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Eurovision betting odds 2010 nfl best way to win sport betting

Eurovision betting odds 2010 nfl

Usually, a popular TV figure announces the votes. Israel won the Eurovision song contest that was held in Lisbon, Portugal. Eurovision will be held at the Expo Tel Aviv between 14 and 18 May. A total of 42 countries have entered the competition, proudly representing their native countries while fighting for the top. Predicting the exact favourite for each Eurovision is pretty hard.

The performers usually opt for a pop-sound, although rock songs are just as popular. A former member of the duo Smash!! He already represented Russia at the Eurovision contest in , finishing on the high 3rd spot. Still, Sweden has a great history in the contest. Winning it on 6 occasions, Sweden is sitting just behind Ireland in terms of wins and has always been in the winning mix. However, you stand to earn more if Sweden wins. The Italians even won the competition several times, with the last win coming in through the legendary Toto Cutugno.

However, the country then decided to take a break from the contest, focusing on the popular Sanremo festival instead. Italy has been absent from Eurovision between and They returned to the stage in , eventually ending on the second place. Since then, the winner of the Sanremo festival is given the opportunity to represent Italy at the Eurovision song contest. The Italian singer is a big star in his native country and has already been made a third favourite to win the competition.

The Italian singer-songwriter definitely has the stage presence and voice to win the contest, which is probably what placed him so high up the list. The Netherlands has always been kind of flying under the radar when it comes to Eurovision. Winning the competition four times in the past, rarely any expert has been giving the country chances, yet they constantly beat all odds.

Here is the news but here is some words that we have heard from some of the betting experts. Sweden is still the favourite to win the contest and their odds are still shortening as we speak and following the Jury Voting Dress Rehearsal last night. Russia are in second place and their odds are continuing to shorten as we speak. Russia have overtaken Italy and there is momentum about them.

It seems that people agree with me as the odds are drifting for an Italian victory as they are falling behind Sweden and Russia. Belgium — Loic is still holding strong in 4th place and rumours are that he has scored well in the Jury Voting. This is a song that I think will be strong in music charts over the coming days. Australia — Guy Sebastian is holding strong in 5th place and he looked most polished last night. Nothing changed.

It looks like countries who may vote highly for Russia to win are at the start of the voting sequence and that may see the live betting odds drift for Sweden — thus giving you a chance to get odds on a Swedish win. Can Russia do the unthinkable? Is there a chance for Italy to come through for a first Opera win at Eurovision? Source : Oddschecker and ESCtips.

Belgium is Top, original, new trend, from the beginning until the end all selfmade by the singer! You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account. You are commenting using your Facebook account. Notify me of new comments via email. Notify me of new posts via email. Email Address:.


Each contest is hosted in the nation that won in the previous year. All countries, with the exception of the Big 5 UK, France, Italy, Germany, Spain and the host country , are divided into two semi-finals where they compete against others in their group. The top 10 countries from each semi-final will qualify for the grand final where they will join the Big 5 and host country for a total of 26 participants.

During both semi-finals, as well as the grand final, all participants perform their original song in a predetermined order, and viewers can vote for their favourites. Once all songs are performed and all votes are tallied, the winner of the Eurovision will be announced. All songs in the Eurovision must be a maximum of three minutes and sung live, whilst any instrumentals have to be pre-recorded and cannot be performed on-stage.

The idea for a Europe-wide music competition came about when the continent was still recovering from the Second World War and unity between countries was lacking. The first Eurovision Song Contest was held on 24 th May and featured 7 countries.

As the years went by, the popularity of the contest grew with the rules becoming more complex, and by the end of the 20 th century, more than 40 different countrie s were taking part in contest which millions of people would come to love. Up until , a live orchestra was required to accompany each song, but this was abolished in an attempt to modernise the contest. In , history was made when Australia became the first country from the Oceania region to participate in the Eurovision.

The Eurovision final was going to be held on Tuesday 12 th May. However, due to the ongoing pandemic, the contest has been cancelled out of concern for the public's safety. It remains to be seen where and when the Eurovision will take place, but we will update you as soon as this information is made available. The Eurovision Song Contest is something we all love to hate — and hate to love.

No matter your interest in the contest, we would absolutely suggest opting for some Eurovision betting on the night itself. Even if it's not exactly your thing, putting money on who you think will qualify to compete in the final to become the overall winner will definitely make the whole contest more exciting. C fan and sports lover in general. ThePuntersPage Final Say. Adam Abela View all posts by Adam. The 10 Best Finnish Betting Sites in Dubai World Cup Betting Guide Loads of Eurovision betting markets Bet on whether the UK will finish in last place Highly competitive odds.

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Only one country will ultimately win, which is why laying, in theory, gives you a better chance of turning a profit. Again, it is all about identifying countries you think the betting market is over-rating. My conclusion of Iceland at Eurovision on all known evidence heading to Vienna was that it was a very poor, repetitive song and Maria Olafs was a weak live vocalist.

And yet Iceland was available to lay at 1. As such, Iceland was identified as a great value lay, and ended up my biggest qualification lay across the two semi-finals. Watching the first rehearsal live in the press centre only consolidated my view Iceland would struggle to qualify and was definitely not a 1.

Iceland went on to finish 15th in its strong semi-final, duly failing to qualify. From the beginning of January through to the final in May, it is five months of relentless Eurovision study and Betfair trading which builds into a frenzy come the Semi Finals and Grand Final. It is hard work but also enormous fun. It takes a certain kind of personality to apply the time and energy to trading — solitary, obsessive, meticulous, single-minded, cold-blooded — monitoring the Betfair markets like a hawk, night and day.

On a further note of caution, if you really put in the hours prepare for your social life to transform into a frozen tundra. Do you fancy joining us? As a sole tumbleweed blows through the living room, I console myself with the knowledge life as a Eurovision trader enables me to earn a tax-free income, and exist in a state of blissful, self-employed freedom…. ESC Insight's Patreon page is now live; click here to see what it's all about , and how you can get involved and directly support our coverage of your Eurovision Song Contest.

Unless you are really minted is there any point in laying countries at big odds — say 40 or 50 to 1, or is the profit too small to justify the risk? Or do you need to look to lay at smaller odds — say, for example, from — Spain not to make top 10, Ireland not to qualify, Russia or France not to win?

Also, as a professional gambler, is part of your strategy to get out of a bad position in order to minimise your losses? For example, in Serbia looked a good top 10 bet, but the grand final running order allocation should have set alarm bells ringing. In that situation is the right call to lay -even at less favourable odds — to cut your losses? Hi Eurojock, These are really good questions. I think if you are making your first investments a semi-final qualification lay or top 10 lay is probably the way to go because there is a smaller risk involved.

Must admit, I am generally not that keen to lay on the Outright at really big odds. I am more often a backer at big odds when I can spot one like Poland in Or The Netherlands in Serbia in is a good example. This was a nation I invested in to finish in the top 10 but the price drifted out. With Serbia iirc I did lay at bigger odds than I initially backed having started to have doubts. Thanks Rob, this is really helpful advice. Re your comment on spotting a contender to back at bigger odds, I got Ukraine at Eurojock maybe not rival, but betting sensibly and not losing the shirt on your back is key.

Predicting how well songs will do in ESC carries at least for some of us a strange fascination of its own, whether there is money riding on it our not. I remember another guest contributor, Gavin Lambert, saying that he has in the past experienced sleepless nights knowing that he could stand to lose thousands if results went against him. I worry that the strain of risking substantial sums of money might end up ruining my admittedly geeky enjoyment of the contest — and that would be a shame.

I go to Eurovision for the 2 week rehearsal period and have been attending since so please do follow entertainmentodds. Away from the daily news and happenings, the Song Contest means so much more than the single Saturday night show in May. RSS Feed for all entries. Follow the podcast via RSS. Find the podcast in iTunes. Twitter: escinsight. Our Facebook Page. Subscribe to our newsletter. Search for:. Eat, Sleep, Trade, Repeat It often leads to raised eyebrows when people find out what my profession is.

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There were a few surprises ahem Saints, WTF? Hopefully Week 8 NFL betting will be more productive for bettors, looking to amp up their holiday spending funds with plentiful cash from the bookies. Did Mr. Peebles ever tell you about the guy that always bet 16 team parlays? Sportsbooks love players who bet 4 or more team parlays, particularly 10 or more team parlays. Take a word of advice from Mr. Peebles: if you want to make money, skip the parlays and stay with straight bets.

The spread is Peebles is going with the favorite in this grudge match. Take the 49ers for a win that might be a close call, but all the same a win by 3. Minnesota Vikings vs. The Pats are the favorite, with a Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Roethlisberger has gotten rid of enough arm rust to place him among the better performing QBs this seson.

The Saints, like the Vikings, have been inconsistent, and gave up an embarrassing loss to the Browns last weekend. Look for the Steelers to win big, or else Mr. He was hoping for a result from his stellar picks for Week 7 of the NFL, but alas, that was not to be. Peebles also lost a fair bit of cash as well, especially on that Bills vs.

Ravens game. What was wrong with the Ravens? They were supposed to put the 2nd string in the 2nd half, NOT the first! Both of these acts failed to live up to expectations. After all, it is a song contest! Furthermore, the live performances of the Austrian and Dutch entries have become leading examples in how to perfectly stage a Eurovision entry.

As the years progress, stages have offered more and more options for delegations to enhance their songs. This is something bookmakers can not predict and was the first year they were truly stung. Arguably the live performance and running order draw respectively led to the failure of two fan favourites. Italy were expected to be in close contention and rightly so. Il Volo won the televote only to lose out due to a lower jury ranking.

In the past 10 years, last year was the most predictable contest according to the odds. Neither Donny Montell or Laura Tesoro were in the top 15 of the odds. Nevertheless, their slick, professional and upbeat performances wowed audiences on the night to overachieve against their odds! Overall, this tells us that over the past ten years, odds-to-win have become increasingly reliable at predicting which countries will finish inside the top The most notable pattern when it came to discovering which type of entries tended to underperform at Eurovision were those countries who were being represented by returning artists.

Perhaps this is because Eurovision fans are already familiar with these artists and therefore pay their entries more attention then they would do otherwise. Returning artists often result in more fanfare on various media websites. Particularly the likes of Charlotte Perrelli, Niamh Kavanagh or Ira Losco who were previous winners and runner-ups returning for their nations. Talking of media coverage, well-known artists are also susceptible to being overhyped in the odds. A well-known artist being selected for Eurovision immediately results in more media coverage, whether it be Blue, Engelbert Humperdinck or Cascada.

This seems to immediately translate into more betting support than they should probably be getting, particularly when these acts are from Western European countries. I look forward to revisiting these conclusions next month when we can compare the odds from a month prior to the contest with what we have discovered here. Do let us know in the comments section below or via our social media pages if you have any thoughts about all of these statistics?

Were you surprised to see DJ Bobo topping the odds in ? Make sure you visit us escXtra! This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Add a 1 in front of that 4 and you have […]. The map is false here. Yo have to remove them.

Where are u from? His extensive research a few years back showed that predicting the winner, or […]. Are odds really a good indicator of the eventual results? OSLO Next, we look back at the odds ahead of the contest. Odds are becoming increasingly more accurate indicators Overall, this tells us that over the past ten years, odds-to-win have become increasingly reliable at predicting which countries will finish inside the top Other observations The most notable pattern when it came to discovering which type of entries tended to underperform at Eurovision were those countries who were being represented by returning artists.

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