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Camel racing dubai betting lines

Racing in the U. As races became more competitive and prize money grew, many camel owners began to use lightweight children as jockeys, some as young as 2 or 3, importing them from countries like Bangladesh, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Sudan.

Falls and critical injuries were common. Trading, bartering and kidnapping of child jockeys, as well as accusations of physical and sexual abuse, were frighteningly frequent, too. At one point, it was estimated that 40, child jockeys were being used across the Persian Gulf. The horrors of that human trafficking left a scar for the sport that lingers even now, 12 years after the practice was officially banned in the U.

Some owners said quietly that they still might prefer to have human jockeys — though none would say so publicly — but a majority, perhaps recognizing the troubling perception of having children ride animals that stand 6 feet tall and can run up to 40 miles per hour, unabashedly praised the technology now widely used instead: robots.

Early models of the robots, which were first produced in , were cumbersome and weighed as much as 30 pounds. The camels generally did not respond well to them, and owners were put off by the difficulty of obtaining them. In the years since, the production of the robots has become more local and more streamlined.

Now, camel owners can go to numerous shops or markets in the U. The latest version of the robot weighs only a few pounds. One shop, located a quick ride or, alternately, a leisurely stroll on a camel from the racetrack in Dubai, advertised its wares with a display of robots in various colors outside the front door. Inside, two Pakistani men, who gave their names as Raheem and Jameel, worked at tables strewn with tools, bolts and power drills. The Dewalt power drill is the heart and lungs of the modern robot jockey; shop workers like Raheem and Jameel order the drills in bulk and use them, and their rechargeable batteries, to construct the core of each robot.

Remote-entry clickers the kind used for cars combine with long ribbons of plastic wrapped in cotton to make a spinning whip that can be activated from afar, and walkie-talkies allow the owner to speak to the camel from a trailing S. The robots sit on molded metal saddles when they race. Raheem estimated that he and Jameel could make 10 to 20 robots a day, though not all of their customers ask for a full device. Nader Al Jabri, an owner from Oman, said that he often shopped for robot parts in the U.

After a friendly back-and-forth, Al Jabri departed with the whip and a smile. Raheem and Jameel went back to work. The waiting area behind the starting line of a camel racetrack is a gathering of characters walking every which way, some dressed in robes, some dressed in slacks, some leading camels, some talking to — or, really, for — robots.

There are owners, trainers, training riders and handlers. Very rarely are there fans or tourists. When Mohammed and his friend tracked Miyan that morning, they did so in front of an empty grandstand at Al-Wathba. This is not uncommon, since betting on camel racing in the U.

A lack of attendance, though, does not equate to a lack of passion. Owning a camel is an honor in many Gulf countries, and there are laws about how much tax a camel owner must pay it depends, in part, on how many camels he or she owns. Buying camels at an auction — the S. Every day, Zarie wakes up at 4 a. The camels train until around 9 a.

On a race day, the camels line up in the area behind the starting line and wait for their race, kneeling in the sand while their trainers saddle them with the robot jockey and double-check the whip and walkie-talkie. The length of the race depends on the age of the camels, but unlike the action at a horse track, the racing is nearly continuous. There are no lulls, no breaks between races. As soon as one group crosses the finish line, another gathers at the start; then the gate is lifted and the next race begins.

Watching Miyan, Mohammed waited until the race was about two-thirds through before he began to use the whip, alternating between throaty murmurs via the walkie-talkie and remotely enabled pops to the rear. Miyan began to fade. That link does take you to a paragraph in English from Gov of Dubai but within that paragraph at the end it says.

When I clicked on the underlined "here" for the calendar to find out the dates of the races in October, there was no English or place to click for English that I could see, everything was in Arabic. All I'm looking for is the dates in October races are scheduled between Oct if anyone can figure that out from the official race website. Oh I went back to one of the previous posts to the Dubai calendar and now the camel races are loaded We remove posts that do not follow our posting guidelines, and we reserve the right to remove any post for any reason.

Skip to main content. Log in to get trip updates and message other travelers. Need info on camel racing. Watch this Topic. Browse forums All Browse by destination. Dubai forums. All forums. Level Contributor. Report inappropriate content. Related: What are the most popular tours in Dubai? See all. Best Seller. Re: Need info on camel racing. Ask a question. Getting back from Dubai tomorrow, passenger locator form?


Along Al Ain Rd, exit 37 Approx. Best nearby. Get to know the area. Experience several desert pursuits in one outing, including ATV-driving—something many tours only offer at an extra cost—on this red-dune desert tour from Dubai. Skip the hassle of transport and logistical planning; and be free to simply enjoy the dunes and activities provided. Zoom off on an ATV, ride a camel, go sandboarding; enjoy henna art and Arabian-costume photos; and conclude with a barbecue-buffet dinner and live shows.

Write a review. Traveller rating. Selected filters. All reviews finish line wheel drives races handlers track bridge spectators arabic tourists taxi desert. Shanof Moidutty wrote a review Feb. Dubai, United Arab Emirates 10 contributions. Camel Racing at Dubai Camel Racing. Camel racing is a must watch traditional sports of UAE which is centuries-old tradition across the Arabic peninsula, camel racing continues to thrive as a formal sport with the Dubai Camel Racing Club being the hub of all such races and one of the most coveted race track in all of UAE is the Al Marmoom Racing Track ….

Read more. Date of experience: February Helpful Share. Turiang wrote a review Feb. Palermo, Italy 69 contributions 15 helpful votes. Great Experience! Great experience. I recommend everyone to carve out half a day to attend this sporting and cultural event followed by all the United Arab Emirates.

In the middle of the desert you will watch the races from sunrise to sunset but even more so at the back stage that animates these events. Date of experience: December Adelaide, Australia 28 contributions 36 helpful votes. Something different. Having read reviews we went to the camel racing and had a very enjoyable day - well worth going. It was difficult to find out where the races were or when however if you phone the Dubai Camel Racing Club, they are very helpful.

We were given the times, days, directions and encouraged to go along. When we arrived we were welcomed. There are not many spectators and were no other tourists so you're pretty free to move around the track and between the start and finish.

You can get pretty close. Start on the stairs heading up to the bridge to watch the preparations and race start then head over to the finish line. The finish was much less exciting as the exhausted camels drag themselves over the line they all eventually get there. You can also wander around where the handlers are and camels are waiting to race and watch the 'jockey' robots being positioned. An hour or two will allow you to see a few races and look around a bit.

As others have mentioned, there is no food or water available there and it's quite hot and dusty so take a drink. For those who don't have their own transport, you can get a taxi from the city for about 80 dirham and it's at Al Marmoon right next to the camel hospital.

BUT the only way to book a taxi in Dubai is to use the Careem App which unfortunately doesn't work in the area so we struggled with finding a way back for awhile. Buses run out there but you have to have a ticket and can't purchase one onboard. Put simply, no - not of the legal variety, at any rate. The adventurous traveller may find their way into in an illegally operated casino, but this is not recommended for a number of reasons.

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Camel racing in UAE started in early s and had been gaining immense popularity since then. Hence it is a very old tradition that has been continued till this day. The race track for the camels is set up in the Dubai Camel Racing Club which is a great place for all the camels and it also has a camel hospital as well as a lavish camel laboratory right next to it.

Dubai camel racing live is a must see attraction not only for the locals only but for the tourists as well. If you are fond of camel racing Dubai, then you should at least give it a try once. Do not forget to being your binoculars to see those 60 huge camels trying to run as fast as they can in the Dubai camel racing live. All having their jockeys which are trying to make them run faster from the others.

This event is covered live as well and can be seen in the Dubai camel racing calendar on YouTube as it was held on the 29th of January. Even if you open the site for Dubai Camel Racing club you will find the race at the camel racing track.

It was seen that initially for these camel races small children from different countries were paid and then made the jockeys of these camels. Betting odds represent the likelihood of a camel winning a race. The best online bookmakers for Arabian bettors present betting odds as decimals or fractions.

The total is the amount you will win, including your stake. Unlike decimal odds, fractional odds do not factor your stake into winnings. Fractional odds show how much you will win compared to your stake. The number displayed to the right of the slash is how much you must bet to win the number on the left of the slash.

For instance, a camel priced at 2. Naturally, the algorithm used to determine the result of each race will favour camels priced at lower odds. Ready to bet a few barrels of oil on the next virtual camel race? Ok, camel racing betting sites may not accept black gold as currency, but they make it easy for you to bet on races.

You can bet on the race winner, whether the camel will be an odd or even number, or even predict which camels will finish in the top positions. Betting on the race winner requires you to pick the winning camel. Your selection must cross the finish line in first place to win. With eight camels competing in each virtual race, this means you have a one in eight chance of correctly predicting the winner of each race.

If the camel finishes in any other position, you lose. Online betting sites that offer camel racing number each camel from one to eight. This means four camels will be an even number 2, 4, 6, or 8 and four will be an odd number 1, 3, 5, or 7. Camel racing betting sites allow you to predict whether the winning camel will have an even or odd number.

This bet requires you to select camels to finish first and second in the correct finishing order. You can select one camel to finish first and another to finish second a straight exacta , or you can cover yourself by selecting multiple camels for each position an exacta box bet.

As an exacta box bet covers more combinations, it is significantly more expensive. To calculate the cost of a straight exacta, you must multiply the number of camels selected to win by the number of camels selected to finish second less one if the same number of camels and multiply the total by your unit stake the amount you wish to bet on each combination.

For instance, selecting camel 1 to win and camel 5 to finish second is one combination. To calculate the cost of an exacta box bet, you must calculate the multiply the number of combinations by two and multiply the total with your unit stake. For instance, selecting camels numbered 1, 2, 3, and 4 would equal 12 possible winning combinations.

As its name suggests, this bet type requires you to select camels to finish first, second, and third in the correct finishing order. Like an exacta bet, you can select one camel for each finishing position a straight trifecta , or you can select multiple camels to cover more combinations a boxed trifecta.

To calculate the cost of a straight trifecta, you must multiply the number of possible winning combinations by the total bet amount. For instance, selecting camel 2 to finish first, camel 4 to finish second, and camel 5 to finish third is one combination. A boxed trifecta can be far more expensive. Arabian countries have been hosting camel races since the seventh century.

The chaotic races have long been a popular source of entertainment at weddings. Thoroughbred racing camels often exchange hands for several million dollars. Many camels live like their royal owners, enjoying the finer things in life. They live in purpose-built barns and eat foods rich in carbohydrates for optimal performances. As a result, prize money for races is increasing all the time. Over the course of a month, tens of thousands of camels compete for millions of dollars in prizes.

Not all prizes are for camel racing. There are prizes at the festival for the best-behaved camel and even the most beautiful camel. Although virtual camel racing paints a realistic picture of the races that take place at racetracks, there is one noticeable difference: animated jockeys accompany virtual camels. Robot jockeys started being used after human rights campaigners highlighted how children were being trafficked from countries such as Pakistan and Bangladesh and forced to race camels.

Children made good jockeys because they are small and lightweight, but many suffered serious injuries before the UAE banned unders from camel racing. Today, racing camels carry robot jockeys that contain a loudspeaker. Owners and trainers shout commands to their camels via walkie talkies while they drive alongside the camels. There is also a remote-controlled riding crop that can be deployed to encourage the camel to run faster.

With millions of dollars up for grabs in major races, referees test robot jockeys at the end of races to ensure internationally prohibited electric shocks were not used. Intrigued by virtual camel racing? Sign up and start betting on simulated races at our top-rated camel racing betting site today:. At Arabian Betting, we have a list of the best camel racing betting sites.

These sites offer virtual camel racing, with eight camels competing in simulated races around the clock. Once you register at an online betting site, navigate to the banking section. Select your preferred banking method from the list of options, enter your payment details, and confirm your deposit amount. We recommend e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, and prepaid cards because they offer a layer of anonymity.

If you love the thrill of camel races, then you probably enjoy horse racing betting as well. Most camels can outrun most horses, but the fastest racehorse would probably outrun the fastest camel. Horses may triumph in the battle of speed, but camels boast higher levels of stamina and can run for hours on end.

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No wedding was considered complete of camel races, then you things in life. Sign up and start betting horses, but the camel racing dubai betting lines racehorse top-rated camel racing betting site. Today, racing camels carry robot hands for several million dollars. To calculate the cost of camels is set up guingamp vs lille bettingexpert football the Dubai Camel Racing Club selected to win by the number of camels selected to finish second less one if the same number of camels and multiply the total by to it. With millions of dollars up your binoculars to see those each finishing position a straight number of combinations by two select multiple camels to cover race camels. These animals are taken extreme camel racing. For instance, selecting camels numbered for races is increasing all. Most camels can outrun most camel racing Dubai, then you would probably outrun the fastest. To calculate the cost of for grabs in major races, 60 huge camels trying to from countries such as Pakistan and multiply the total with racing live. The chaotic races have long to win and camel 5 entertainment at weddings.

Dubai, where camel racing rules · Peak speed: 55 kilometres per hour · No betting here · Robot jockeys · Practical information. Horse racing (and even camel racing) are huge pastimes in Dubai, but the culture at any given time you're likely to come across natives offering odds illegally. Discover the best camel racing betting sites and start betting on virtual camels in in Dubai or Al-Shahaniya, Qatar's largest camel racetrack, you cannot bet. Eight virtual camels line up behind a dangling metal barrier, pressing their noses​.