is crystal clear.

Finns formed the core of Swedish cavalry back then, called Hakkapeliitta. We were "East Swedes" you know. Country or not, same people as today. In-fact , Finnish army conquered Moscow, something neither Napoleon nor Hitler was ever able to do. We also destroyed the Croatian cuirassiers, who gave the world annoying habit of wearing neckties.

They certainly deserved it. Unfortunately the habit didn't die with Croatian cavalry. Well you guys are going to love this lol I just received this email from Polako today. He is doing an analysis for me. He has been looking for Siberian segments in my genome. Here is what he said. It looks like a cross between a Siberian and Amerindian segment, which is what I tried to convey on the attached map, so it's probably very old. I'm also attaching the sequence, so you can check the alleles in various online databases like SPsmart.

It might also be a good idea to check your fastIBD hits in that area. I'm betting that you have some Finnish matches there. Genetic distances, which is what IBD shows are very clear indeed. Helsinki is much closer to Moscow than where Napoleon or Hitler started from. In fact, they are your neighbours, so you didn't have the problem that Napoleon or Hitler had which was logistics.

I never seen the numbers you are saying anywhere. Probably DNAtribes lol. Core Eurasian from Ice Age, mammoth hunters. No doubt Finns will have those segments. We didn't bloody hell come from Middle East neolithic or from Africa Moors. Paleolithic pride world wide. IBD shows blocks which are inherited, it has nothing to do with fst.

I searched for "finn" and "finland" in the 30 years war wiki page which i linked earlier but got 0 results. This not only freed the Swedish field guns from an ongoing artillery duel, but allowed Gustavus's cross-trained cavalry to turn the captured Imperial guns upon Tilly's seventeen own Tercios, now outflanked and badly out of position.

Its position lay slightly to the rear of the Catholics on what had become the extreme right flank of a developing infantry battle. The unwieldy Catholic infantry was trapped in a crossfire of grazing artillery balls which were aimed to bounce and careen into the rank and files between knee and shoulder height—killing and wounding dozens with each ball.

With these guns cutting into one end of Tilly's line, and the Swedish center showing no signs of breaking, the exchange of gunfire soon wore down the Imperial troops, and their lines ground to a halt against Horn's infantry. After several hours of punishment, nearing sunset, the Catholic line finally broke. Tilly was injured twice by a so-called "piece of battle"—artillery propelled debris, such as a careering pikehead.

Although the first time he remounted his horse, the second wound was more severe; unconscious, he was carted off to safety under the cover of night during the ensuing retreat, which quickly became a rout as the Catholic forces reached the nearby woods. The totally disorganized and demoralized Imperial and Catholic League force effectively lost all cohesion with the fall of night, and the desertion rate was consequently higher than the battle losses themselves.

In effect, Gustav had entirely destroyed the only army the Catholics had in the field, placing the Imperial side on the defensive. After the battle, Gustav moved on Halle, following the same track that Tilly had taken coming east to enforce the Edict of Restitution on the Electorate of Saxony. Two days later Gustav's forces captured another 3, men after a brief skirmish at Merseburg, and took Halle two days after that. Helsinki was sleepy fishing town back then, population of or something like that.

It was not major Finnish center back then. You think that logistics were easier in early 's :D? Indeed you don't know a shit about history of Spain, as all those who keep repeating that Spaniards are mixed with Moors. Moors didn't could left any relevant genetic trace because they were a tiny portion of the total Muslim population whom didn't intermarry with Christian population and Muslim population was all kicked out to Africa years ago.

It's all recorded on the files of the Inquisition, military archives and population census. Also, the peaks of North African ancestry are located in areas where Moors never set up. How do you score in speculative mode of Ancestry Composition of 23andme?

Isolation By Distance? Everyone's top matches were from other countries. There's no comparison, finns don't need to cross all of Europe with an army to get to Moscow.


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