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Not everybodx was happy with the change and there was a threat of challengmg the change in court. Even some friends of the composer recalled that he would never have liked to be a street name. Musician Ricardo Cravo Albim. Tom's close friend. Look what they have done with Vinicius.

He has become a street. Now the cars roll over him and the dogs come and pee over him. Why am I so alone"' Ah! Why all is so sad". The beauty that exists The beauty that" s not only nc That passes all alone too Ah! Snapshot I. They came and sat at Jobim's table. When Jobim 's good friend writer Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro arrived, evervbody started singing Chega ae sauaade. And then nobody could contain their tears. Joao Ubaldo reminisced, "The things he said would touch his friends and then become national folklore, as when he said that the only way out for Brazil was the Galeao Rio's international airport.

Tom was one of the few great minds of Brazil, which now becomes much dumber without him. Ligia Maria Moraes, one of the many women who served as muse for the composer, talked about having repeatedly. The owners said they had symbolically reserved the restaurant for Jobim and his friends.

The soccer team of singer-composer Chico Buarque ae Holianda went to the Flamengo stadium with the players wearing black bands on their uniforms. To get in people had to give four pounds of non periShable food. Gal Costa and Maria Bethania also cned a lot.

Bethania canceled her Thursday show at Rio's Canecao where she has had sold-out houses every night. Teacher Fabfola Araujo de Bittencourt, 82, was the one who taught the ABC to Tom She remembers him as a restless seven-year-old leading the pranks in the class, contmuously tapping on his desk and throwinl?

The onlv way to control Tom was to place him on the first row. Tom talks '"Every woman I don't have is a song. Is, by any chance, a I 0 year. Brazil cannot sec anything that works. Brazil loves Garrincha a gifted soccer player. II ere's a citv that has piano in studio and talks the same language The had part is the older you get the prettier the girls become. It goes up to Alaska. My wife doesn't want me to die. I, mvsclf, I'm not in a rush'' "Death in a plane that exploded in the air would be very comfortable.

On that occasion. Jobim gave her an LP with the dedication, ,. Nothing like wings, sky:'s ocean. For Mrs. Faoiola who taught me to read and to write, with love from Antonio Carlos. On the same day of another chilly New York, 14 years ago, Johlt Lennon was assassinated. The composer owned a two-bedroom apartment close to the New York Metropolitan Museum, but stayed there very little due to the cold and P. Ollution that made his ch1ldren cough constantly. The balloon is inflated and squeezes all the accumulated cbolesterol and other dangerous substances against the veins' walls.

The composer wasn't lying. He never cut back enough on his fatty food, beer and whiskey. Lately he had been trying to survive on wine alone, but he had to have a whisKy at least once a dav. Circulatory problems were nothing new to Tom. He had suffered from atherosclerosis at least for two decades.

Corcovado l Jm cantinho. Wave You tc contar Os olhos ja niio podcm vcr Cotsas que so o corao;iio! Triste Trisic c vivcr na solidiio Na dor crud do. The family knew the nsks of the operation and decided to take its chances. Tlie operation was apparently a success, but some hours after it he started having a hard time breathing and died with a blood clot in his lung. We couldn't wait:' David Grossberg. Apparently Tom didn't trust his doctors. At tlie beginning of , Tom was told about a bladder polyp by a Rio urologist, who recommended that it be taken out immediately through a non-surgical procedure before it became cancerous.

Jobim said then that he believed in spiritual medicine and would trv it. When the urologist insisted that the exam wasn't clear enough. Jobim ended the discussion saying , "You. In a November consultation with master Gilberto, who says that he incorporates the spirit of a German doctor called Frederick von Stein, Jobim talked about his cancer. In the second visit he underwent "sf? According to doct-or Luiz Augusto Queiroz, the director of the Center.

Since he wasn't getting better with the spiritual treatment, however, Jobin1. Antonio Brasileiro- "How time passes! There's nothing that passes like time. We call this pastime. He was liJ. Witty, enigmatic. He had to endure lots of criticism before almost becoming a national icon. Almost, because when hts latest record was released a few weeks ago, some critics went nit-picking through the songs and writing that the majority of the 15 cuts were not original.

Even before the release of Antonio Brasileiro. Tom had already created "some " original songs. Even though he was still a child when he moved to I pane rna, Jobim was born in Tijuca, a neighborhood in the North Zone of Rio. He was already a teenager when he started practicing on the piano bought.

Job1m has lamented that he started this instrument so late, "I was already If r had started earlier I would be a much better musician". He went to study with Hans-Joachim Koellreuther. Corcovado A littk corner, a guitar This love, a song To mako.

Waters of March It's stick, it's ston.. Gonna tell you llte eYes can so. It was in thatJoao Gilberta, his guitar and his voice would garde musicians m. But the new sound was farfrom. VIlla-Lobos, who wrote some classic the unanimous success itis today. Journalist and pieces like "Bachianas Brasileiras". He has been described as singer. Dalva de Oliveira. Nobody wanted me Rio. That's why I've who used to wash his always maaemuclothes.

When I. Tom money for the American Indian wasn't the greatest pianist or an im- cause. An Indian chief came to him p. A Brazilian journalist wrote: "Tom Jobim now plays for Brazilian musician of his time. That was the begin- others trving to get in. The show is ning of bossa nova. Thex wrote to- considered fegenoary nowadays but gether"Chegade Saudade "No More seemed at the time more like a disasBlues" in tlle American version , "Se ter with little organization and sound Todos Fossem.

Ig:uais a Voce" "If in bad shape. The most famous one was Ipanema. He is. Producer A. Haven't you caught yourself asking, 'Why can't I get some decent radio program in Portuguese? You might find how fun it is. For Ute audacious dxer, the domestic service is the specialty.

And he can spend hours trying to Jgg small, rare, and difficult stations wiUt Ute ultimate purpose of receiving a confmuation from Utem. I'll bet that wasn't a very smart move. Probably it wasn't the fault of the receiver but the lack of information on your part. Call How about doing some dx'ing? What's dx'ing? D here stands for distant and x, as m mathematics, for ZYF an unknown number, the incognito. YG7'JO source of information for people Jiving in remote regions 7.

YJ h9 I service. ZYG Titese are programs of one hour and twenty minutes each 7. YE Africa and Europe. YE about 30 minutes before dusk to about 30 minutes afier ZYE dawn daily. MS Porto Vdho. RO Boa V1sla. RR lkklll. Sl' lkkm. RS lklo llori;onlc. RS 'luhc. PR ioiiinia. Sl' Bandc. DF Silo Paulo. SP Ca;ilo Nova Rw de. RJ Na. RS Gait. I'R lhhc1rao l'rdo. SP Cluhc. Sl' Cultnra. Sample of coHr letter in Portuguese New York. Oerente Ueral Radio lnconfidcncia Rna Paraiba.

Some stations automatically send souvenirs to the listener. You don't really know what you are going to get. Domestic stgnals often unintentionally cross borders. To listen to domestic stations all over the world, keep in mind that sign on time is about 4 or 5 am and sign out from 10 to 12 midnight, their local time. If you don't already have this infonnation on your computer, it's good to have a world map that contains the world time zones.

The international broadcasters are obviously easier to tune in to, since they transmit with considerably greater power and sometimes use antenna space in the target country, These stations broadcast a variety of topics such as their political point of view, news of general interest, science, art and religion. Some have progrnms that teach their national language in short lessons for beginners. For five years, I have owned a Sony ICF, which is considered the most popular model in the world.

For the most part, the telescopic antenna from the radio's own receptor is enough to pick up the signals of faraway stations. A wire placed outside can help. Be careful if you decide to install a bigger wire on your roof. Place it far from electricity or telephone wires to avoid contact if the antenna breaks up. To fmd a specific station can become the proverbial. To facilitate this endeavor, I suggest the purchase of a manual such as the World Radio and TV Handbook a Passport to World Band Radio in a major bookstore, amateur rndio shop or mail order.

In these books you can fmd all the frequencies, schedules, addresses and a lot of good information that will help your listening become more enjoyable. These are helpful tools because some stations transmit with weak signals. I did log a couple of one kilowatt stations from Brazil, albeit for only a few minutes and some of them only once.

To reach its intended target, the signal has to sunnount a number of obstacles such as atmospheric noise, interference from other stations, metallic stn1etures and even solar conditions. The reporting of reception is practiced by many dx'ers, who send a prepared fonn with certain technical infonnation about what they were able to hear to the station.

In return, the management sends a confirmation of the dx'er's :reception along with station or region's postcard, stickers, banners, schedules and invariably a thank you letter. These items are collected by the dx'er.

If the card has a verifier signature it has more value. These cards are called QSL. Your cover letter should include some details about you, comments and praise about the programming, and suggestions. Ifhelps to send a photograph of you, your shack, your town.

Also, remember that small stations run on a limited budget artd it cannot be eli. Send a one dollar b1ll or an miemational reply coupon IRC , which can be redeemed in their country tor the value of a surface intemationa:l letter. It helps to describe your type of building, populational density of your area, how high your antenna is, name and type: of receiver and antenna.

This will greatly help the techniCal department judge their signal. People don't know what they are missing. Here's a treasure for the eco-traveler, the amateur paleontologist and all of those who love nature. And Teres ina is the place where everybody can be famous for much longer than Andy Warhol's minute of fame allotment.

The climate on the Lit oral Piauiense Piaui Coast is kept cool er by sea breezes. If you're heading into the interior of the state, the best time for festivals and cool breezes is during July and August. Absolutely the worst time, unless you want to be sunbaked to a frazzle, is between September and December. Although Piaui is usually bypassed by travelers, it. Promotional literature stresses heat and yet more heat. Our taxi driver, who had been absorbing the landscapes of the Gulf War on TV, thought that Teresina would probably compare well with Iraq for its climate- but definitely nothing else!

The city itself is a Mesopotamia of sorts. Teresina is untouristed and unpretentious and the inhabitants will stop you on the street to ask 'Where ate. We recommend a visit if you yearn for attention or would like to feel famous for a day or so. And there's got to be something good going for a city that hosts an annual festival of humor!

Leaflets about the national parks in Piaui are available here. It's open from 8 am to pm, Monday to Friday. Museu Hist6rico do Piaui- This state museum is divided into a series of eXhibition ro"oms devoted to the history of the state, religious art; popular art archaeology; fauna, flora and minerals: and an eclectic assortment of antiquce radios, projectors and other ancient wonders.

Admission costs 40c and the museum is open from 8 am to 5 pm. Tuesday to Friday; and from 8 am to noon on Saturday and Sunday. A free guide is provided; in our case it was a delightful woman who not only gave us a guided tour of the museum, but also a very detailed account of her family life and the cruel grip that TV exerted on her daughter's cultural interests.

Museu de Arte Didatica - For a complete cultural change -- in line with Piaui's empathy for the Middle East -- you can visit this museum's collection of artworks from the ancient civilizations of Assyria, Babylon, Egypt, and more. Opening hours are from 7 am to 11 pm and from 1 to 6 pm, Tuesday to Friday.

Palacio de Karnak - This Greco-Roman structure once functioned as the governor's residence and con. In the late '80s, the outgoing governor made a quick exit together with all the contents, and the! Centro Artesana1- This center forartesanatofromPiaui is a pleasant spot to browse among shops which sell leather articles, furni. Unless you are curious to see the river, it's not worth a visit Potycabana - If you hanker after aquatic frolics and games as a respite from the scaring heat, visit the Potycabana, an aquatic entertainment center with water tobogganing and a surf pool close to the Rio Poty.

Festivals - The main festivals, with typical dancing music, and cuisine of the Northeast, are held between June and August. Porto das Barcas, the old warehouse section currently under restoration, contains a PIEMTUR information office, a youth hostel, a maritime museum, an artesanato center, and several bars and restaurants. Lagoa do Portinho is a lagoon surrounded by dunes about 14 km east of Parnaiba on the road to Luis Correia. It's a popular spot for swimming, boating, sailing.

The latter is very popular at weekends and has plenty of barracas selling drinks and seafood. The nearby lagoon, Lagoa do Sobradinho, is renowned for its shifting sands which bury surrounding trees. Various researchers have analyzed nearby rock inscriptions and deduced tl1at the fom1ations are ruined cities from the past. The Austrian historian Ludwig Schwennhagen visited the area in and thought he'd found the ruins of a Phoenician city.

And Eric van Daniken, the Danish ufologist, theorized that extraterrestrials were responsible for the cities which were ru. There's clearly lots of scope here for imaginative theories. See what you think! It's best to start your hike early in the morning and bring water because it gets hot; watch out for the cascaw! The park is open from 6 am to 6 pm. There are over Excerpts from Bra:il-. For schedule. If the more information call staff have time, Lonely Planet: you may be lucky Copyright enough to receive Lonely Planet Publications.

In Sao Paulo. A Gaiola das Loucas Twenty years later. Rio's Cage auxFolles is back with the same duo who starred in it two decades ago. Jorge Doria and Carvalhinho. Jorge Fernando directs the new mise-en-scene. Louro, Alto, Solteiro, Procura - Miguel Falabella, who wrote the text, plays all 17 characters of this comical monologue.

In Rio. Lyrics by Silvio de Abreu and directed by ze Rodrix. Man changes bones in gold. Directed by Jose Maria Rodrigues. Director: Gianni Ratto. Directed by Mario Brenta. Huozhe Tempo de Viver China- - Forty years in the live of a Chinese family who loses everything. La Reine Margot. Caca Diegues directs. Corrida pela Heratlfa Sidney Sheldon Atica 6. Vida e Consciencia. Thing Martins Fontes 3. Thing Martins Fontes 4.

Anjos Cahalisticos Monica Buonfiglio Berkana 5. Thing Martins Fontes 6. Caminho das Borholetas - M eus. The event. This year, the Symposium will pay a special tribute to John ll and the Age of Discovery. Those interested in attending the event or in presenting a paper, in Portuguese orinEnglish, should call 31 0 Here's how it works. Initially, at least, the meetings should happen once a month and will have guest speakers talking about economy, literature, cinema and music.

Andrew is inviting artists, scholars, authorities, and all of those who want to participate in the group, to write to: History Dept. You can also call By practicing exercises in American-style English vowels and consonants. All exercises are read by "native speakers" of American English. Now, I speak with confidence, and people seem to trust me more Box Mill Valley. CA 2-Week Delivery. June July Spanish, English ESL. Certificates: Birth.

Marriage, Divorce. Academic Documents: Diploma. Transcript, etc. Legal Papers: Contract. Corporation By-Laws. Adoption, etc. Very affordable rate. La Cienega Blvd. Livros brasileiros. Comprepelo Correio. Literatura, best-sellers, diciomirios, livrostecnicos.

Luso Brazilian Books - P. Pronimcia americana. Envie cheque ou money order para: Graham Books- P. Box - Port Orange, FL Tel: Samba, bossa nova, jazz, chorinho, lambada, baiao, frevo, axe, and more. CDs and Tapes. Mail delivery available.

Audio visual method by Maia. Also video tapes available. Play from first lesson. More details call Las Vegas Call now! Small groups and indi. Registration always open. We also offer courses in Rio de Janeiro. Relaxed, fun, but very effic1ent and personalized lessons. I'm a native Brazilian instructor with an university degree in languages. Try a free lesson. Carnaval esta chegando! Voce pode ter a sua pr6pria fantasia de sonho e sambar dentro de uma fantasia de escola de samba do Rio.

E o prer;o e supercamarada, de Pierrot pra Colombina. Bate urn fio agora. Exotic samba dancers, traditional music and dance of Brazil. For clubs, celebrations, etc. Video available. Recebemos jomais diarios alem de todas as principais revistas, incluindo mascuhnas e femi-. We cover all the main Brazilian papers.

Fax your request for a one week free trial to or KeaJmente fora de serie. Call anywhere from any touch phone for half the price of the big 3. No need for coins or expetlstve collect calls. Trv one. Once you've seen the difference in price, you'll never use 31!

Americano, 37 anos, delgado, olhos azuis, professor de Ingles. Fala Frances, Espan. Deseja encontrar brasile1ra, anos. Escreva para William, OceanAve. American Jewish man, 36, sincere, deep, fun, active, doctor, seeks Jewish lady under 35 with brown eyes and 'long dark hair,. For 3 tnno. American, 52, has travelled to Brazil, desires correspondence with young, open-minded Brasileira living in the US, to explore compatibility and romance.

Write: M. Procura corresponder-se com brasileira, morena clara ou loira, entre 21 a. Escreva para Broadway St. Femando Carioca. Write letter with photo to Dr. Write: P. Moving to Washington DC? Call S or write: Bollow Dr. Pousada inside acre forest reserve. I 0 minutes from beaches. Earn income while preserving nature. Camisetas, posters, novidades do Brasil pelo correio. Studio Tee - P. See LA. Helicopter tours let you see in detail each attraction of the big city.

Any day. Any time. Don't waste more tune. Certified translator, fast and reliable. Spanish- Portuguese- English. Teclmical and coloquial. Tetracampeiio T-Shirt- Very colorful. In the front: Brasil no. On the back:. Call 31 0 or send vour check to Arthead- P. Box Los Angeles, CA We also have wholesale prices. PicoBL West L. Venice- SambaLa - Cherry Ave. Long Beach- Tatou - N. Be,edy Dr. Beverly Hills- Zabumba Venice Blvd.

Culver City- Dana St. Francisco Chambord - Kearney St. Francisco Nino's - Martin L. King Jr. Oakland Lessa Around the World Trl. Bureau Brazilian Trade Bur. San Diego Sunday Night Cl. Brazil Wlut. Brazilian Coffee Disl. Wholesale Guilherme Salgado Prontong M. Sunset Socctr Supply Translation Port. Busine-ss Se voce esta pensando em comprar a sua casa pr6pria ligue para mim hoje mesmo.

Em qualquer Iugar do pais podemos ajudalos a realizar esse sonho. A hoot and a holler entertainment as it tells it as it is. Cnazz Palminteri does a surprise turn in the film. A Miramax release. Italian director Nanni Moretti is a legend in his country and Europe. Unknown to most in tite US this is his first film that is beino distributed in the US.

Um show cheio de vibrar;:oes que retrata o real. Dianne Wiest e maravilhosa como estrela cadente do palco mspira! Cnazz Palminteri surpreende. Da Miramax. Desconhccido do grande ptiblico nos EUA , este e seu primeiro filme distnbuido aqui. E filos6fico,. This film will enchant you with its whimsical humor. A Fine Line feature.

Reisner- Paul ' s father. This expert group set against a rapidly changing society highlights the universal themes of love, prejudice, ambition and conscience, a! Centmv is a period piece tltat is as vivid and vital today as it tells the storv of our entry into the 20th Century.

S Releasing Corporation release. A man of many contradictions, Robert Wuhl portrays AI Stump, the sportswriter hired by Cobb to write his life's story. Not a pretty story at all for Cobb was noted for his excesses and hostility. Superbly performed m Prand opera stvle. Jones Knocks you off your seat, witlt his grasp of. Vencedor de Melhor Diretor do Festival de Cannes de Este filme o fascinara com sen h esdnJxulo. Distribuido pela Fine Lme. E ai que se passa esse drama empolgante.

Escrito e dingido por Stephen Pohakoff e estrelado po Miranda Richardson Clara que e uma mulher emancipada; Charles Dance Professor Mandry , o brilhante lider de mit mstituto de pesquisa medica; Clive Owen Paul Reisner , o jovem medico decidido a deixar sua marca, e Robert Stephens Sr. Reisner - pai de Paul. Este ampo de sumicbdes, vi vendo em uma sociedade em rapida tranfonnar;:iio , realr;:a os temas universais do amor, prec Cenfllrv e Ullta obrn de uma epoca que ainda e vivida e vital por rclatar nossa entrada no seculo XX.

S Releasing Corporation. Jones como o lendario Ty Cobb dos campos de beisebel. Niio e unw bela hist6ria ji1. Em estilo operistico. Jones e fascinante com sua. Cobb's malignant prejudices and internal chaos. Is this the stuff heroes are made of? TI1e film is a revealing expose of the superstar syndrome in a realistic mode. A Warner Bros.

Death and the Maiden. E assim gue se fazem herois? Lantyamento da Warner Bros. Roman Polanski directs the film version of Ariel Dorfman's play adapted by Dorfman and Rafael Yglesias into a film o[great importance. Wilson, a jurist, was appomted to mvesttgate the cnmes of the deposed regime that had victimized his wife. In this tense atmosphere, the air is charged with uncertainty, revenge, coupled with basic moral issues as the trio play out their emotional hang-ups.

A powerful drama unfolds m this taut rendition of the truth and consequences of this volatile political and personal agenda. A Fineline Pictures release. From the opening scene of a Chinese meal in preparation to its final conclusion, the film envelops you in its emotional fabric. The tantalizing food, expert performances, plus the story keep you guessing until Its SUfJ? In Mandarin with tlnglish subtitles. A Samuel Goldwyn Pictures Release. Outrawas his life were his.

Roman Polanski dirige a versiio para o cinema da petya de Ariel Dorfman adaptada j Or Dorfman e Rafael Yglesias e faz urn importante filme. Wilson, um jurista, esta investigando os. Ue deposto e que vihmaram sua esposa. Neste clima de ten sao, o ar est a carregado de incerteza e vingantya unidos a questoes morais basicas enquanto o trw destrincha seus problemas emocwnms.

Um drama carregado se desenrola nesta interpretat;:ao tensa da verdade e suus consequencias, quando existe un1a agenda polittca e pessoal extremamente volatil. Um lant;:amento da Fineline Pictures. Da cena de abertura, com a preparayao de uma refeit;:iio chinesa, ate sua conclusiio, o filme nos envolve em sua urdidura emocional.

A tentat;:ao da comida eo desempenho soberbo dos atores, aliados ao enredo do filme o mantem em um jogo de adivinha ate o final surpreendente. Em Mandarim, com legendas em Ingles. Seu estilo de vida era escandaloso, seus filmes. A Touchstone Pictures release. He is a simple minded man raised by a doting mother Salty Field whose old fashioned words of wisdom sustain him. With these words of wisdom Forrest Gump does not only survive, he manages to succeed brilliantly all the while participating in the most turbulent years of recent American'history.

He is jolumy on the spot in the ma1or events or the period. Robert Zemeckis brings the teclmical magic to support the story. A modern day candide. A Paramount release. Lant;:amento da Touchstone Pictures. Exemplos: "Afinal, o qtie e nonnal? Voce nunca sabe o que vai tirar". Com esfas sabias palavras, Forrest Gump nao so sobrevive, como se sai muito bem, participando dos anos mais turbulentos da recente hist6ria americana. Ele esta presente aos maiores acontecimentos da era.

Robert Zemeckis usa a magica da tee no logia. Being There. Rain Alan. Amor, vida, busca da felicidade de acordo com Forrest Gump e uma cartilha de fe e ooa vontade. Um Candide modemo. Lantyamento da Paramount. A film by Peter Jackson set in New Zealand based on a true story.

Innocence, imagination and obsession combine to make a fascmating drama about love and murder, that evolves from an obsessive friendship between two teen-age girls and ends in tragedy. Arthur Agee and William Gates are followed through those as the. Um filme de Peter Jackson ambientado na Nova Zehindia e numa historia rea Inocencia, imaginatyaoe obsessao se unem em wn drama fascinante sobre amor e morte, que comet;:a como uma amizade compulsiva entre duas aaolescentes e tennina em tragedia.

Arthur Agee e William Gates sao seguidos todos esse anos. A Fine Line eatures release. From Samuel Goldwyn Co. A bizarre but beiTevable love story, a manipulative heroine who escapes with the loot. Bill Pullman is her unfortunate husband and Peter Berg her next victim in this film noir study of no holds barred movie. An October Films release.

Fita rociada durante sete anos, com filmagens dos y,arotos e suas amilias por esses anos turoulentos. Lant;:anlento da Fine Line Features. LanJamento Samuel Go! Uma historia de amor bizarra mas verossimil com uma heroina mmupuladora que foge com o eSJ? Bill Pullman e seu infeliz marido e Peter Berg sua proxima vitima neste filme noir desinibido. Da October Films. Each witli his own agenda but solidly entwined.

A TriStar Pictures release. Susan arandon, Winona R 'der and the rest o the cast bring a freshness to the story tl1at is truly remarkable. A Columbia Pictures release. Nicholas yt11erb b11sed on a play y Alan Bennett! Is he. Willis Ian Holme who recommends a new treatment. Cada um com seu objetivo, group of friends were the literary mas solidamente unidos.

Urn Westem and artistic royalty of the 's m da velha escola, soberbamente New York City. When they gathered jlfresentado. Um novo Benchley desen o animado due. Dorothy Parker as soberbamente. Parker was frescor a historia. Ele esta louco? Willis Ian Hohne a sterling performance as an agmo que recomenda wn novo tratamento. Jessica Dorothy Parker in her last conhecida sua. Apesar de vicioso, seu grupo de anugos era a realeza literaria e artistic a da Nova Iorque dos anos Kaufman David Thornton eram os espiritos talentosos e cnat1vos que influenciaram nosso paladar cultural por Nesta recomo temos uma visiio nosti!

Sua vida e amores sao descritos nesta 6tima produt;:iio. Lant;:amento da F. Line Features. Lant;:amento da Century Fox. Laced with good humor, it is a welcome respite from the rash of violence. Robert Benton directs this family drama. From Paramount Pict. Pulp Fiction, w1th a star studded cast brings this exciting, entertaining and umque action thriller to full realization.

Three stories criss cross presenting the small time criminal world, pitfalls and all, in a highly creative and unagmatlve way. Done in the tradition of the film noir cycle of the 40's and SO's the film ricochets with laughter as we flip tiack and forth through their lurid adventures.

Miramax Films. Oueen Margot. Salpicado de bom humor. Uma pausa refrescante no surto de violencia. Robert Benton dirige este drama familiar. Da Paramount Pictures. Pulp Fiction, com lllll elenco cheio de estrelas, e uma realizar,:ao total com suspense, e ar,:ilo empolgante e diverbaa. No pequeno mundo do crime mii1do, tres enredos se entrelar,:am, com todos os seus perigos, de uma fonna super criativa. Feito na tradir,:ao do ciclo do filme noir dos anos 40 e 50 o filme ressoa com risos enquanto gangorramos em sua aventuras sinistras.

Lanr,:amento da Miramax Films. Virna Lisi is her mother Catherine De Medici. Corruption, amorality and the lure of fame and fortune are all played out in the film. A truly American experience. Hollywood Pictures.

Ready to Wear rPrct -il-po rter. Um lanr,:amento da Miramax. Com1pr,:ao, amoralidade e a tentar,:iio da fama e da fortuna siio apresentadas. Lans;amento da Hollywood Pictures. Readv to Wear rPrc -a-porter. With a star cast that includes Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren and Julia Roberts, who perform with style and humor.

He claims this is his last film. Red is a very satisfying work. Directed by Frank Darabont. It reflects a 20 year friendship between two convicts. Com um elenco estelar que inclui Marcello Mastroianni, Sophia Loren e Julia Roberts, que mterpretam com estilo e humor.

Ele diz que e seu i1ltimo filme. Red e urn trabalho. E uma virada mistica na vida de seus personagens: uma 1ovem; um JUIZ aposentado;' e Auguste, urn jovem a procura de seu verdadeiro amor. Dirigido por Frank Darabont. Mostra a amizade de 20 anos entre dois. A Columbia, Castle Rock release. TI1is is a controversial film in China. To explain the content of the film I wish to quote the director: "Countless Chinese families have endured and survived a turbulent half-century of extraordinary hardships.

In To Live I am trying to show the grass roots lives of Chinese people from the point of view of an ordinarv person. A Samuel Goldwyn Co. Uma aupla estranha. Este e um filme controverso na China. The Second City Legendary comedy for 35 years. Invece di scrivere scemenze, si informi. Looking for work at a clothing store……? I would like a part time job in a clothing store to help buy new clothes but I want to work for the store that offers the best employee discount.

I am so deeply touched by your responses. You're all making me cry more than writing the story did… well, almost. I suppose the response means I have to really finish this novel. This was just the motivation and support I needed. I need an inspiration and I think that would be you. I will read your blog everyday to keep me motivated. Good luck to me! A Gabi aparece muito pouco. Apoyemos esta iniciativa de Proceso, es historica e inamisible.

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The whole thing with the reviews is concerning at this point, as you point out. Again, thanks for your comment and input. Everything is tied into the debate schedule. But the point is now moot. ELEC voted not to move the debate and Corzine moved his manicure and pedicure to another date, so he can now appear. I guess someone sent Ted a sneak peak of the new Quinnipiac that will be out later today. Care to share? To bounce back like a tennis ball better than ever.

When there is a doubt concerning the safety of a flavouring or food ingredient with flavouring properties, a risk assessment of such flavouring can be carried out by the European Food Safety Authority. Based on an opinion of the Authority, the Commission can adopt necessary measures. As noted by Human Rights Watch, the newspaper is known for its editorial independence, investigative reporting and special focus on such sensitive topics as corruption and human rights abuses by law-enforcement and security agencies.

Despite numerous promises by the Russian leadership to create normal working conditions for activists and journalists in the region, killings of and physical attacks on investigative journalists continue. The situation of journalists in Russia, who often face restrictions and obstacles while carrying out their professional activities, is of serious concern. Freedom of media and information is a fundamental right, enshrined in both the European Convention of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms, to which Russia is a party, as well as in the Constitution of the Russian Federation.

The EU stresses — and will continue to do so — in its contacts with the Russian authorities that the guarantees provided therein should be upheld and respected. The EU does not spare efforts to address the issue of corruption, including especially in the North Caucasus, as well as the prevailing impunity in the region, where journalists and human rights defenders are often victims of violent attacks, which remain unpunished.

The EU continues urging the Russian government to ensure that freedom of the media is respected in the country, in line with Russia's international obligations, and that journalists can work safely in the country, without undue restrictions or intimidation. L'Alto Rappresentante dovrebbe garantire il pieno supporto al governo nigeriano che combatte i terroristi colpevoli delle stragi e di aver sottratto al controllo dello Stato il nord del paese.

Le rivendicazioni del gruppo terroristico Boko Haram di estendere a tutta la nazione la sharia, finora presente solo in 12 Stati confederati su 36, fanno presagire altri attacchi e mettono a rischio non solo la vita di quanti professano liberamente la loro fede ma il governo stesso, che al momento non sembra in grado di fronteggiare adeguatamente i terroristi.

Quali sono le misure a lungo termine previste per aiutare il governo a ristabilire il controllo sul paese? Come saranno impiegati concretamente i fondi a disposizione per il paese? Come sottolineato dall'onorevole parlamentare, la sicurezza in Nigeria, in particolare nel nord-est del paese, desta grande preoccupazione. I contatti regolari tra l'Unione la Nigeria vanno intensificandosi. Gli osservatori sono concordi nel sostenere che molte delle numerose vittime di Boko Haram a Kano erano mussulmani.

Security, peace and respect for human rights are among the priorities established for the use of the European Development Fund with regard to cooperation between Nigeria and the European Union. The High Representative should guarantee full support for the Nigerian Government, which is fighting terrorists who have committed massacres and removed the north of the country from state control.

What long-term measures are planned to help the government re-establish control over the country? How will the funds available for the country be used in reality? What are the future priorities as regards support the country? As the Honourable Member points out the security situation in Nigeria, particularly in the North East of the country, is a cause for considerable concern. The EU and Nigeria have regular contacts and they are intensifying. Security issues and cooperation in this area were discussed extensively.

It was agreed to establish a regular local dialogue on peace, stability and security. It was also agreed to engage experts with a view to identifying a possible action plan and to enhance the cooperation in the field of counter-terrorism, while strengthening efforts to address the root causes of the security challenge in the North of the country.

Nigeria is committed to religious freedom, which is enshrined in the country's constitution. It is correct that some of the attacks by Boko Haram can be understood as directed against Christians with the intention of exacerbating tensions and also to gain media coverage.

It is noteworthy in this context that the recent major attacks by Boko Haram in Kano were not targeting Christians, but the state authorities. Observers agree that most of Boko Haram's many victims in Kano were Muslims. Despite the safeguard clauses existing under European law, statutory provisions for the protection of vulnerable consumers and exemptions from power cuts under the relevant ministerial decision establishing a three-member committee in each tax office to consider appeals from vulnerable groups, the PPC has not yet received details concerning these specific exempt groups, with the result that they are at imminent risk of having their power cut.

Given that PPC does not have the information necessary to assess which consumers are included in vulnerable groups in need of protection, how can those concerned claim their right to protection from power cuts in their homes and the disastrous effects this could have on their everyday lives? What is the Commission's position regarding the possibility of vulnerable individuals or those in need of continuous electricity supply, such as patients on life support machines, having their power cut?

Is any information available regarding similar cases in other Member States which have decided to collect taxes through utility bills electricity bills, for example? It is the obligation of Member States to take appropriate measures and ensure satisfactory safeguards in order to protect vulnerable customers. The arrangements for collection of taxes and levies are not covered in EU legislation. Today in Greece, where businesses are closing down one after the other due to the economic crisis, austerity measures and heavy taxation, illegal trade is booming, giving the coup de grace to small traders and businessmen struggling to salvage their businesses.

This is indeed a major problem for the Greek economy, with thousands of products of questionable origin and poor quality flooding the pavements of all the major shopping streets, undermining the operation of legal indoor and outdoor businesses. What EU guidelines apply to the elimination of illegal trade in the Member States? How can illegal trade in Greece be restricted, through the exchange of best practices? Does the Commission believe that the creation of an Illegal Trade Squad could help contain the problem by eliminating red tape and other problems created by the concurrent jurisdiction of dozens of ministries and public watchdog bodies?

What is being done in other Member States? To what extent does the Commission believe that problems of this kind are affecting economic activity in the Member States and jeopardising consumer protection? The Commission agrees that illegal trade undermines job and investment levels within the internal market, and that it may also put at risk the health and security of European citizens. The Commission services are currently closely examining this issue and other problematic activities arising in the retail sector, such as parasitic copying, with a view to identifying any appropriate action that may be needed at EU level.

Furthermore, the Commission has promoted the effective application of harmonised procedures so that enforcement activities are properly coordinated within the internal market. This will ensure the better exchange of best practice. This framework notably aims to prevent, detect and root out the penetration of the licit economy. Is the EEAS monitoring the situation in Chuy, Osh and Issyk Kul provinces, where the Ahmadis are based, to ensure that there is no occurrence of the kind of anti-Ahmadi attacks which have taken place in Indonesia and Pakistan?

According to our information, the decision by the Kyrgyz authorities to discontinue registration of the Ahmadiyya Muslim community has to be placed within the larger context of the adoption in the Kyrgyz Republic of a new Law on the Freedom of Beliefs and Religious Organisations, which stipulates a re-registration of all entities. It is to be noted that complaints with regards to the re-registration process have come from a wide range of religious organisations. The Kyrgyz side informed that a working group to work out amendments to the law had been set up.

The EU will continue to raise the issue with regard to freedom of religion in the bilateral contacts with the Kyrgyz authorities. The EU will continue to voice, in particular, in the framework of the next Human Rights Dialogue, concerns about reports of difficulties encountered by religious organisations with registration and will urge the authorities to adequately address the issue. EPSO aims to provide the institutions in a timely manner with highly qualified staff, in keeping with their requests, so that they may meet the challenges they face.

EPSO is responsible for the organisation of entire selection process, from preparing and publishing the notice of competition to managing and monitoring the use of the reserve lists. Recruitment itself is the responsibility of each institution. Against a backdrop of growing pressure to reduce the cost of the European public service, qualitative improvements introduced by EPSO have led to greater effectiveness and efficiency.

The reserve lists more accurately reflect the real and immediate needs of the recruiting services as expressed in institutions' three-year rolling strategic human resources planning exercise. The actual number of selected successful candidates is more closely aligned to the budgetary possibilities of the institutions than in the past. This close coordination and cooperation is also reflected in the joint management meetings that take place on a regular basis.

Some budget support payments have also been deferred as conditionalities were not fully met case of Tajikistan, Pakistan and Indonesia. In Venezuela and Panama three projects were not signed because there was no commitment by the partner government or a lack of a coherent and relevant sector strategy. The Commission is analysing the consequences of this announcement. Can the EEAS provide more details of these trips, in particular the number of such trips taken each year and the amount that this costs it annually?

Can the EEAS also provide a justification for continuing such trips at a time of economic crisis and forced austerity? The destination of reference is Brussels except for Delegations in the Asia-Pacific region where Thailand Pukhet is the reference. In , out of Delegations, 29 places of employment where granted such leave. The advantage of Brussels as a reference destination is that it allows staff to cumulate rest leave with professional trips, and because air fares to Europe are frequently less expensive than more local trips, while fixing Thailand Pukhet as the reference destination in Asia is also generally a cheaper destination than Europe.

The justification for such leave is to provide necessary relief to staff and their families from the psychological strains and difficult security environment in the countries concerned. This practice is in line with many Member States diplomatic services and is as an incentive as well as a compensation for hardship postings. Respuesta de la Alta Representante y Vicepresidenta, Sra. Its authors refer to the continuous, active policy by the authorities of the country in question to hinder the life of this population and to isolate it.

Its position on settlements is also clear and outlined in the aforementioned conclusions. En lo que respecta a las amenazas contra el Sr. Furthermore, as I have reported on other occasions, these threats and this situation of helplessness affect not only members of CREDHOS, but also numerous other associations and organisations working in defence of human rights.

The latter have their work hampered and their workers are endangered as they try to monitor these rights and ensure that they are guaranteed in Colombia. They demand that the Government implement measures to prevent members of the public forces from acting in this way, as they often do. To this end, the associations call for an end to the prevailing impunity, a thorough investigation, and for both the material and intellectual perpetrators of these threats and attacks against the physical integrity of activists in Colombia to be brought before the courts.

The Colombian government on this occasion presented the newly established government agency which has a mandate to provide protection, inter alia , to individuals who are under threat because of their involvement in human rights activities. This new system should substantially improve the ability of the State to ensure the security of these individuals. The Delegations is gathering more information about the alleged facts, and, should they be confirmed, will approach the competent Colombian authorities to encourage them to carry out through investigations.

The Commission has just published the results of its study on websites offering consumer credit. The Commission coordinates and monitors these exercises. The naming of companies suspected of breaches in the framework of a sweep is subject to national legislation. Only national enforcement authorities can assess whether a company can be named.

The responsibility for enforcing consumer legislation lies with the Member States. The enforcement phase of the sweep has now started and participant authorities are contacting the financial institutions concerned to demand corrective actions as appropriate. The Commission will report on the outcome of the enforcement phase in The results of the sweep vary by Member State depending, inter alia , on the sampling method used: the proportion of sites with irregularities is usually higher where the authority targeted sites based on previous complaints data.

The initial findings of the sweep mirror the outcome in previous sweeps where similar percentages of infringements were found in the first phase. The situation will improve after the enforcement phase. The sweeps have proven to be an effective tool, but making the online world safer for European consumers is a matter of continued and cooperative endeavour by national authorities. The Commission discusses the outcome of the sweeps with national authorities and takes these results into account in the design of future enforcement information and education activities.

Cosa che, da qualche tempo, si sta verificando. Secondo gli inquirenti, l'ammontare della somma ottenuta precedentemente in modo illecito sarebbe di circa mila euro. Le informazioni sul prezzo totale da pagare dovranno essere fornite in modo chiaro ed evidente, direttamente prima che il consumatore inoltri l'ordine.

This is something that they have been looking into for some time. Enquiries are now centring on identifying the holders of the current account, opened in a bank in Cyprus, where the money paid in response to the demands from the company has ended up. The information about the total price to pay will need to be given in a clear and prominent manner directly before the consumer places his order. Should a payment transaction have already taken place, the directive would entitle a payer to obtain rectification or a refund in case of unauthorised or incorrectly executed payment transactions.

Consumers who feel affected by such practices should continue to involve national authorities on this matter, who are primarily responsible for investigating and preventing the activities of particular companies in the light of EU consumer legislation. Gli enti territoriali, quali comuni e province, sono tra i primi possibili beneficiari dei Fondi diretti programmati ed erogati da parte delle direzioni generali della Commissione. Le azioni intraprese fino ad ora hanno generato un impatto concreto in generale sull'avifauna dell'area e specificatamente su determinate specie protette.

Tutte le azioni preparatorie si sono concluse, mentre le azioni per il ripristino dell'habitat sono in corso e vengono adattate in base alle conoscenze acquisite man mano che il progetto procede. La provincia di Foggia ha presentato richiesta di finanziamento con esito negativo per due progetti nell'ambito del programma Progress:.

With respect to these and other available programmes, could the Commission clarify:. If so, which projects received EU funding and what were the results on completion? The Commission notes good progress achieved since the start of the project.

The actions carried out so far already have a concrete impact on the avifauna in the area in general and specifically on the targeted species. All preparatory actions are concluded. Habitat restoration actions are ongoing and being adapted on the basis of knowledge gained as the project progresses.

It also aims at raising public awareness and local community participation. It shows some delay in implementation compared with the initial schedule. It is still early to draw any conclusions on its results. The Province of Foggia applied unsuccessfully for two projects in the context of the Progress programme:.

No other application for direct funding from the City or the Province of Foggia has been recorded. Oggetto: Affondamento di una nave da crociera e regole di navigazione europee. Neanche tre ore dopo la chiglia della nave s'incastrava ad un pezzo di roccia rimasto poi incagliato nel ventre della nave, provocando un taglio lungo 70 metri, che ha sfregiato quasi tutta la chiglia dell'imbarcazione.

Gli inquirenti indagano in questi giorni per comprendere l'errore, molto probabilmente umano, che ha causato la tragedia. L'imbarcazione percorre ormai dal il tragitto da Civitavecchia al Giglio 52 volte l'anno, ma la distanza incredibilmente vicina con la costa avrebbe potuto provocare il danno irreparabile.

La nave era attesa a Savona per la prima tappa della crociera mediterranea. Essa intende trarre tutti gli insegnamenti possibili dal tragico incidente del. La Commissione non che vi fossero problemi relativi alla sicurezza della Costa Concordia. Nel quadro della legislazione internazionale e dell'Unione europea, non esistono norme specifiche relative alla distanza di sicurezza dalla costa per navi di grandi dimensioni e tale distanza dipende completamente dal giudizio del comandante, che si basa sui mezzi tecnologici necessari per garantire la sicurezza della navigazione.

Tuttavia, il comandante deve stabilire un piano di navigazione per tutta la rotta, tenendo conto della zona di navigazione, delle previsioni meteorologiche e delle altre condizioni essenziali che possono influenzare la navigazione. The Concordia had set sail at 7. At this point, the crew, realising that the ship would soon sink, advised passengers to don lifejackets and proceed to the lifeboats. In the last few days, investigators have been looking into what — most probably human error — caused the tragedy.

Since the vessel had sailed past Giglio 52 times a year on its way from Civitavecchia, but its amazingly close proximity to the coast could clearly have been the cause of the irreparable damage. According to the public prosecutor, the seabed at the point where the Concordia ran aground is uneven, very steep and not flat or sandy but peppered with rocks, as one might predict in an area close to dry land.

The death toll currently stands at six people drowned, tens of people injured and 17 unaccounted for. The ship was expected at Savona on the first leg of the Mediterranean cruise. Whether it considers it appropriate, in the light of the incident described, to review navigation rules, in particular as regards safe distances from the coast for large vessels? The Commission takes the safety of European citizens as its first priority, and remains vigilant and pro-active in all aspects of maritime safety.

The Commission intends to draw all lessons from the tragic accident of the. The Commission has no cause for particular concern regarding the security of the. In the framework of international and EU legislation, there is no specific rule regarding the safe navigation distance from the coast for large vessels and it is entirely up to the professional judgment of the Captain, who relies on the necessary technological means for safe navigation.

However, a navigation plan for the entire route has to be established by the Captain taking into account the area of navigation, weather forecasts and other essential conditions that may affect navigation. Oggetto: Interventi per favorire il diritto allo studio. Alla scuola elementare di sei anni segue la scuola secondaria di altri sei anni. La Commissione desidera innanzitutto ricordare che, a norma dell'articolo del trattato sul funzionamento dell'Unione europea, gli Stati membri sono responsabili del contenuto dell'insegnamento e dell'organizzazione dei loro sistemi scolastici.

La tutela del diritto allo studio dei cittadini che devono ottenere il riconoscimento o la convalida va garantita prevalentemente attraverso i mezzi disponibili a livello nazionale. La Commissione contribuisce comunque a tale tutela attraverso la sua missione centrale che consente nel garantire che gli Stati membri rispettino i principi della legislazione UE nell'esercizio delle loro competenze in tale settore, in particolare secondo quanto affermato nel precedente paragrafo 2.

Italian newspapers recently published a report denouncing bureaucratic restrictions in the education system which are denying children who move from one Member State to another their right to an education. In Reggio Calabria a girl has been unable to register for the last year of secondary school because all the schools asked her for her middle school diploma, as required by Italian law. Six years of primary school is followed by six years of secondary school.

Say what measures it will take to protect the right to education of children of school age who move with their families from one State to another and who are penalised by the lack of harmonisation between the various school systems? The Commission is not aware of particular problems concerning the recognition of secondary education diplomas in Italy. In this respect, the requirements of recognition or validation proceedings should not place the pupils undergoing it at an even greater disadvantage than they already face and should therefore be objectively justified and proportionate.

As mentioned above, the recognition or validation of education received abroad falls within the responsibility of the competent authorities of each Member State. The protection of the right to education of children undergoing such proceedings must therefore be ensured mainly through the means available at national level.

The Commission recognised, in the guiding principles for the review of the VAT rates, that the challenge of convergence between the online and physical environments needs to be addressed. Meanwhile, the current VAT legislation needs to be respected. Oggetto: Salvaguardare subito Venezia dai rischi delle grandi navi da crociera dentro la laguna e richiesta di urgenti interventi per evitare nuove catastrofi come quella dell'isola del Giglio.

Queste attraversano tutto il centro storico per arrivare alle banchine portuali di attracco e passano a poche decine di metri da Palazzo Ducale e Piazza San Marco. Questo traffico crescente causa a Venezia evidenti gravi problemi come: a spostamenti di enormi volumi d'acqua con effetti su rive, sponde dei canali, fondamenta degli edifici; b movimentazione dei sedimenti inquinanti depositati nei fondali tramite le grandi eliche, c inquinamento atmosferico dovuto alle emissioni dei camini delle navi con effetti negativi sulla salute delle persone e sull'ambiente.

Nel quadro della legislazione internazionale e unionale non esistono norme specifiche in merito alla distanza di sicurezza dalla costa per le navi di grandi dimensioni. Tale aspetto rientra esclusivamente nella valutazione professionale del capitano, che si avvale dei mezzi tecnologici disponibili per garantire la sicurezza della navigazione. Every year hundreds of cruise ships enter the lagoon of Venice, declared a World Heritage Site by Unesco.

In light of the above and with regard to ships in the city of Venice, would the Commission not agree that:. It should make the use of less polluting fuel mandatory for ships entering Venice and its lagoon? Furthermore, with regard to large ships, would it not agree that stringent rules establishing a safety distance from historical cities and nature areas should be introduced in order to avoid disasters such as that which occurred off the island of Giglio?

The Commission cannot replace the local and national authorities in assessing the impact of cruise ships in a sensitive ecosystem such as the Venice lagoon, nor in deciding the measures that are most appropriate in the specific circumstances of the case. The Italian authorities can introduce local provisions in internal waters such as the lagoon of Venice.

Such provisions may include traffic restrictions or the mandatory use of low-sulphur fuels for ships provided that these measures are proportionate and not discriminatory. In the framework of International and EU legislation there is no specific rule regarding the safe navigation distance from the coast for large vessels and it is entirely up to the professional judgment of the vessel's captain assisted by the available technological means for safe navigation.

Deshalb frage ich die Kommission, mit Bitte um separate Beantwortung der einzelnen Fragen:. Measures to strengthen the railways as an environmentally-friendly mode of transport, which are absolutely essential if EU targets in the fight against climate change are to be met, can only succeed if levels of rail noise are significantly reduced.

Because of the close link between rolling stock and the track it runs on, it makes sense, as in the case of the European Rail Traffic Management System, to coordinate closely measures concerning infrastructure with those concerning rolling stock.

Under which EU programmes could noise-protection measures concerning infrastructure be co-financed? Under which EU programmes could noise-protection measures concerning rolling stock be co-financed? In the Commission's view, what is the total volume of expenditure required in order to achieve sufficient protection against rail noise in the EU? It is up to the Member States to select and implement the projects of the cohesion policy based on the priorities of their operational programmes.

Such programmes may finance rail infrastructure and rolling stock improvements, including noise reduction measures, where the relevant programmes include rail as a specific investment priority. Moreover, the proposal for the Connecting Europe Facility.

The Commission does not have information on the specific allocations made to noise protection measures in relation to the cohesion policy ERDF and CF. The Commission will study the possibility to ban wagons that have not been retrofitted to comply with the maximum noise levels according to TSI Noise as of a particular date.

What does the Commission intend to do in this case? Given the scale of this task, is it realistic to set as the target date for establishing the maximum sustainable yield or determining maximum fishing rates? Availability of data differs little from other areas. The data collection framework currently under preparation would be specifically tailored to obtain data to carry out mixed-fishery assessments and to strengthen the data base for the estimation of MSY.

Member States should coordinate data collection regionally to improve sampling efficiency and will participate in regional data bases to improve the availability of data. MSY implies removing only surplus production from a stock. Its value is calculated according to the population dynamics of the stock, i. If these change due to environmental factors, the value of MSY changes too and therefore needs to be updated in the scientific advice.

Managing stocks at the MSY level is a precondition to ensure the long-term viability of the stocks. Has the Commission planned specific actions to attract more young people to the fisheries sector? If so, will the Commission communicate its plans to us? How does it intend to create a multiplier effect in fishery sector investments development of coastal areas and maritime tourism, modernisation of port facilities that will also have a multiplier effect on revenues and job creation?

Improving attractiveness, particularly of the catching sector, requires actions to increase income and wages, as well as to improve working conditions, training and safety. As indicated in the impact assessment carried out in support of for CFP reform, addressing overcapacity and moving to sustainable fishing should increase both income and wages. Work at the sea should not be perceived as less protected, at European level, than onshore work. The Commission is assessing whether exclusions of fishermen and seafarers from certain labour law Directives is justified and, if not, to propose complementing and remedial legislation.

The Commission has also established an EU social dialogue committee on sea-fisheries. EU social partners are negotiating an agreement to transpose at EU level some provisions from the ILO Convention to better protect fishermen health and safety.

An essential objective of the new common fisheries policy proposed by the Commission is to protect resources and the environment. What measures does the Commission intend to take to support selective fishing? What incentives does it intend to give fishermen to encourage them to adopt more selective and environmentally-friendly fishing techniques?

To disseminate and encourage best practice is a fundamental role of stakeholder groups, particularly the Regional Advisory Councils, NGOs and other fishermen's representative groups such as Producer's Organisations that will have an enhanced mandate under the proposed reformed Common Fisheries Policy CFP. Producers' Organisations would also receive funding, ranging from assistance for handling unwanted catches and better labelling of products, to differentiating responsibly caught fish from other products and for the marketing of new products.

The Commission proposes that the practice of dumping unwanted catches in the sea should be phased out by , making the landing of all catches in port compulsory. The Commission also proposes the processing of discarded catches below the stipulated minimum size for sale as fishmeal and animal feed.

Given the need to take into account the various fishing techniques and the particular characteristics of certain maritime areas in implementing the ban on the practice of dumping unwanted catches:. Regarding the development of collection and processing infrastructure for unwanted catches following implementation of the ban on dumping, what measures are being envisaged by the Commission for basins with special characteristics, such as the Mediterranean with small scale fishing, small and isolated islands, small ports and difficulties with regard to fish hygiene due to temperature?

In practice, how will it be possible to verify that fishermen actually abide by the ban on dumping unwanted fish in the sea? Regarding the practice of landing catches and processing them for sale as fishmeal or animal feed, how is it possible to avoid creating a system that could — paradoxically — encourage fishermen to increase their catches? There are various support measures included in the reform of the CFP to develop infrastructure for the storage and processing of unwanted fish.

The first focus will however be on improving gears and fishing techniques in order to avoid catching unwanted fish in the first place. Where it is inevitable that some undersized fish is caught these fish must be landed but cannot be sold for direct human consumption. Fishermen will be able to cover their costs for landing these fish without generating financial gain so as not to create a wrong incentive.

Under the EMFF there will also be financial aid for investments in landing sites to assist with the costs of handling and processing unwanted catches. Recognising the characteristics of fisheries and landing facilities, higher aid intensities are envisaged under the EMFF for the Greek Islands. On the issue of control, the adoption of CCTV monitoring and automatic logging systems to provide real time monitoring as well as the use of modern traceability tools to facilitate controls by Member States authorities will enhance enforcement at sea and ashore.

In addition, for a discard ban to be effective, fishermen must play an active role and be incentivised to encourage self-compliance. For this reason, the Commission proposals foresee an enhanced role for producers' organisations to promote viable fishing activities and to cope with the handling of unwanted catches. However, this result was five points down from a corresponding study conducted in What view does the Commission take of the findings of these studies in various countries and what conclusions can be drawn?

Have any other surveys been carried out regarding the attitude of European citizens to the euro in general? If not, does the Commission intend to record and evaluate the newly emerging public opinion trends regarding this matter? What does the Commission see as the possible consequences of citizens' distrust of the euro for the attempt to achieve further budgetary unification and convergence?

Are there plans for an information campaign to boost public support for the euro, raising awareness of the importance and the benefits of the common currency, the joint efforts being made to support and preserve it and its future prospects? This overshadows the benefits of the single currency. However, a certain support fatigue can be perceived among citizens of MS that need to provide financial assistance or guarantees, as well as a certain reform fatigue among the citizens of countries that need to implement cost-cutting measures.

The Commission regularly gauges the attitudes of EU citizens on matters related to the euro in the Flash Eurobarometer surveys. While it is true that a weakening support for the euro in general has been observed recently in certain MS, the overall picture is mixed.

It is therefore difficult to draw any broader conclusions about a possible link between the crisis and public support for the euro. Improved economic governance is a crucial element in reinforcing citizens' trust in the euro and EMU.

It aims at strengthening the Stability and Growth Pact and introduces a new Macroeconomic Imbalance Procedure in order to better monitor macroeconomic developments. The Commission informs citizens about EMU and the euro in a number of ways. An interactive travelling exhibition is now heading for Madeira, Portugal. Furthermore an information leaflet on the reinforced economic governance rules will shortly be made available to the general public. The Greek Ministry for the Environment is keen to move ahead swiftly with the project.

However, although revenue from it is to be earmarked for repayment of the national debt, very little has been made said about the possibility of substantial participation by Greece or about the growth prospects afforded by the project in terms of both technological development and job creation.

What are the provisions of the Helios project regarding the transfer of technology to Greece, the development of domestic know-how and domestic added value? Are there any plans for co production of any part of the photovoltaic panels or other electro-mechanical systems in Greece? What proportion of the electricity produced is expected to be consumed in Greece, and what will it cost? What is the estimated final cost of the transmission networks required for the power generated, and who will meet this cost?

Is it intended to include the project in the European energy infrastructure priorities for? The Commission has been actively discussing the Helios project and, more generally, the better exploitation of Greek solar energy resources with the Greek authorities and other Member States. Greece clearly has a significantly under-exploited solar energy resource. The legal, financial and technical details of the project, in particular the relative costs of the project, the final consumption of the energy produced and the role of different players will be defined as the project is developing.

Oggetto: Poste Italiane S. Ritiene la Commissione che tale fatto costituisca un aiuto di Stato a favore dell'impresa Poste Italiane S. In considerazione del ruolo da essa svolta nella valutazione degli aiuti di Stato compatibili con il mercato comune, intende chiedere ulteriori chiarimenti al riguardo? In view of its role in assessing the compatibility of state aid with the common market, does it intend to seek further clarification on this?

Oggetto: Accordi per la libera circolazione negli Stati balcanici. La Commissione sorveglia attentamente l'attuazione dei controlli alle frontiere e i relativi accordi, oltre a riferire in merito allo stato di avanzamento in questo ambito attraverso le relazioni annuali. In , Albania and Kosovo signed an agreement to facilitate the freedom of movement of their own citizens.

In light of these considerations, does the Commission consider that the agreements on freedom of movement signed by the Balkan States cited above will also enable the criminal activities condemned by the Commission itself in its communication to continue and intensify?

If so, does it intend to take steps against this? The agreements referred to by the Honourable Member, regarding facilitation of freedom of movement in the Western Balkan region, do not entail abolishing border controls; in fact border controls are in place at all the borders referred to in the question. In addition to border controls, it should be noted that there are also bilateral agreements on cross-border police cooperation and on bilateral cooperation between customs authorities and border police of different countries, which aim to improve the track records in the fight against organised crime including, in particular, cross-border organised crime.

The Commission monitors closely the implementation of border controls and all related agreements, and reports on developments in its annual progress reports. Regional cooperation is also of key importance when it comes to addressing cross border organised crime, and is also strongly supported and monitored by the Commission.

Oggetto: Acquisizione di passaporti comunitari da parte dei cittadini dell'ex Repubblica Iugoslava di Macedonia. A fine dicembre, il Ministero degli Affari Esteri della Bulgaria ha segnalato che un altissimo numero di cittadini dell'ex Repubblica Iugoslava di Macedonia ERIM ha recentemente acquisito il passaporto bulgaro. The Commission has no competence regarding the conditions applied by a Member State to grant its nationality, because the power to lay down the conditions for the acquisition and loss of nationality lies with the Member States.

The conditions for obtaining and forfeiting citizenship of the Member States are in other words regulated by the national law of the individual Member States, subject to respect for Union law. In Italia sono 15 mila i cavalli che rischiano di venire macellati, le aziende che rischiano di chiudere; per il il bilancio del settore passa da a milioni, il che comporta la vendita all'estero dei capi piuttosto che il commercio clandestino gestito dalla malavita o il macello.

The equestrian sector in Italy and in many other EU Member States is an important resource in economic and employment terms but also represents a country's history and traditions. The economic crisis and the need to cut public spending has weakened the sector and plunged it — and the business sectors related to it, from breeding to betting — into a genuine situation of emergency.

The Commission is aware of the role the diverse equestrian activities play in some Member States. It's a matter of fact that the general economic crisis is affecting those activities as many others. The Commission takes note of the concerns of the Honourable Member and informs that in the light of the CAP, rearing horses could benefit from rural development support.

Therefore, support could be given in the context of the EAFRD measures diversifying the rural economy such as the diversification of agricultural activities by farmers; creation of micro-enterprises; rural tourism as well as in the context of Leader, if the Member State or region includes such possibilities in its, respectively, national or regional rural development programme.

Il centro, infatti, non solo non sarebbe mai stato utilizzato ma nemmeno messo in funzione, pur essendo costato 15 milioni di euro complessivi, dei quali 5,2 erogati dall'UE. In caso affermativo, come intende procedere? Quali saranno le conseguenze in caso di indebito uso delle risorse erogate? La relazione finale di attuazione del programma ha effettivamente incluso il progetto tra gli otto non ancora terminati alla data di presentazione dei documenti di chiusura.

Part of this sum was set aside for the establishment of a school in Sardinia, in the Forest of Burgos, to train mounted policemen. The project was completed in but many have called it an example of bad use of EU funds. Is the Commission aware of this?

If so, what action does it intend to take? What will be the consequences in the event of improper use of allocated resources? The Final Implementation Report of the programme did indeed include the project among the eight projects which were not yet completed at the date of the submission of the closure documents.

This arch undermines the arguments put forward even by those in favour of a name containing a geographical distinction, as it shows FYROM as unlimited in geographical terms. These incidents were unacceptable, provocative and offensive to Greece. Does the Commission recognise that such provocative acts and incidents undermine the prospects for success of these negotiations, which are already difficult? What view does the Commission take of such acts of provocation, given that they cultivate and maintain a climate of fanaticism, intolerance and tension in such a sensitive region as the western Balkans?

This went far beyond any idea of a joke which might conceivably have been acceptable in the course of such events. Given the sensitive stage now being entered by UN negotiations between the Governments of Greece and the FYROM, does the Commission intend to make representations to the competent authorities in order to make clear that such actions not only fail to comply with the concept of good neighbourliness, the observance of which is a basic condition for any country seeking accession, but also undermine any basis for understanding with Greece?

It is important that any concerns are addressed through dialogue between the parties concerned in a constructive spirit. The Commission constantly monitors candidate countries' continuing fulfilment of the political criteria. Good neighbourly relations form an essential part of the country's process of moving towards the European Union. The next Progress Report outlining the Commission's findings will be published in fall The Commission proposes that the practice of dumping unwanted catches at sea should be abolished by It rightly considers such dumping to be unacceptable, especially in view of its adverse impact on data collection and the reliability of scientific research, which is essential for the viable exploitation of stocks, the monitoring of marine ecosystems and the economic viability of fishing.

According to the Commission, this measure, mainly based on the obligation to land catches subject to regulations applicable to individual species, should be supplemented by further support measures. What measures does the Commission intend to take to tackle the various socioeconomic consequences of landing all catches, such as the problems of storing catches aboard fishing boats, safety and living and working conditions for fishermen? There are various support measures to assist in implementation of the landing obligation envisaged under the reform of the common fisheries policy CFP.

The discard ban aims at incentivising selective fishing and seeks that the catches of undersized fish are avoided in the first place. For those fisheries where some unwanted catches are inevitable the proposal provides for support for the equipment on board to make the best use of unwanted catches of commercial stocks and valorise underused components of fish caught. Investment to improve working conditions on board for fishermen as well as health and safety equipment is also envisaged under the draft EMFF.

As part of the impact assessment carried out in support of the CFP reform, the impact of moving to a discard ban was considered. These impacts can be partly offset by improvements in gear selectivity resulting in catches of undersize fish being avoided in the first place.

The impact assessment showed that while there were short-term costs, these were outweighed by the longer-term benefits from increased revenues. Recognising these likely short-term cost implications, there is provision within the EMFF to provide aid for fishermen to participate in trials and pilot projects for further development of technical solutions to eliminate discarding.

It is clearly necessary to manage more effectively the volume sea and ocean fish catches. Such a policy clearly means that the reliability of scientific data, on the basis of which the maximum sustainable yield will be determined, assumes prime importance. The availability of such data should accordingly be a fundamental priority of the reform. In addition to the new obligations assumed by the Member States regarding the collection and supply of their own data, it is considered necessary to ensure the full inclusion of fishermen themselves, so that they, together with scientists, can provide data for analysis and cooperate actively in research.

In what specific ways does the Commission intend to involve fishermen in data collection, processing and analysis, so as to reliably determine maximum sustainable yield? What specific measures are proposed by the Commission with a view to improving the reliability and the availability of the scientific data on the basis of which the maximum sustainable yield will be determined?

Does the Commission intend to establish a pan-European data collection centre, as it would be vitally important for an efficient common fisheries policy based on qualitative scientific data and for the coordination of data collection and analysis by each Member State? Scientific assessments depend heavily on catch reports made by fishermen.

These reports greatly improve the quality and coverage of assessments by ensuring that catches and discards are correctly reported to national authorities. Fishermen are therefore already closely involved in data collection.

The intention is to put specific emphasis on the collection of data on mixed fisheries and include the latest, state of the art, methods to minimise bias and increase reliability of data. In order to improve the collection and reliability of data, it is proposed under the new EMFF to introduce shared management for support to data collection.

This database will become operational in the first quarter of Commission proposals regarding fisheries include phasing out the practice of discarding unwanted catches into the sea by Basically it would be compulsory to land catches, which would be subject to species-by-species provisions, and rejected fish below the minimum size would be processed into fishmeal and animal feed.

What consumer health guarantees are provided regarding the processing of discarded catches below the minimum size into fishmeal and animal feed? In areas such as the Mediterranean in particular, where high temperatures and the significant presence of small-scale fishing make this measure difficult to implement, what measures does the Commission intend to take to control the use of meal — especially where it is intended for sectors other than aquaculture?

The CFP reform proposal from the Commission, now under discussion in Council and Parliament, envisages that fish which does not survive following release and which is undersized can only be sold for fish meal or pet food production. Responsibility for enforcing food and feed safety rules lies with the Member States, which are required to establish a comprehensive system of official controls to verify compliance with food law.

How does the Commission intend to strengthen synergies between various governance levels and encourage Member States with differing policies to collaborate and share best practices? What measures does the Commission intend to take to ensure that the rules adopted at European level are complied with at local and regional level? In this context, multiannual plans for the conservation of fish stocks will empower Member States of a sea basin to set commonly agreed national measures to make the plan operational.

The involvement of fishermen, other stakeholders as well as Advisory Councils will be necessary to design the measures that can best achieve the objectives of the multiannual plan at sea basin level. Regionalisation can build on existing types of cooperation among Member States such as Baltfish in the Baltic Sea or the Scheveningen Group in the North Sea, which provide effective cooperation mechanisms. Similar types of cooperation mechanisms could be developed in other sea basins. The same would be done with a framework technical measures regulation which is to be decided in the ordinary legislative procedure and implementing measures then need to be decided by the Member States of a seabasin after designing them in cooperation with Advisory Councils and stakeholders.

Additionally, the Commission proposes monitoring and control obligations for fully documented fishery, as well as pilot projects on new fisheries control technologies that contribute to sustainable fishing. Additionally, the proposal introduces the principle of conditionality, according to which the availability of certain financial or other resources for either the Member States or individual operators is linked to compliance with CFP rules.

Ist der Kommission bekannt, ob und in welcher Form die serbischen Justizorgane illegale Praktiken im Verlauf von Privatisierungen untersuchen? Can copies of this letter be made available to the Members of the European Parliament and to the general public? Does the Commission know whether the Serbian judicial authorities are investigating illegal practices employed during privatisations and, if they are, what form these investigations are taking?

Does the Commission regard these efforts as sufficient? The Commission closely monitors the privatisation progress in Serbia and is in regular contact with the Serbian authorities at all level. The privatisation process started in with the sale of a number of state enterprises but, to a large extent, lost momentum in during the economic crisis.

Corruption in the privatisation process has constantly been reported as an area of concern, for example in the Opinion on Serbia's application for EU membership and in the Progress Report on Serbia. States are independent in launching their criminal investigations. However, the Commission, on numerous occasions, including the annual enlargement packages, highlighted the low number of criminal investigations and final convictions, in particular in high level corruption cases, as a significant problem.

As reported in the opinion, since the Serbian special prosecutor for organised crime and corruption has significantly increased its activities and launched a number of investigations in corruption cases. These include allegations in relation to privatisation.

The Commission monitors progress in this respect, which will be a key step in building up a solid track record in fighting corruption. Lithuanian is moving over to a system of biometric passports controls, i. Does the Council not think that merging these systems and records would help identify persons sought by the police or suspected or accused of crimes more effectively?

Petersburg te zijn vertrokken. Daarnaast gaat de Commissie verder met de juridische beoordeling van het incident. If not, why not? This issue has been raised with Cyprus and a decision will be taken as to whether or not any further steps may be appropriate. In addition, the Commission is continuing its legal assessment of this incident. Oggetto: Pericoloso inquinamento delle aree coltivate con prodotti agroalimentari, causa eccessiva vicinanza a impianti altamente inquinanti inceneritori, cementifici, ecc.

Coerentemente, nel corso degli anni ha legiferato in materie come la trasparenza dei dati relativi agli ingredienti dei prodotti alimentari regolamento UE n. Il regolamento prevede il tenore massimo per i diversi tipi di contaminanti ad esempio: metalli pesanti, PCB e diossine. The European Union has traditionally given itself the objective of protecting the right of European consumers to health and to information.

Does the Commission consider that such situations are likely to distort the information supplied to consumers regarding the actual healthiness of products? Converter american century investments mailing address paczynski man investments supporto ratings maybank forex vvd kamerlid van veen investments mj investment group spgm contract how group investments loganlea qld subpart f investment management income conventu del asturcon investment reinvestment hays investment coupon bond sx investment review agenda ratio lines of credit tx investment grade rating stochastic oscillator chart emery rd trust chinese overseas investment traded currency khenyane lubabalo investment solutions kulfold hire investments amazing of the review citigroup sbi investment korea co.

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O que sabemos sobre as mulheres na economia de hoje? Trata-se de uma pesquisa de campo. Por isso, nesse Outubro separamos. Meghan Markle! They serve as the main point of contact for cooperation conferences, and various WPL initiatives in their country. La paz es un requisito previo para la. Foi um momento muito triste. Saiu do Mato Grosso do Sul com os pais para tentar a vida no Rio de Janeiro e arrumou um emprego de vendedora.

Disabled Service Available. Gone Tomorrow! Space Lenox Ave, Miami Beach ; Events Thursday, November 9 Art Al Fresco: Local, national, and international artists display and create works against a backdrop of luxury yachts, food, and live music. Big Band Dancing: Trip the light fantastic to the sounds of a big band every Thursday at and Sunday at p. Main Street, Miami Lakes; , ext Promenade in the Park: Beaux Arts the fundraising arm of the Museum of Art hosts this three-day family festival, featuring live music, a juried art show, classic cars, kids activities, and international foods.

Today from to p. Highway, Ft Lauderdale; Free swing-dance lessons from to p. Miami Antiques and Art Market: Vendors display art, antiques, collectibles, bric-a-brac, and more every weekend. Today and tomorrow from a. South Florida Reptile Show: Dig those creepy, crawly critters at this reptile, amphibian, turtle, arachnid, and aquarium show.

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Saturday from a. Open daily except Monday and Tuesday from a. Deco Tours: Check out the district at a. Monday through Friday, as the Miami Beach Chamber of Commerce gives you the lowdown on the historical, architectural, cultural, and commercial fabric of the community during its walking tours of the area. Group tours available. Call for more information or reservations. Fairchild Tropical Garden Tram and Walking Tours: Visitors can walk or ride and get a glimpse of the rare petticoat palm, the gingerbread palm, and the cannonball tree.

Tram tours are every hour on the hour Monday through Friday from a. Walking tours depart at a. Monday through Friday and p. Every Sunday at and p. Heavenly Gazing: Southern Cross Astronomical Society experts will guide you through the celestial seasons. Every Saturday weather permitting at p. For more information call the SCAS hotline, For details call the Cosmic Hotline at Mosaic Outdoor Club: Enjoy hiking, biking, camping, and other outdoor activities every weekend with Jewish people of similar interests.

Sierra Club: The Miami chapter offers canoeing, camping, hiking, biking, and snorkeling trips all year. Call for the details. Every Sunday weather permitting from a. Metrozoo, SW nd St; Wednesday through Saturday from a. Tropical Audubon Society: The society offers extensive nature programs throughout the year, including birdwatching and native tree identification events. Call for a complete schedule. Every week New Times provides extensive reviews of openings, mini-capsules of first-run films, and a list of movie times that's good for the whole week, not just one day.

It's current, it's accurate, and best of all Slacker director Richard Linklater has forged a career out of making movies in which a nothing happens, but b the characters say a lot of amusing things. Since, by definition, one cannot experience midlife crisis until one has entered midlife, the confusion enveloping the four protagonists of Kicking and Screaming could more accurately be termed prelife crisis. Barcelona's Chris Eigeman. I wish I was just retiring after a lifetime of hard labor.

They should be excited. Instead, the pressure of making the right choices weighs heavily on all of them. Grover Qosh Hamilton , an aspiring writer, plunges into internal turmoil when his beautiful, adventurous girlfriend Jane decides to spend a year studying abroad in Prague.

Skippy Jason Wiles desperately clings to the comfortable routines of college, chief among them his girlfriend Miami Parker Posey , who still has a year of undergraduate coursework to finish. Twenty-five-year-old novice writer-director Noah Baumbach, not all that chronologically removed from his characters, deftly illuminates the dilemmas these charming, intelligent, young men find themselves in.

The film gets maximum comic mileage out of their desperate vacillation. Call it Diner Lite. The movie, while witty and ingratiating, feels thin and MTV-slick, which should probably come as no surprise because music-video veteran Richard Schenkman directed it. But despite these weaknesses, The Pompatus of Love charms. Neither as resonant nor as universally appealing as the conversation in Diner, the dialogue in this film exudes its own airy appeal.

It may be a long time until another Dmer-quality feast of great writing, powerful acting, and assured directing comes along. Way to go, Spence. Kicking and Screaming. The gooriness is almost magical. A young couple try to coexist with the creepy personal trainer who rents the room above theirs.

No serial killers, strippers, gangsters, or macho cops, after all. NO RO. The UFVA fest offers an opportunity to sample some of the most inventive student filing from around the world. Twenty years ago student films tended to be long on content and short on technical accomplishment. Just getting your movie to look remotely clean, crisp, and professional was cause for celebration. The siren call of the bottom line has yet to lure them into the usual traps.

Or Peek a Boo, an animated, five- minute descent into the psyche of a little boy terrorized by scary dreams? Just watch out for those oatmeal balls. CD If you want the truth before you waste your time. For information about movie times and locations, see "Showtimes," contact local theaters, or call FILM, a free service.

Yuk along as Ace ventures from a Tibetan ashram to the jungles of deepest, darkest Africa, embarking upon one wacky escapade after another. Ongoing Apollo 13 PG : Tom Hanks and Ed Harris send this scrupulously authentic account of the failed moonshot into box-office orbit. Assassins R : Antonio Banderas, suddenly ubiquitous in Hollywood, plays the new hitman on the block. Julianne Moore does her best to look pretty and not get in the way of the two macho leads as they make a Nineties version of The Mechanic.

All the animals have specific tasks, but Babe, an iconoclastic, lovable pig, goes that extra mile by trying to perform the job of a sheepdog. The big game. Life lessons. Fox, Madonna, and Roseanne, and basically just let the cameras roll while the actors improvised. The cops have one big problem, however.

The results are mediocre at best. Dead Presidents R : Disillusioned Vietnam vets living in the South Bronx decide to rob an armored car in this sophomore effort from those precocious filmmaking fraternal twins, Albert and Allen Hughes, who were only 20 when they made Menace II Society in Mexican drug lord, tracking the scumbag to a seedy border town. Banderas sings, dances, plays guitar, shoots a gun, gets the babe, and hangs out with his homeboy Steve Buscemi. Easy uncovers so much corruption, perversion, and general skullduggery that only his trigger-happy pal Mouse Don Cheadle in a scene-stealing breakthrough performance can bail him out.

This black Chinatown gives new meaning to the term film noir. Feast of July R : The loss of her child prompts a young woman Embeth Davidtz to seek revenge against the lover who abandoned her. Savor the quality writing, careful performances, and close attention to period detail that are the stock-in-trade of Merchant-Ivory productions.

Get Shorty R : Deadly funny caper movie follows the travails of a small-time Miami loan shark named Chili Palmer John Travolta who takes a side trip to LA to do a little free-lance collections work for a Vegas casino and in the process becomes a movie producer with an unusual talent for fundraising. This one nails them. Hackers PG : Renegade computer hackers battle a diabolical corporate giant in a game of nanosecond bumper cars on the infobahn.

Director Iain Softley Backbeat pulls his focus from Beatlemania to cyberculture. Directed by Jodie Foster. MovieFone will even sell you tickets in advance. Just punch in your credit card number and pick up your tickets at the theatre. Use them to call MovieFone. A laugh feast stuffed with delicious performances, unexpected romance and a big helping of heartwarming emotion. Without a doubt - Best Comedy of the Year. Jodie Foster is a must for a Best Director Oscar nomination. A must-see!

On Pines Blvd. Four Previous actors have portrayed the James Bond character. Deadline for entries is November 14th. Jade R : More Uke Jaded. Screenwriter Joe Eszterhas sinks to new lows in this vulgar rip-off of his own Basic Instinct. Linda Fiorentino and David Caruso stood no chance with material this pathetic.

Kids U : Fictionalized drama about 24 hours in the lives of a bevy of New York teenagers from first-time director Larry Clark, known for his gritty photography books Tulsa and Teenage Lust. Clark explores teen sexuality and drug use in stark, frank terms, making this fully scripted and acted project seem more like a documentary.

Mallrats R : Writer-director Kevin Smith, whose hysterical first film Clerks was one of the hits of the Sundance Film Festival, returns to familiar territory for his first foray into the world of big-budget filmmaking: slackers and retail sales. With Shannen Doherty.

Mighty Aphrodite R : The latest contemporary romantic comedy from Woody Allen features a Greek chorus offering running commentary on the puzzling antics of confused lovers in present-day Manhattan. The participants include the Woodman in yet another thinly disguised version of himself, Helena Bonham Carter as his adulterous, self-absorbed, adoption- obsessed wife similarities to Mia Farrow are purely coincidental , and Mira Sorvino as the potty-mouthed hooker with a heart of gold.

Moonlight and Valentino R : Rocker Jon Bon Jovi makes his motion picture debut as a hot housepainter who brushes up against a recently widowed poetry prof Elizabeth Perkins. The corpses pile up when a makeup artist for a film studio in Moscow stumbles onto a secret set and witnesses the making of a snuff film.

Or does she? Now and Then PG : a. Four young friends come of age. With several members of the Royal Shakespeare Company in featured roles. The Prophecy R : Renegade angels wage heavenly war on earth. Seven R : Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman match wits with a clever serial killer in this gloomy, atmospheric thriller that looks and feels like The Silence of the Lambs crossed with a nine inch nails video. Russ Meyer would have turned up his nose at this fetid story of a stripper who aspires to be a Vegas showgirl.

This hellbent-for-leather actioner begins a few days from the dawn of a new millennium. Ralph Fiennes slithers eerily into character as Lenny Nero, a sleazy but charming dealer of bootleg virtual-reality pomo discs. Three Wishes PG : Patrick Swayze drops the skirt and doffs the wig he wore in Wong Foo to play a dog-loving drifter who falls in love with a single mother Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio who runs him over with her car. Martha Coolidge Rambling Rose.

Lost in Yonkers directs. The redheaded actress effortlessly nails the character of Suzanne Stone, a local-access cable TV weather woman who would literally kill for a shot at the big time. To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything! Besides, does anybody really find drag queens shocking anymore?

Unstrung Heroes PG : Diane Keaton worked her way up the directorial ladder from after-school specials to prime-time network TV series to made-for-cable movies to this, her first turn at the helm of a major motion picture. Andie MacDowell, John Turturro, and Seinfelds Michael Richards star in this tenderly tragicomic tale of a young boy whose two wacky uncles guess who take him in when his mom gets sick.

Mizrahi is almost as colorful as his fashions, and the scenery includes Cindy Crawford, Kate Moss, linda Evangelista, Naomi Campbell, and Christy Turlington parading about in various states of dress and undress. The Usual Suspects R : If this film represents the first wave of knockoffs molded after Pulp Fiction, then bring on the ripoffs!

Unspools like a lightweight Reservoir Dogs meets Rashomon. Vampire in Brooklyn R : Eddie Murphy finally gets a role he can sink his teeth into. With Angela Bassett and Kadeem Hardison. Following is a schedule for movies opening and currently screening at local theaters. All times p. All movie times are subject to change without notice; please call individual theaters or FILM a free service te confirm.

Jekyll and Ms. Mira Sorvino is wonderful! Mira Sorvino is sensational! Michael Rapaport shines strongly! Mighty Aphrodite is wonderfully witty fare! Alive with daffy erotic glee! Laughter is the Best Medicine! Coconut Grove. Permanent make-up! Send us your free word Romance ad before Nov 13 and your ad is free. The 10 most creative ads will win tickets to the Chris Isaak concert on November 17! Fax to: 62 preaches. Ibsen incorporates contradictions into Dr. But that would have required Hall to reconceive his entire directorial slant, drawing out the absurdist flavor that peppers both the original and the adaption, instead of playing the drama straight.

The production boasts a strong cast and a splendid set. Yet because Hall directs it as a serious drama without exploiting its satiric possibilities, the play comes across as being hopelessly didactic and dated. Rooted in ideas, set in recognizable middle-class environments, and using everyday language, his work anticipated twentieth-century sensibilities by focusing more on character psychology than on plot.

An Enemy of the People does not fare as well. In Enemy, a provincial coastal town depends upon the therapeutic waters at Kirsten Springs, a local spa, for its livelihood. As corruption and cynicism engulf the town, the doctor remains the only man who cannot be bought. Defiantly, he asserts himself as the purveyor of truth, no matter how lonely and alienated that position leaves him. If expressed by fully drawn characters, such fervor would translate to our more democratic era, since we still struggle as citizens against political powers that determine the quality of our lives.

Alving and her son Osvald. All at the Tobacco Road Backlot So. Miami Av. Kendall Dr. It's just like the hairline you used to have with two important exceptions: this hairline doesn't grow From just inches away your new hair will look like it's growing right from your scalp.

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Bin a cabin and get a free deluxe dinner One per cabin, advance reservation required. Lauderdale or Ext. Sundays until p. Private Cabins Available. Don't miss the excitement. Miami and Ft. Sail w ithin one week of your birthday. Bring your Driver's License to the pier. Advance Reservations Required. Valid 30 days from date of cruise.

Vid r. Except Saturday's Captain's Gala from Ft. All specials and discounts Florida residents only. Limited space per cruise. All discounted rates require advance reservations and payment. Certain restrictions apply. Entertainment rates subject to change. He cheerfully supplied his pass to the next flight to Tampa. But because Concourse A, which currently services British Airways, Air France, and several Latin American carriers, is for international travelers only, he was denied entrance.

Matamoros persisted. Art in Public Places receives 1. Additionally, when pedestrians pass through strategically placed beams of white light, they activate the playing of bamboo flute music. These are precautions an airport has to take. But according to airport spokeswoman Angie Torres, tours of the site can be arranged only for groups of ten or more, and those requests must be made at least two weeks in advance.

Regularly scheduled tours of the site will be implemented if there is a large enough demand, she adds. Both projects are nearing completion and will officially open next month. It too is accessible only to international passengers. Where do you get your first impression of a city? In the arrivals corridor.

They looked around with thin smiles and embarrassed shrugs when they heard the animal sounds, and giggled when they passed through the light sensors that triggered a string of high- pitched notes. A Miami couple on their way to Mexico came through the security checkpoint and looked around with delight, donning their sunglasses and turning their faces to the ceiling to catch the colored rays. Start with any one of a dozen tempting appetizers, like baked stuffed mushrooms or fried calamari.

South Miami The Food. The enticing aromas of Succulent steaks grilling over an open flame. The eye-catching collection of unusual, colorful artifacts. The variety of tapas on display in the open kitchen And the ever-festive atmosphere. For starters, the reconditioned relic named for President Franklin Delano Roosevelt is located on Seventeenth Street and Collins Avenue in the vapidly beating heart of the Art Deco district. Call it the first rule of real estate, call it codependency, but Schrager and the Delano would never have made a match if not for the well- publicized re-emergence of South Beach.

Then again, those of us who live here know that Ocean Drive is about as near to defining South Beach as alligator wrestling is to Miccosukee Indian culture. And Schrager is right in a way. But hip pretty much sums up the Blue Door, where I made a dinner reservation a month in advance and still got a table that was positioned halfway into the wait station.

I also got the new chef, George Fistrovich, which was a plus. Who are, in turn, the mirror for the culinary strivings of the place: high-priced, beautifully turned out, and occasionally just a little too slimly built. Appetizer portions, especially, seemed anemic. Though plump and lobster-rich, only two pink shrimp dotted the dish, which for twelve bucks seemed skimpy.

For loads of cheese, though, the caesar salad proved to be the way to go. Parmesan cheese encrusted each leaf of crisp romaine like ice on a winter window- pane. A few croutons dappled the lettuce, but the real focus here was the dressing, whose anchovy- heavy fragrance was ideal.

Rich as Madonna, sleek and springy as tofu, the delicacy had been seared to shell pinkness and rested on a meaty broth featuring braised chickpeas, diced carrots, fresh green peas, and spinachlike strips of Swiss chard. Expertly prepared, this dish made a convert out of at least one skeptic at my table.

The top level was a grilled loin of the lean white meat that, while refreshingly juicy, was too charred. Dessert took so long that we watched a couple at a nearby table consume their entire meal. Fortunately, a warmed brioche was worth the wait.

Doused with a fruity syrup and topped with plums, sour cherries, and cranberries, the eggy bread pudding was a delight. Of course, the patrons waiting three deep at the bar probably wished we had skipped the sweets course. Side Dish Ever wonder who that Tom Austin guy is? Watch him catch fire. To spice up your life, call the Chili Hotline: The event includes a wine-tasting that features award-winning vintages from northern Italy. Call for tickets and reservations.

Write me at Hew Times, P. Box , Miami, FL Farm-raised rabbit cooked three different ways was a stacked, pushed-together dish - the Wonderbra of wabbit. Live entertainment daily by Katie P. Please call in advance for operating hours, reservations, and other specific information. Coral Gables: Everything within the Coral Gables city limits. An air- conditioned, carpeted fem-bar rendition of a barbecue shack. You got your spare ribs, your baby-back ribs, your sliced-to-order barbecue turkey, beef, and ham, plus the lean and mean combination plates.

Lunch and dinner. Flaherty put their best knives forward at this reasonably priced Mediterranean eatery in Miami Lakes. Though some of the fare seems experimental and uneven, you can certainly count on a hefty, four- cheese foccacia for starters and a pungent rigatoni rusticcio with sausage, roasted peppers, onions, sun- dried tomatoes, and Gorgonzola and mozzarella cheeses for an entree.

As the name implies, burritos are the specialty of the house, along with pepitos sandwiches and quesadillas. Try the roast pork loin with sauteed onions and peppers, or the shredded chicken with beans and rice. If you have an eyes-on-the-thighs philosophy, go for the fresh leaf spinach and mushroom burrito, stir-fried with garlic and folded in an oversize flour tortilla with black beans, white rice, salsa, a sprinkle of cheese, and guacamole, served with nonfat yogurt on the side.

Since opening in this unique restaurant has dominated the New World scene. Ajames Beard Award-winning chef, he prepares the finest fish in Miami, particularly whole yellowtail smothered in a coconut-milk-and-curry sauce. Caribbean antipasto, featuring tamarind-barbecue shrimp and jerk calamari, is a fiesta of fire; swordfish, dotted with sun- dried fruit confit, is moist and meaty.

In fact, very few culinary bombs go off here. New American offerings worth exploring include Rice Krispied 9 crab cakes with red pepper aioli, and an earthy wild mushroom bisque. Bananas Foster. Spiced Jamaican rum. Cherries jubilee. As flavors for coffee, these are cool beans, indeed. Salads and sandwiches are also worth a look at this cozy, arty coffee-and-wine bar, as are desserts. Cheap in price but not in quality, this North Miami Beach institution serves some of the best French-roots cuisine in Dade.

Steamed artichoke served chilled with a fabulous pink vinaigrette makes a simple but satisfying appetizer; snails are succulent in butter, garlic, and a powerful portion of white wine; and loin of lamb encrusted with herbs is served rare and juicy. Lunch, dinner, and weekend breakfast Cash only. Dress casually for this homestyle happening, where locals in Lycra workout wear go to exercise their appetites for Italian cuisine.

Even desserts, such as the outstanding white chocolate mousse cake, seem like they have more fluff, less fat Breakfast lunch, and dinner. Among the more traditional Indian dishes, the chicken tikka and butter chicken are spectacularly fragrant as are the lamb curries, including a Madras sauce that sings with spice and vegetable flavor. Rice biryanis are also a plus here. Service is attentive. The menu changes daily, but count on its being both exquisite and extensive.

And dessert, dessert, dessert! Lobster with drawn butter has never tasted so sweet, and crab dishes are also wonderful. Overlooks beautiful Biscayne Bay. Asian influences add a touch of reinvention to duck and stuffed pasta dishes; Italian notes abound in the grilled vegetable-goat cheese pizza and homemade focaccia. Dusted with karat gold dust, Almond Roca chocolate surprise is a dessert worth its weight in, well, gold. For information see listing under West Dade.

For dessert, the crushed lotus seed pancake is just sweet enough, as is the service. Also NE rd St; Complimentary egg bread with entrees is a challah of a good time. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Though service can be slow, the traditional Thai cuisine is freshly prepared and a good choice if you're in the neighborhood. Start with the tiger tear, a marinated cold beef dish made warm by spice. The ginger beef is aromatic enough without the boost, as is the filling chicken asparagus.

Lunch and dinner Monday through Saturday. What this tiny husband-and-wife restaurant lacks in space, it makes up for in taste. A dazzling array of Japanese dishes is offered, both raw and cooked. Grilled tofu with peanut miso sauce and steamed broccoli with shiitake mushrooms and mustard sauce are pure pleasure; yaki-soba and yaki-udon are more traditional offerings. Elegance is the key word here.

Carved wood and sophisticated furnishings show Thai food to great advantage. Whole fried snapper in red-hot chili pepper sauce is a specialty, as is the sweet chicken made with honey, scallions, and ginger. Appetizers are all worthwhile, especially the egg roll and beef satay. The duck dishes are more intricately complicated than anyone would think possible.

Not much truly Danish cuisine here, despite the name derived from a famous Copenhagen landmark ; but classic contintental dishes are well prepared and the hopitality is first-rate. Standouts include a juicy and flavorful duck with apple-and-chutney sauce, and a sublime red snapper in pastry.

Not only healthy but politically correct, too. Try the dolphin-safe tongol tuna tossed with canola mayo or substitute soy cheese on that tempting Jamaican pizza. Aside from the regular menu, fresh seafood such as the coconut-crusted grouper is worth investigation. Szechuan dishes are some of the high points of this famous Chinese haven, still one of the best despite the passage of time.

Among appetizers, the best unquestionably are tender dumplings laden with ginger and swimming in a light soy broth. Simple things such as fried rice can surprise one by the high quality of preparation. Reliable service of the speedy kind. Upscale Mexican bistro marries Tex-Mex chimichangas with Oaxacan chicken and ixtapan-style fish dishes. Best bets here are the marinated-and-grilled beef dishes, including a superb grilled flank steak stuffed with vegetables and ham.

Great guacamole, and a jaiaperto-spiced pinto bean dip served warm with tortilla chips at the beginning of the meal, are reason enough to drop in. Knishes also excel. Breakfast, lunch, and early dinner. Pleasant Northern Italian restaurant with a number of French nuances. Start with soups as good as their pretty names promise: minestrone Genovese, tortellini in brodo, or zuppa maitata.

The fascination with tiny trattorias continues, judging by the business at this seater. You can eat your fill without padding the bill, especially if you stick to wonderful baked pastas such as spinach- and-cheese cannelloni and meaty lasagna. Of the appetizers, the fried zucchini with horseradish is infinitely better than the famous mozzarella marinara. For sandwich-seekers, the croque mademoiselle and roast beef are recommended.

A dressed-up Gourmet Diner. Osso buco is a fantastic bargain, pink veal falling away in tender hunks from the eye of bone. Served on herb-specked and paprika-dusted plates, penne with plump shimp bears testimony to the quality of ingredients; chicken paprikash is a tangy version of an old favorite. Tired of teriyaki? Sushi and other authentic Japanese fare, such as somen noodles on ice, are a refreshing end to a hot day. Located in the refurbished Traymore Hotel, this ballroom-size restaurant is a stunner in more ways than one.

Try the clam appetizer, with bivalves steamed in an intoxicating broth of champagne, shallots, green peppers, and herbs, or the pasta e fagioli, which is among the best in town. In a clean-lined, contemporary setting, Nando Pietroni serves upscale Italian specialties to customers who have followed him for years.

A former pastry chef on the Love Boat, Pietroni crafts wonderful breads, pastas, and desserts. Sliced sirloin over arugula with peppercorns is also a treat. Petit is right. But this seater dishes up French and Italian fare at neighborhood prices. Skip the mostly mediocre pastas and go straight to steak au poivre, an excellent cut topped with a creamy peppercorn sauce. Veal parmagiana is that rare animai, tender and juicy cutlets laced with mozzarella and Brie.

Expanded seating now allows for more diners and greater comfort at this odd-seat restaurant and deli in the White Star Center. Fettuccine, agnolotti, penne, and spaghetti are all handmade; the tortelloni bicolore, stuffed with sun-dried tomatoes and ricotta, is the prince of the pile. Homemade desserts deserve devouring. A labyrinthine deli, but surely one of the best The menu is a trip through all the glories of Jewish fare: chopped liver with shmaltz; herring; smoked fish; Reuben, corned beef, and pastrami sandwiches; huge potato latkes with sour cream; brisket of beef; borscht..

Atmosphere is frantic but alive and infectiously buoyant. At this dine-in, dine-out spot in the Olson Hotel off 73rd Street , salt- air sensations are served in a laid-back, unpremeditatedly funky setting. Wash it down with Oktoberfest dark beer, a beverage that packs a nine percent alcohol wallop no matter what the season. Homemade bread and desserts are Sunny Isles standouts. Tapas like the bacalao empanadillas are tasty starters; gazpacho is of the Andalusian variety.

The veal chop and boneless duck are dependable main courses. A respite from the bustle of South Beach. This optimistic little restaurant raises the level of the local ethnic market with some of the best basic Thai fare around. Chef-owner Matida Apunikpinyo stirs up a mean massaman curry and a zippy garlic squid.

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The drivers hit each other and it was really frustrating. We should have had another finish that day. But we just had two guys fighting too hard. Brazil I never saw that picture before. Here it is Bruno Senna. He hit Seb so hard. Look, the pieces of the cars all over the place. End of The end of one era and the start of a new one. Bernie Ecclestone has been a great friend of mine for many years and I enjoyed our great friendship.

He built Formula 1 as it is today, but everything comes to an end at one point. And Chase Carey picked up the power…. Another nice picture. Multy But this goes back to this other picture here [Christian shows us the photo of Interlagos ]. This was his way to repay him back. This was quite exciting for the whole team. Oh my god. A first podium in Monaco. I made a bet with Martin Brundle , and it was a really bad idea but… never made a bet, never jump in a swimming pool dressed like this again.

My best friend Mr. First time Renault did us a favor. Nobody would have believed that. Mark touched the wall and Fernando pitted to cover Mark. They [Ferrari] were more aware of Mark than they were about Sebastian. And they both come out behind Petrov that drove the race of his life to keep these two guys behind him.

Sebastian owns him a beer. My wife! This goes back to this picture here [Christian shows us the pictures of his young self in Formula ]. So, I had a sponsor called Elizabeth the chef and they made cakes for supermarkets. And they also signed a deal with this girl band, the Spice Girls. They sold millions. So indirectly she financed my career. But there was an indirect link through the sponsorship. We prepared this interview few days ago, so, initially we was thinking about showing you this picture:.

Fernando Alonso in a car that is blowing up. History is history and everything moves on. Honda has been hugely successful in Formula 1 and then had bad times. They are determinate to have success again. Not last year, today. We do believe they have the right attitude, the right investment the right commitment to produce great engines in the future. We think that being a costumer is not the right way to have success in modern F1. No more than we are with Renault. We had issues in Monaco, Bahrain, China.

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They knew better. And now people are thinking this other guy is me. We even performed together several times. A promotional CD came up without a picture, so we really promoted it as you. So I decided to get a lawyer. They can stick it up their ass. I just want the guy to drop the name. Dixie Hwy. We'd like to make you an offer that will give you much more than you bargained for. And when you sign up on any qualified price plan, you'll get unlimited night and weekend calling for three months and 25 percent off cellular airtime used during long distance calls for two years.

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Book must try to sell the public on his own integrity. This is going to be far more difficult. Because now Ron Book is a convicted criminal. Arrogance, overconfidence, and a sense of infallibility are symptoms of the disease.

He did this not in a single campaign season, but year after year, over and over again. Like malaria, it becomes a permanent feature of the afflicted individual. But some would say those lessons were quickly forgotten. In late , he came under investigation for allegedly helping to bribe an Opa-locka politician. How more direct can I be? Not at all. No, Ron Book confessed because the investigation into his criminal activities was about to be exposed in the media.

Prosecutors say Book and his high-priced attorneys abandoned the effort only after they learned that a local television station was about to reveal that Book was under criminal investigation. Kings: Box 8 mg "tar," 0. Gables Honda now offers Financing with no Insurance Required!! Come see the new CBRF3 today. For rider training information, call the Motorcycle Safety Foundation at Working for former governor Bob Graham launched Book's career as a lobbyist Crime Continued from page 14 who prosecuted Book.

Once this became public, if this had dragged out, it potentially could have destroyed his ability to work as an effective lobbyist. None of his clients have dropped him, although Dade County has yet to make a decision. Like all of us, he has defects, and in his case that defect gets down to judgment. And when you are processing that fast, you tenjl not to see things that people who are processing much slower would see.

It gets down to a moral-compass issue. Because he spreads money all over the place. Book Athletic Field in North Miami should be renamed. Others have criticized the campaign finance law Book admits he violated. Is it illegal? Is it wrong? But that whole law is ridiculous. The reactions of politicians to this case do nothing but perpetuate that type of feeling by the public. And that is what is truly unfortunate about this matter. The Palm Bay Club overlooking Biscayne Bay, near the causeway to South Beach looks and feels newer, fresher and more full of life than ever.

In a gated, self-contained 10 acre private estate setting that's scenically beautiful and serenely secure. Name Sq. Check Out The Prices. Compare The Value. Add Up The Savings. The figures speak out loud and clear. With our easiest terms ever. And if you move fast, you can move in immediately.

Sales office open daily: 10AM to 6PM. He is always moving at breakneck speed. I learned that when I ran track. I will work as hard as a human being can work. I will work 24 hours a day to accomplish what I need to accomplish. The park got lights. And he never has to share the glory of winning. Reporters dubbed the year-old a whiz kid.

Soon he was made director of the office, and eventually was given the senior title of special counsel to the governor. Observes veteran Sen. So after less than four years with Governor Graham, Book opted for the private sector and landed at the fast-rising law firm of Sparber Shevin. He became an instant rainmaker as clients clamored for the boy wonder with the solid- gold connections.

By he was married, and he and his wife Patricia already had the first of three children. Book reportedly had been introduced to him by Donald Dugan, a local public relations man and San Pedro confidant. Bob Graham. Indeed, San Pedro needed all the help he could get. He has his own organization and is known as El Padrino the Godfather. He is very violent. Informants are afraid to talk about him because they know he will kill them.

A company called Southern Combustion Technologies had hired Book to lobby the Opa-locka City Council for approval to construct a ten-million-dollar hazardous-waste recycling plant. Donald Dugan was also apparently work- Continued on page 21 Book confessed only because the investigation into his criminal activities was about to be exposed in the media. Have a Nice Abduction. We have everything you need! Fees for early cancellation.

Factory reconditioned. Trim kits and custom installation extra. Hooten immediately reported the offer to police and agreed to wear a listening device. During his next meeting with Dugan, Hooten asked him how he had become involved with the Southern Combustion project.

After a few minutes, Book reportedly asked Dugan to leave the two of them alone. Book proceeded to tell Hooten how important the Southern Combustion project was to him. Book invited Hooten to sit with him in his brand-new Mercedes.

What do you want me to do? You need to tell me what I need to do In February , the Miami Herald broke the story that Book and Dugan were under investigation for allegedly bribing members of the Opa-locka City Commission. Visit Addison House; one of the largest catalog showrooms in Miami. Save time and money. More than trusted manufacturers, 18th Century to Contemporary. Call us for directions. We are open Monday- Friday form am to pm and Saturdays by appointment.

Then get ready to go where no 1 jJ rock-n-roll band has ever dared. The BMW trademark and logo are registered. Plus, Free unlimited off-peak Home Airtime for three months. Offer expires December 31, Please call for details. Nearly a decade later, Hooten remains firm in his belief.

That decision by then-State Attorney Janet Reno reportedly caused a major split in her office as several prosecutors involved in the investigation argued strongly that Book should have been criminally charged. According to a January 15, , sworn statement by Metro-Dade Sgt. At the time the report was made public, both Book and Gunter denied any wrongdoing, and no charges were brought against either man.

Such modifications sometimes make it difficult to place a precise dollar value on a car. In early November, Ralph Sanchez had reportedly called Garcia to tell him Book would be trading his current car for a new Mercedes and that Sanchez would pick up the difference between the trade-in and the new car. Book had submitted to his insurance company a copy of this inflated invoice as proof of how much he paid.

On May 23,, Book was arrested at his law office in downtown Miami. The lobbyist was charged with second-degree theft and three counts of filing a false and fraudulent insurance claim, each of which were third-degree felonies. The case was assigned to Assistant State Attorney Larry LaVecchio, the same prosecutor who at that time was handling the Opa-locka bribery investigation. Book and his attorneys worked aggressively to have the case thrown out of court, and even tried to assign blame to others.

S00 bond. Book, a partner in the prestigious law firm of Sparhcr. Sbcvie, Shapo. Mrii- premier ami wore 3 dark-blue business suit, a whue-slnped shin and no necktiu. Antonie Jose Garcia, the owner of Rennsport. Everything from the most advanced Cybex equipment to our lavish beauty salon. From loofas and herbal wraps to an incredible racquet sport pavilion. All of this with panoramic views of the beach. And starting this season, things are really going to heat up with our brand new NBA size basketball complex, and Rock Climbing Arena, the only one of it's kind on the beach.

But you can't have it all, if you don't make the call. TL'tt 48 NE St. Powerline Rd. Deerfield Bch. Famous for world class deep sea fishing, these trophy size fish don't need a good story about the one that got away. Lots of brilliantly colored tropical fish make scuba diving and snorkeling great. Bimini is only a 25 minute flight, but it feels like a world away. Gift Certificates Are Available Now! Depends on hotel availability.

Other packages available 24 Crime Continued from page 23 to swear him in before he filled out and signed the claim. The judge agreed and dismissed that one misdemeanor charge. The legal wrangling continued for more than two years. On December 5,, Book finally pleaded no contest to a single misdemeanor count of submitting a falsely notarized affidavit.

Judge Person withheld formal adjudication, which meant Book would have no criminal record from the affair. LaVecchio had urged Judge Person to declare Book guilty. Book and his defense attorney, Donald Bierman, declared victory. He wants to continue life without a shadow.

Despite several years of bad publicity, Book seemed poised for a comeback as the Eighties drew to a close. The swagger had returned to his walk. A self-assured cockiness once again infused his personality. The truth is it makes me want to cry. Two, you learn a lot about life you thought you never needed to know. George Raisler knew he was in deep trouble. But it did seem suspicious to him. The attorney had asked Stipp to write a bunch of checks to various political candidates, and then the attorney reimbursed her.

Raisler knew this, he told investigators, because Greg Webb had told him. Both offenses are misdemeanors. Webb, too, had been cooperating with investigators in the staged- accident case, but now that the questions involved Ron Book, it was Debbie Stipp who did most of the talking. She said Book had explained to her that Continued on page 27 25 These glasses are magical! Exclusive Eyewear.

Personal Service. Hillsboro, Blvd. University Dr. But he will not mention money. Without money, however. The reason: Campaign contributions buy access. As State Rep. All together, Cosgrove says, some individual votes will be taken. All of this in 60 days. No wonder people are currently registered as lobbyists in Tallahassee. As a result, lobbyists are as much fundraisers for legislators as they are advocates for their clients.

State Rep. Beryl Burke, State Rep. Carlos Valdes, State Rep. Ron Saunders, State Rep. If he has raised you a lot of money, he will remind you of it. Do I think my call gets returned a little more quickly? Yeah, it probably does. Anybody who thinks otherwise would be naive. He countered that it was actually only half that.

The real figure, however, was never established as the couple reconciled a year ago. Rather than disappoint the candidate, Book personally would make up the difference and funnel the money through her. As proof, she reached into her purse and handed investigators two checks Book had written her. All the checks, she said, had been written at the behest of Ron Book. As for the candidates, most of them were unknown to her. And what did Book get for them in return?

Most importantly, the bill forever prohibits competitors from setting up shop in the state. Book secured the money for Homestead at a time when he was also supposedly representing Dade County. Andrews Blvd. Broward Blvd. Tell us when and where, and we'll be there! She is not expected to be charged in connection with that case.

We were sort of astonished at the irony of us having been the same agency that arrested Book previously, and now having apparently hit pay dirt once again. We were going after the staged-auto-accident ring and he just sort of fell into our laps. They had broken the case, and the principal witness, Debbie Stipp, was still providing them with information regarding the accident ring.

A prolonged period of bad publicity now seemed inevitable. At p. If they had been notified, they would have objected to the charges and penalties as being too lenient. LaVecchio declined comment for this article. If he could have threatened Book with jail time, he would have pressed the case further.

But he notes that the crimes are misdemeanors, and even though he might have been able to charge Book with more than 50 counts, jail time for a first offender would not have been realistic. The influence of people who contribute money to politicians has increased enormously, to the detriment of the public. For more information, please call or directly or through the Florida Relay Service TDD at 1 Outlet S.

He deliberately violated those laws for his own selfish good and for the good of his paying clients. I never thought about it being bad. I never thought about it being wrong. Several prosecutors involved in the Opa-locka investigation argued strongly that Book should have been criminally charged. Now Book is left to ponder his future. And I understand what the word means. One year beeper service contract also required.

Penalty for early contract cancellations. Otter expires November 15, With seven full U. The Glow Skulls do that voodoo that they do so well tonight at at Nemesis N. Federal Hwy. Tickets to this all-ages show cost ten dollars. Call Both concerts begin at p. Call for reservations. It features aerobatic performances and flight demonstrations by the U.

Army Golden Knights, and other teams. Gates open today and tomorrow at a. For details, call Rose can also write: His autobiographical Freak Like Me is a hoot. Percussive punkers Cop Shoot Cop open the show. Performance time is p.

Artists from more than 22 countries throughout North, Central, and South America, East Asia, Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the Middle East display their works and demonstrate their crafts, while folkloric troupes present storytelling, dance, and music performances. Admission is free. Flagler St. Children are admitted free with a paying adult to a matinee on Sunday at p. Nice to know this town has its priorities straight.

Miami Ave. Call for more information. GC s u n d a y 3 O V e m b Miami Book Fair International: The event that put Miami on the literary map celebrates its twelfth year with its biggest and boldest edition yet. More than writers are scheduled for readings and book signings during this weeklong literary extravaganza, which opens tonight with a reading by Jonathan Kozol, best-selling author of Savage Inequities.

For a full book fair schedule, call Las Olas Blvd. A third exhibition pays tribute to the striking, compassionate Goya- esque works of Guggenheim fellow Antonia Eiriz, who died earlier this year in Coral Gables. Tonight at the series continues with G. Alfredo Triff, who experiments with sound on his violin, provides an in-the-flesh score. For info about upcoming entries in the series, call Drawing half a million visitors each November, it's a book lover's paradise, with hundreds of prominent authors, nearly national and international exhibitors, and an entire week of readings and lectures, capped by a three-day Street Fair.

Tonight and Saturday at and Sunday at p. Box , Miami, FL Items must be received ten days prior to date of issue. Gusman Center, E Flagler St; Tonight at and Sunday at p. Folk Music Society: Musicians and singers are invited to share original works at these monthly gatherings.

For further details, call Free admission. Tonight and Wednesday at p. Jammin': Bluegrass, folk, and mountain-music makers can bring an acoustic instrument and join the jam. Middle Eastern Music Workshop: Musicians, dancers, and music fans are invited to learn more about the history, rhythms, and instruments of Middle Eastern music.

Sarah Philips: Pianist Philips performs classical selections. The Philippines was also struck by its second typhoon within a week. Disastrous mudflows were predicted for the slopes of Mount Pinatubo. Hurricane Tanya lost force as it approached the Azores. Tests conducted-by the U. Symptoms resemble those of the deadly dengue fever which causes bleeding of the nose and gums, aches and severe fatigue.

Earthquakes HThe fourth earthquake in a month to rock Mexico City and surrounding states caused no significant damage or injuries. The magnitude 5. The animals died of thirst in central areas of the park. In neighboring parts of South Africa, one million people have been left without a reliable water supply due to extended drought.

The blast had a yield of less than 60 kilotons. The block, named A, separated from the Larsen Ice Shelf and floated miles to the northeast in the Drake Passage between Antarctica and Argentina. Movement of the stray block is being monitored via satellite by the Antarctic weather center.

The blazes broke out in several parts of the country, which has been gripped by a drought that has lasted for several weeks. Dog Wars. Ballet Flameneo l. Night - Music Under the Stirsl Sun. Where Service Is 1! Miami location only. Monday-Friday 8am-6pm: S.

State Road 7 Hollywood. Lie AR All repairs warranty 6 mos. Coral Gables. Jazz - Where It's Hot! Rich, and Brian Franklin. Tonight and tomorrow at p. In Spanish. Evening performances Friday through Sunday at p. Evening performances Tuesday through Saturday at and Sunday at ; matinees Saturday and Sunday at Algunos Prefieren Fresa, Otros Chocolate: Comedy about the friendship between a gay and a communist student.

Evenings Friday at and Saturday at ; matinee Sunday at Recommended for adults only and performed entirely by men in drag. Evening performances Tuesday through Saturday at Chevere: A musical comedy starring Nestor Cabell. Evening performances Friday and Saturday at ; matinee Sunday at Alcazar Theater, Coral Way and 97th Avenue; Through November Evening performances Thursday through Saturday at ; matinee Sunday at Broward Community College, A.

Evening performances Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at ; matinee Sunday at Florida Grand Opera. Evening performances Friday and Saturday at ; matinees Sunday at and Comics Anonymous: A twelve-member improvisational troupe performs comedic scenes, song parodies, and theater pieces. Through December Evening performance Saturday at midnight. THAT Loot. For more information, call Community Concerts at Lauderdale Campus, N.

Performances at Saturday and at p. Evening performances Friday at , Saturday at , and Sunday at ; matinee Sunday at Evening performances Friday and Saturday at , Sunday at and An Enemy of the People: Reviewed in this issue. Through December 3.

Evening performances Tuesday through Saturday at , Sunday at ; matinees Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at Godspeli: Musical version of the life of Jesus Christ and his disciples. Evening performance Sunday at ; matinee Saturday at Margate; November 8 through November Evening performances Wednesday through Saturday at ; matinees Saturday and Sunday at November 12 through Evening performance Saturday at ; matinees Sunday, November 12 at , and November 19 at Jineteras y Apagones: Comedy about life in Cuba today.

Evenings Saturday at and Sunday at Evening performances Wednesday through Saturday at ; matinees Wednesday, Saturday, and Sunday at Brian C. La Valija: When Horacio meets Luis and Osvaldo, the love triangle that ensues forces all three to take another look at their respective lives. An adaption of an original play by Argentine writer Julio Mauricio. Evening performance Saturday at Directed by Charles Nelson Reilly.

Previews November 10 through Opens November 17 and runs through December 3. Evening performances Tuesday through Saturday at , plus Sunday, November 12 and 26 at ; matinees Sunday at , plus Tuesday, November 21 and 28 at , and Wednesday, November 22 and 29 at Later Life: A.

Living History: Travel through time with four characters from four different historical periods. Interactive theater experience developed in collaboration with the Wolfsonian Foundation. For children and adults. November Matinee performance Sunday at Los Chicos de la Roche: Comedy about a group of gay men sharing their lives. Previews November 15 and Opens November 17 and runs through December Evening pertormances Wednesday through Saturday at ; matinee Sunday at Barry PRoi t rut Vi ne i.

Please, Our Father who flft Watching from the tiny Star holes of the Sky, don't let toagbonne gef her barfed out Wish. AIDS community. Times and 5 Marc H. Sencer M JD. Richard Plant D. Includes pro. Evening performances Friday and Saturday at Through January Evening performances Tuesday through Saturday at dinner at , Sunday at dinner at ; matinees Wednesday and Saturday at lunch at noon.

Evening performances Wednesday through Saturday, plus Tuesday, November 21, at , Sunday at ; matinees Wednesday and Sunday, plus Tuesday, November 7, 14, and 21, at Call for performance times. Teatro Marti 1, SW 8th Ave; November 11 through December 3.

Performances Saturday at p. Friday at p. Teatro Trail, SW 8th St; Evening performance Saturday at ; matinee Sunday at November 16 to Daytime performances Thursday and Friday at and , Saturday at and The Wizard of Oz: Dorothy and her gang follow the yellow brick road to Oz in this musical version of the classic tale.

For children. Matinee Sunday at noon. Is your skin damaged by the sun, acne prone, oily? Do you have uneven pigmentation brown spots? Appointments available Mon. Disabled Service Available. Gone Tomorrow! Space Lenox Ave, Miami Beach ; Events Thursday, November 9 Art Al Fresco: Local, national, and international artists display and create works against a backdrop of luxury yachts, food, and live music.

Big Band Dancing: Trip the light fantastic to the sounds of a big band every Thursday at and Sunday at p. Main Street, Miami Lakes; , ext Promenade in the Park: Beaux Arts the fundraising arm of the Museum of Art hosts this three-day family festival, featuring live music, a juried art show, classic cars, kids activities, and international foods. Today from to p. Highway, Ft Lauderdale; Free swing-dance lessons from to p.

Miami Antiques and Art Market: Vendors display art, antiques, collectibles, bric-a-brac, and more every weekend. Today and tomorrow from a. South Florida Reptile Show: Dig those creepy, crawly critters at this reptile, amphibian, turtle, arachnid, and aquarium show. New Computerized Laser Technology can erase those unwanted lines around your eyes and mouth.

Manuel Martinez M. Treatment is individual after diagnosis. Everyone called your room and got your machine, and sure, they left messages. But you got the messages - when you got back to the dorm. You got to the party, just in time for an empty keg and a couple of dorks playing strip parcheesi. No more calling into your machine several times a day. No monthly payments like other beepers. Beeper To Go features only the highest quality Motorola beepers. Noon to p. Wednesday, November 15 Cigar Smoker Gala: Dine on a seven-course meal, then sample premium cigars and fine wines.

Hotel Inter-Continental, Chopin Plaza: World's Largest Indoor Flea Market: Bargain shoppers can roam through miles of aisles of fine clothing, jewelry, home furnishings, electronics, and other sundry items; take a break from shopping to enjoy the Holiday Ice Show performed daily at , , and p.

Today and tomorrow from noon to p. November 10 reception p. Miami Youth Museum, Sunset Dr; Sanford L. For more information and group tour reservations, call or Weekend surcharges additional. Let us find you your catch! Antonia Studio, S Miami Ave, 2nd fl; Art , Lincoln Rd, Miami Beach; Art Express, N Kendall Dr; Mazon and sculpture by Mark Diamond.

November 9 reception p. Bizarre Bazaar, NE 39th St, ste ; Brickell Square, Brickeil Ave; Capen Gallery, Old Dixie Hwy; Caraval Interiors, NE 2nd Ave; Chad Elliott Gallery, Lincoln Rd; Deering Hospital, SW nd St; Dorsch Gallery, SW 13th Ave; Molina Hernandez, and Walter Garcia.

Kennedy Studio, Grand Ave; Kenneth R. Neil Loeb Gallery, Grand Ave, ste ; Photogroup, Madeira Ave, Coral Gables; Santander Gallery, Brickell Ave; Cintas Collection of Spanish Old Masters. Cards Accepted V. Live Music and Dancing! All special rates require advanced pre-paid reservations at least 5 hours before departure. A la Carte dining available on evening cruises only. Ship's Registry: Bahamas. Natural wood a other colors available. Studio , NE 2nd Ave, ste ; Susane B.

Gallery, 93 NE 40th St; Wirtz Gallery, Sunset Dr; Red Lobster, SW 88th St; Miami Beach Writers Group: Take your latest writings and your thickest skin to the gallery for this weekly group critique. Miami Storytellers Guild: Listen every Thursday to legends and tales about the historic Biltmore Hotel and the stars who stayed there. Poetry Circle: Share your favorite and original poems and bring your improvisational energy to this weekly poetry reading. Radical Islam in the U. Lose up to 20lbs.

Sound too good to be true? Well, believe it. Pathfinder Bookstore, NE 54th St; Ayres; Mystery writer and Florida native Ayres reads from and discusses his latest spellbinder, Eye of the Gator. Feng Shui: Interior designer Jami Lin discusses the Japanese art of living in a functional environment.

Havana: Learn the techniques and principles of Havana, the art of quieting and aiming the mind in order to reduce stress, increase vitality and heighten mental clarity. Theatre With Your Coffee? Tobacco Road, S Miami Ave; A Group of Expressives: Musicians, poets, writers, and thespians step up to the mike with their original material every Tuesday night.

Tongue and Groove: Catch a vibe and groove to the spoken, chanted, and rapped words of local poets, writers, musicians, and thespians at this weekly spoken-word jam. Prove it! Step up to the mike as amateur stand-uppers share original material every Wednesday.

South Beach Bohemians: Expect the unexpected as local characters unite weekly to spew everything from Shakespeare to Monty Python to original poetry, prose, and music. Drumming at ; dancing at p. Intermediate modem class at ; Afro-Cuban at ; and Latin social dance at p. Israeli Dancing: Learn traditional dance moves from this rich culture. Thursday and Sunday at p. Michael- Ann Russell J. Tonight, tomorrow, and Saturday at and Sunday at p.

Senegalese Dance and Drumming Workshops: Move to some invigorating rhythms as Bamba Febrissy hosts a Senegalese dance and drumming class. Answer: We'll provide the place you provide the colors. Small classes, personal atmosphere and a multicultural emphasis.

Programs ,uc approved lot Veterans training. An equal access opportunity institution. Friday, November 10 Capoeira Workshop: Brazilian dance and percussion master Caboquinho leads a workshop on Angolan- style capoeira. Tonight at , and Monday and Wednesday at p.

Drum Dance Theatre: Lumonics hosts an evening of drumming, dancing, and mind-altering electronics led by guest percussionists. Every Friday at p. Monday, November 13 Spiritual Belly Dance: Tap into the exotic, feminine, and mysterious movement while getting into shape. Tuesday, November 14 Latin and Ballroom Dance: Trip the light fantastic while you learn those steps in beginner and intermediate workshops on Tuesday nights.

Dance classes from to ; dance starts at p. Ages four to eight. Ages eight to fifteen. Stupendous Sicilian Games: Play games on old- fashioned wooden gameboards made by old-world gamesmaster Sirugo Corrado. Ages five and up. Ages four and up. Miami Arena, NW 1st Ave; Play Ball America: Major league baseball stars swing it in this three-day, team double-elimination tourney to benefit the March of Dimes.

Tonight from to p. Yoga: Stretch those muscles and relax that mind every Saturday at a. First Presbyterian Church, Brickell Ave; Twin over twin separates into 2 beds! Ulhlie on tier European Tour until Sosa in a great while in a people's nistorv an artist will emerge to embody their conectiue soul: lor the French, it was Edith Plat: lor Argentina, lor the Americas, it is mercadas sosa.

But is can also rise to express a staunch defiance. Productions 51 New Times November Call for details. Badminton: Swing that racket and aim for the shuttlecock every Wednesday at p. Call evenings. Fridays at p. Chart Smart: Learn charting and boating skills during the U. Diabetes Fitness Club: Exercise is vital to your health, so go biking, skating, kayaking, and more while you network and make new friends.

For meeting locations and times, call Dog Racing: The woofers race every night at from Monday through June Matinees scheduled Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday at p. Drag Racing: Get a dose of squeals on wheels. Test and tune drag racing on Wednesday at p.

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