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Makarova vs pliskova betting tips

Marta, FTW! I counted it as a loss then she came back from nowhere. She has had some very impressive results this year, this perhaps THE most impressive. Vice-versa can happen ie. But the probability of Osaka winning in 3 sets is more. When the ball bounces high, the Osaka is easily able to smash the balls for winners without having to go low as on clay to pick up the ball. Both these matches involved long rallies where Halep had to run a lot and hit many, many hard shots just to survive.

This 1 day rest is NOT enough for Halep to recover from her 2 tiring and lengthy 3-setters as detailed above. Osaka on the other hand has been finishing many top opponents Karolina Pliskova, Sachia Vickery the powerful local underdog is no joke, Agnieszka Radwanska, and Maria Sharapova in 2 quick, easy sets except for maria Sakkari who has improved a lot in all aspects of her game esp. Halep was supposed to win in 2 sets as predicted by you John and everyone in this world.

But she struggled a lot and nearly lost in 3 sets. I thought that my big pre-bet and live-bet on Halep was lost as Halep was losing even in the beginning and mid-portion of the 3rd set. This match showed that someone with just some good movement and OK rallying skills like that of Petra Martic can beat Halep!

This match can go to 3 sets also if Halep has recovered from her tiredness and fights hard with all her experience. Osaka ML can also win will check in Live bet and then bet Osaka if she is winning, which she will!

Over possible. You people going with Halep Pre-bet. I am not on the Halep train anymore. If Halep is winning in Live bet, I will bet Halep. My local bettors like this bet. Halep is not tired. That is a rediculus comment. It is totally false. You have no evidence that she is tired. She is one of the fittest players on tour, she has not had a physically tough tournament at all. John, can you give detailed comments on the many points that I listed above.

You commented ONLY on point 5. Your detailed comments on the other points 1 to 4 and point 6 will help me and others to make the correct bet on the only one winner possible in a Tennis match. Just Saying, John, Caroline,Pieman,…what are your views on my above 6 points? Osaka is not a better returner.. Jaya, I would be interested in your analysis that your brother does on the other website.

I sent you couple of mails but you didnt replay yet. I am not doing that deep analysis on tennis, due to the work I have. Osaka has the confidence on her side, but Halep has more experience. Previous 2 matches went to distance.

Havent decided yet. I would go for halep in live bet if she lose first set. I doubt she is tired. Most of them spams. I am very sorry. No time also having to take care of my children, my sick cancer stricken close relative, aging parents and grandparents with many health issues. I am very sorry.. But I want others also to post their analysis and final bets here. It should not be a one sided traffic from me as time is premium for me with my above responsibilities as house wife and care taker of many.

I also have the work, family and kids. I did not go for Halep in live bet, I usually wait in 2nd set for couple of games. Ignore this point. These people are no fools. The problem is that I am so busy with children, sick relative and old adopted parents and grand parents that I cannot go and attend all their meetings and get their winning analysis,picks and bets.

Hey Jaya, it sounds like you have lost your confidence betting pre-game and stick to in-play betting. Does this mean you have to bet a lot more money in-game because the odds change so quickly? Live betting LB needs very little advanced preparation and suits my current time shortage situation so most of my bets will be be in LB. It is also safer if you can avoid some LB dangers, bookie baits, bookie cheatings and are fast to react to changing situations etc.

Well done to you. I had a ticket running on Daria to win the tournament so all I had to do was wager on Naomi which created arbitrage. Hi Jaya… sorry if I have been rude to you. I really felt bad the last few days and have been crying a lot.

I love tennis and try to help people make some money as myself and my brother were orphan, homeless and penniless before we were adopted by some loving people. My adopted parents taught me and my brother to be truthful and voice our opinions that we strongly believe in analysis here without any fear even if the whole world thinks differently.

I am just trying to help people have a better life and bridge the poor-rich gap a bit if possible by carrying on the duties of God as advised by the Bible. Did anyone follow my winning analysis, predictions and bets today and the last few days? Will really appreciate if they share it. Will only encourage me to post many good analysis in future. My self and especially my brother is disappointed when people make money of our analysis, predictions and bets but jump in to ONLY attack if even ONE analysis, predictions and bet goes wrong!

Appalled that so many people can go so low! Won many other LB in 1st 2 sets so far. Anyone can win this 3rd set. But like Delpo to win. Is in slightly better form than Fed currently. Nice pick for Martincova. She came back from down in the last set to win! Epic choke from Errani. Unbelievable right. I tend to wait out the first round unless I deliberately bet on some long shot upsets.

But any wager against McHale and Bouchard is close to a sure thing. Kai Kanepi has far better form than McHale. Terrible record McaHale. It could be in 2 or 3 sets. Peterson should be well rested now after her great SF showing in Acapulco. Now Peterson will be full of energy and should blast Bouchard from this earth! Stosur has the same stats as Puig. This match should be a 3 setter. Puig is 1 dimensional. Stosur also can be 1-dimensional but she has a treasure trove of experience and big size and power to reply on and squeak a win here.

Kanepi can never be trusted. With her injuries she could breakdown at any stage. McHale is good value. Either that or she needs a larger positive games handicap. If Kanepi is winning which is what i expect then you can LB her. If Mchale is winning, you still cannot LB her as she can flake the very next game or set! Bernarda Pera should defeat Lara Arruabarrena in 2 sets.

Match can go to 3 sets also if Pera starts slow. Pera has big power. Arruabarrena can capitalize on this and take it to the 3rd set. The same should happen today. I bet it was. Arruabarrena is not a double specialist?? Pera is overrated based on some good wins, Arruabarrena is better in my eyes, played well against Tsurenko in Indian Wells. Lesya Tsurenko was very tired from playing many matches backback and winning the the Acapulco Open title.

So, Arruabarrena or any other weak player could have beaten a dead horse Lesya Tsurenko in the 1st rd. Pera is overrated or underrated, no one cares. But most people know that Pera is a better player than Arruabarrena. Pera has more skills,power and talent than Arruabarrena. With the help of the strong home crowd, Pera will defeat Arruabarrena, I think.

Lets see what happens today. Having watched the match, I can confirm that there was no crowd support for Pera, actually there was more crowd support for Arruabarrena. Crowd is not at all a factor in my analysis. So if this was part of your scientific analysis, it was wrong….

The courts in Miami are slow and as you mentioned Arruabarrena is apparently just a clay courter, hence why I said the conditions favour Arruabarrena. The difference was not tennis related in the end, it was in between the ears.

Miami Open is one of her favorite Tournaments. She has lost 4 of the last 5 matches showing that she is in a very bad shape and form. Cornet busy planning to do a defense of her doping case this month and will not be focused for this match. Bethanie Mattek-Sands will take advantage of this situation and win the match possibly.

Bethanie Mattek-Sands ML can also win. BHM is the bigger, stronger and powerful girl with big forehand. She will grind the smaller pygmy girl Watson slowly into submission as done before. Like OVER to hit here. All these advantages add up to favor a win for Mona. But still prefer the over to win as Timea is a big fighter who will win many games to push the over pre-bet small.

Haha, Jaya. So now what? Btw S. Williams at 2. As i said under the predictions they are subject to change.. Thank You. Because today is the two picks is win so thank you again very much but this is so much pick who want to play every? Boss mode complete — well done, Osaka! If she is as good as her results suggest, she will beat Svitolina in the next round.

As predicted above my baby Naomi Osaka wins! If people would have followed this bet, they could have made tons of money! Not even my bestie Just Saying?! I a m crying. Her arm twisting magical slice returns should take a toll on the baseline running and playing Yulia Putintseva! As predicted above my baby Monica Niculescu wins! My baby Rebecca Peterson did not win. Sorry guys. Rebecca just failed me. Looks like Rebecca is still tired after her hard run in Acapulco just like Tsurenko is still tired after her Acapulco win.

Jaya, you seem to only point out your wins? As predicted above my baby Yafan Wang wins! Sorry, Jaya. This thing called work got in the way of betting. We have no idea how he went. Always seems to only disclose the positives and ignore the negatives and come up with his live plays, which anyone can make up… In the future Jaya it would be best to list your bets specifically BEFORE the match otherwise it means nothing to me.

Yes, agreed. Jaya, it would be best to post all your predictions beforehand and be definitive about it, otherwise you are trolling after the fact. I think Alison Van Uytvanck is in better form and has improved a lot recently so Alison Van Uytvanck should win today. Doing more research. We have to discard the H2H wins of Aga. Su-Wei Hsieh is more consistent and Sorana Cirstea can never be trusted but she is very talented and can win only if Su-Wei Hsieh has a bad day.

Can we all just stop for a moment — McHale won a match against Strycova! I thought McHale will lose and just checked her live. Yes, myself and everyone in this world will bet on the player that is winning. Show me one person who will bet on the losing person?

Money has just one name called dollars or pounds for some etc. Ultimately it makes no difference when I buy medicines or grocery etc, for my family, whether the money came from McHale or Putintseva or Flipkens etc.

Sorry, Jaya, your predictions have no merit at all then. Just look at how she retired in the Townsend match after leading it. Your statements are contradictions. John, I bet 10 to times in LB for every match. If I post all those bets here, your website will crash! Live betting needs exceptional skills to make lots of money. There are so many unwritten rules which my local club taught me and i picked a few on my own.

No point in discussing here when someone thinks it does not involve any skills! I think it can involve skill but I know it can be a big problem too. I have bet live like times, ever. So it is not something that interests me, plus it is restricted in Australia. Any way to get this discussion board cleaned up or archived?

Bit of a pain scrolling through posts lol. Most of the time I am just discussing the future outcome of the match. Live betting is very difficult. Lots of people lose money doing LB. You need to have lots of experience, high level of analytical and calculation skills and have the ability to foresee how a game or set will turn out and bet in micro-seconds many times. It is different for Tennis. It is also very different in NHL. When CoCo met anyone just a bit fit or not injured she has struggled to beat struggled to beat a weak Richel Hogenkamp in 3 sets or lost to Timea Babos, Maria Sakkari, Bencic carrying a back injury etc.

Collins is in terrific form since Jan from Newport beach times…She is on a huge roll…like a big tidal wave. She will sweep Coco away and win. Picking CoCo even in dreams is wrong. None of the experienced bettors I am discussing with are picking CoCo. All are for Collins. Played many matches recently. And Svitolina is fresh. Besides Svitolina is rusted for nearly a month since Dubai. Just 2 matches. That is shameful on Svitolina and for her high ranking. Osaka has far better current form in March, and well adapted to the conditions in USA.

What else does one need to win, today? If Svito is winning I will jump on her…. This is just Pre-eliminary analysis. Have tons of data from discussions and research. Will compile and reanalyze tomorrow morning for finalization. There are many more matches where the picks can go wrong. Have lots of deep analysis but no time to compile and post. Just be careful people. Do your own analysis. Got to go to bed now. I knew you would pick Collins, and as you would know I will go against her but I would not bet on it.

I still do not rate Collins. As far as reasons for Osaka potentially falling today, I like payback, I like the 20 years young, recently broken into new ground. We shall see. I also go wherever my final leads me to.

In this case my analysis showed significant advantage for Collins, so went with Collins. Osaka also has few advantages over Svitolina but she lost today as her energy reserves were drained from playing many matches at a stretch. This is a new feeling for the young and inexperienced Osaka. She will learn from this experience and mature better. Svitolina was really lucky that Osaka was tired this time. Jaya, have u ever thought about giving myself some praise..

This is exactly why your picks mean nothing: no commitment or decision to one side as your predictions are full of conditional statements. Which you are not. A professional bettor is generally very analytical. Then they are fools. A professional bettor just picks out the points or conditions or requirements etc. Just Saying, I have observed so many times that without a deep understanding of things you misjudge people especially piggy backing others with some power blindly even if the other person is wrong and jump to the wrong conclusions.

May God Bless you! Hi Jaya, interesting to see you defend the lack of transparency in your picks. Jaya I have told you before that those are just predictions not betting tips. The predictions are just a quick guide. She seems to have some good memories of playing here before. This should be a very tight match as Azarenka becomes stronger as the match goes deeper into the 2nd and 3rd sets. How will she beat a solid Aga who does very few errors.

Vika has the power advantage being the bigger girl. But Aga has many more tricks in her bag than Vika. But the long 3 setter in the sweltering Miami heat vs Sevastova must have taken quite some energy out Vika who is still trying to become fit after giving birth to a boy baby? How can Mugurza be a big fav vs Sloane Stephens just because she beta a very flakey, error prone and unreliable Mchale???

Mugurza is really one dimensional. Hitting everything with power and missing a lot just like Ostapenko! Posted before match starts. Few games starts nothing to worry. Eventho super busy. Konta is one of the most flakiest and error some players.

In 2 sets…that may be dreaming. What else do you need your player to win? Collins can win the match. Unless Kvitova has a meltdown of some sorts of gasses out or is injured. Over can hit if Ostapenko can play a clean game with few errors. Else it will be a quick 2 setter.

Kvitova has the better wins over stronger and tougher opponents here Aryna Sabalenka and Sofia Kenin. Stephens played low level opponents so far and has not been tested. But with strong home crowd support she will pose strong resistance and can steal a set maybe but Kerber should win with her greater experience and form in the end. If Stephens plays low error free game then she can push the over also.

Both will have their moments and a set a piece and anyone can win in the decider but leaning on Pliskova to win the decider with her big booming serve in the tiebreaker in the decider or in any tiebreaker. Pliskova will test her strength and endurance a lot. Hope she is ready for that! Pliskova not to get into rallies and keep the points short with her power hitting else Vika will force rallies where she is strong , put more balls in and force Pliskova into errors and try to win.

If she fails to dominate with her power then Vika will dominate in rallies and win. I kinda lean on Vika to pull off a 3 set win. The slow conditions in Miami suits Azarenka. She is a TWO time Champion here so knows the conditions here and knows how to win here also. On a pure and fast hard surface Pliskova will be a super fav. Not here. I am sceptical of the results of Collins given each opponent she has faced this event had a medical timeout during their match.

I have seen that many players take a medical Time out when they are losing. As Collins is in a better form and is the younger , fitter and hungrier player…I expect Collins to win atleast 1 set. Collins is more motivated than Venus for sure as she wants to go to her 1st masters final If I am right. Venus has seen many finals, masters esp. Most notably saying Collins is more motivated. That is ridiculous. Venus is as motivated as anyone. I got and get very much influenced by your strong Venus recommendation and that for many other losing players which kinda overpowered my thinking and decision making process.

Besides Venus winning not possible like Venus not possible to win vs Mugs the Wimbledon , you recommended Venus Your tip of Svitolina also lost but it was a close match which Svito could have won also, i agree to that. My above analysis was just a summary. You are so quick to rub my face in when I am wrong but you take no responsibility for your own losses which are very common. I got it all wrong here but it happens. But Sloane Stephens needs to be consistent and reduce her UE count like she was against Kerber to win.

Else Azarenka will win. But Collins is a very young, hungry and aggressive player who wants to rise fast in WTA and win this tournament. She takes the ball early and puts pressure on her opponents and brings errors out of them. Ostapenko being an error prone player can easily fall to the pressure of Collins and lose in an upset!

The whole crowd both American fans and the big latino fans will be roaring for Collins to win. All the family, friends and relatives of Collins will be in the stadium as Collins is a local from the nearby St. Petersburg city of Florida and not Russia! With this kind of support, Collins can upset SpankyPenko especially if she can continue playing with her aggressive,attacking style of play making SpankyPenko play behind the baseline and moving her all over the court and forcing tons of errors out of SpankyPenko.

SpankyPenko has to disrupt Collins bulldog style attacking game with her own punishing 2nd serves and returns keeping her error count low. This will be a game of naked and unabashed display of raw power. The player who can use their power intelligently under calmness and keep their UE count low will win. But Ostapenko with the big power and big match experience advantage is the FAV and should win a tight match.

Jaya you seem to put too much emphasis on crowd support, it is really not usually a factor. Certainly not a factor in this match. Did you know that Lesya Tsurenko lost the last 2 matches and that she struggled to beat 2 lower level opponents and finally lost in 3 sets. Hibino ranked has been in pretty awful form so far this year, in main tour hard court matches.

Her one previous appearance here, last year, saw her lose , to currently ranked Boserup. Tsuernko ranked 41 is on the year and won the Acapulco tournament last month. My bookies always give the wrong timings. Over possible as Bernarda Pera makes quite some errors which will allow Cepelova to hang on and push the over.

Volvo Car Open. Naomi Osaka who you thought was tired, over rated and not fit for clay etc. They all should be aligned and truthful considering that people are betting using their hard earned money some using their rent money or bills money etc. The main point is a lot of people are in deep financial difficulty ignoring the wrong argument that they should not bet in the 1st place.

There are too many wrong or misguided predictions going on for a long time. What do you think John? Me as a house wife doing this betting to pay some medical bills of my sick relatives and parents etc. You think if sports was that easily predicted, bookmakers would exist? Stop bashing on John.

But based on your rude arguments and style of talking…I know the original and exact identity of your fake name Jasper Chooooo…. But you are jumping in like a piece of…. What kind of person you are? So, can you mind your own business and keep your foolish advice to yourself? If there are 10 picks recommended here. You are NOT even a member I know that.

If I have the administrators access to this website then I will tell who exactly you are. But here it is the opposite. Choooo, we are posting our analysis for discussion as we are are being asked to post our opinions, analysis etc. That is NOT professional or acceptable by anyone. Ask sincerely any member here without threatening people with expulsion,punishment etc. Did you get it…. I never said that I am great ever you said that above. I am just a housewife doing this tennis betting to pay for some medical bills.

Then you may be hallucinated on some drugs etc. Finally nobody is bashing anybody. No more communicating with you…. Jasper Chooooo…. I know who you are though. You are very misguided. You have deluded expectations and beliefs. So you are very wrong and rude to make assumptions about my motives and character. I am just trying to help. You have crossed the line by attacking my character.

Obviously nobody expects Zarazua to beat Muguruza, but 1 unit may be worth it at Bogdan is solid and in my eyes she is fairly evenly matched with Collins. Collins is certainly in better form but that does not guarantee anything. Worth a small play at these odds. Collins will have fresher legs today.

Bog has played just 3 matches from February, and she lost one of that match to Eugenie Bouchard. Who loses to the NO. Bogdan then struggled to beat a doubles player Victoria Rodriguez…and finally stumbled to a 3 set win that too with a 3-set tiebreaker. Collins has 15 match experience winning 12 of them in March and April, So who wins? It is clear who wins or should win!

She just hits big flat shots. This cannot ensure her a victory against players with a varied game, higher Tennis IQ and attack that Collins has. Collins ML can win not recommending to anyone here as Collins can make quite some errors due to her aggressive big shot making. Over can hit. Vesnina has not had the greatest results in , the Russian has amassed a modest win-loss record in and has seen her ranking slip outside the top 40 for the first time in a while.

It was in Indian Wells a few weeks ago where Vesnina lost a large chunk of points as she was eliminated in the third round in her title defense at the BNP Paribas Open. Most recently Vesnina suffered a disappointing opening round exit in Miami where she was beaten by Donna Vekic in 3 sets. Vesnina will be hoping she can ignite her season in Charleston, a special venue for the Russian.

Brengle suffered opening round defeats in Indian Wells and Miami last month and is still yet to win a main draw match at a WTA tour level event in Vesnina has won both of the previous matches between the pair, both in straight sets, both in A win at Roland Garros and on grass in Eastbourne. Magdalela your world no. Same happened to your Kasatlina pick. Beaten badly by Georges like in St. Petersburg, IF I am right. Life not so easy to win with 1 liner logics.

But it looks like Collins was tired from playing too many matches just like Krystina Pliskova. With people attacking me and wasting my valuable time in replying the same i could not complete my analysis or do deeper thinking, before I finalize things. Hence, my analysis is incomplete hence I am calling for discussions to get more info. Above is a pre-eliminary analysis calling for discussion.

And I am just a housewife and not a WA tennis professional like you. People should join and discuss before match starts not….. Pliskova is having dream run so far here by beating and upsetting far higher ranked players like Sinikaova, Kvitova and Vesnina. Kristyna Pliskova has the same potential as her younger sister Karolina Pliskova. Now it is coming to fruition as she started believing in her capability now and is playing with greater confidence than Sevastova. Kristyna Pliskova can win ML not recommending to anyone and upset the Sevastova who is a far higher ranked player just as was Sinikaova, Kvitova and Vesnina…and all met the same fate.

What are you betting members? There is PART II to this analysis which i don;t have to type it up as I needed to go to the orphanage,shopping for some essentials for family etc. Just back at home. Pliskova needs to maintain the high level from her previous matches in terms of energy levels, accurate power serving and returning and movement else Sevastova can win easily.

Sevastova is the better returner with many tricky shots which Pliskova needs to contend with good movement and returns. So, my analysis is NOT wrong. It is meant for discussion to get more help before finalizing any bet. Infact i could not bet or even live bet until evening as I had to rush to the Orphanage where I volunteer. Bertens is the better returner and mover also. I am also worried about her hip injury.

If Berts is really hurt and hampers her movement then Keys should win easily. Julia Goerges is playing well here. Her serve and returning improving with every match. Goerges will not forget that defeat. Sevastova is also the better clay court player but this semi-fast Green clay Charleston is helping hard court layers like Madison and Goerges. But i just worry for her as she cannot handle big accurate power like the power of the old woman Venus Williams and Goerges is a young and powerful 29 year old who has greater power than the oldy Venus which makes Sevastova nervous, forcing her to make many mistakes.

Sevastova needs to be calm and focused to win. Real contenders left. The Spaniard has not dropped a set on route to the final and has generally been playing at a high level. Now that she is in the final it is very unlikely that her level will drop.

Baboon has beaten 4 tough cookies on-route to the finals, namely Sachia Vickery, Monica Puig, Naomi Broady, these 3 girls have good power and returning skills. Broady a bit less accurate but a dangerous opponent and Marie Bouzkova. But Bogdan makes a lot of mistakes going for her big shots like Collins, Ostapenko etc.

Mugs beating easy or highly flakey opponents in 2 sets falsely makes us to believe that Mugs is far superior to Baboon and win in 2 sets again. Possible if baboon is nervous of playing in big finals or playing against Top 10 players. So, a toughened Baboon should make life difficult for Mugs in the finals today with her good form and push the over. Bogdan missed pushing the over by just 1 game. Bogdan in SF vs Mugs was kinda nervous probably nervous of playing a To 10 player like Mugs and hit many errors and lost the 1 st set Baboon being strong and fearless like an animal should be strong against Mugs from game 1 I think.

Still I favour Mugs to win ML. Considering the above…. Baboon will not be an easy match for Mugs. Baboon with her top coaches should game plan nicely to counter Mugs in the final strongly. Over should win here. Mugs to win ML. Baboon can win if she can outhit Mugs like she did to Monica Puig and Mugs has a bad day on office and becomes error some…which she throws in some days. Mugs ML should win finally after some difficulty as Mugs has lots more experience especially in Big matches than Baboon.

Note:- All posts so far and in future is for generating more discussions and info. Hope no one keeps quite now and attack later after the match. Attacking someone is easy but being helpful is difficult. Being destructive or negative is easy but being constructive or positive is difficult. What do you think of this analysis John et all?

Still researching. Need to look at some detailed stats also. When you talk to somebody in a forum or in a group with many people, Aztech, you need to address the person by name. I am just trying to find some good friendly, and respectful people on this website who will discuss tennis analysis humanely, without being rude to me or putting me down. As an orphan, most of my life I have been treated badly by people until myself and my brother got adopted by a great loving family.

Below are a few betslips which followed my above analysis. Anyone with such reckless betting habits will eventually lose everything. I can tell you that now. If you are going to post your big wins here then please also post your big losses.

If you are going to continue to criticize me, I will get rid of your profile. If I am so bad, why do you keep coming back, it makes no sense. What if some immature and highly unprofessional person reveals all YOUR brothers, sisters, parents, boyfriends name and their other identities here and on other websites, will you like it?

Even if someone knows the identity of your family or relatives, you want them to keep it a secret, right? How can you speak of values. I have told many times that my brother has accounts with many websites. You came across one of his.

Myself and my brother jointly bet on many matches by pooling our money to maximize the profits. Hence you saw the same bets posted by my brother. I mentioned about our joint betting somewhere. Myself and my brother have a lot of similarity talking, writing etc. With the tennis betting profits we also did some real estate investments jointly. IF not also, that is what families do.

They pool their resources time, money etc. After my parents died in an accident which made me and my brother orphans, my brother is the only valuable thing I have in my life. I wanted his identity to be kept secret and you inhumanely and cruelly reveal it here without talking to me??? You are such a bad person, both professionally in tennis and also in personal relationships. How immature are you john? One of my kids is not even half your age and they are so respectful and understanding. John, if I come to know of your brother or sister or girlfriend from some other website or some other city, I will NOT broadcast it to the world.

I will just keep it to myself. I did not know it was your brother, hence why I said it was you. I did not expose anything, you did as you just said it was your brother. Anyone who reads the comments there and reads them here will instantly link the two accounts as the tone in the comments were the exact same. I was merely pointing it out and stating that it is very unnecessary to post receipts of winning bets, no one cares. But Barthel many times is flakey and makes lots of errors.

Barthel has got some form and she has power to counter that of the old russian bear. If Kuznetsova has practised heavily behind close doors and brought herself to top form, no one knows. What are your analysis on this MU and other matches for today if there are any genuine, friendly members on this website? Mona Barthel upsets the old, heavy, slow and rusted Russian bear 5 Svetlana Kuznetsova as predicted above.

Teichmann is the far better clay court player. Her record shows. Teichmann will win IF she brings her great clay form. Besides Teichmann has big power which the weak Cornet cannot handle. Arruabarrena is a weak player and has no power.

Arruabarrena is focusing on doubles and she is fit for only doubles! Victoria Rodriquez is a fast improving player. She has tremendous power and can out hit the softy Arruabarrena and win. Rodriquez has already settled down comfortably on the clay courts of Bogoto with 2 good wins in qualies also.

This post is for good human discussion and not for attacks later. Discussions will help me or anyone fix the mistakes in their logic and bet on a final winner confidently. Ana Bogdan is of a completely different class I think. She is too strong for the weak Duque-Marino. Watched her in doubles also. Loses a lot there also. Dalila Jakupovic has the far better current form, better form in and the better form on clay in and Infact Jakupovic should have been the FAV.

Over can hit of Linette plays error free. I think Mona Barthel can defeat Elise Mertens today even though most stats points to a Mertens advantage H2H and better clay performance in but both are in in same form in This shows how strong Barthel is mentally esp. Vondrousova being inexperienced became nervous in the later half of the 3rd set and lost the lead and lost the set and match. This might not happen with Barthel who is far more experienced and stronger in tight situations.

Vondrousova lost this match as she goes for her big shots and makes errors. Whenever Vondrousova put a little extra power in her returns Mertens just could not handle the little extra power and ballooned the ball out or into the net. Mertens movement was also so poor that she failed to take most of the drop shots of an inexperienced Vondrousova! Even Mona Barthel has big power.

If she or her team watched how Vondrousova manhandled Mertens yesterday and follows the same blueprint, then Mona Barthel can beat Elise Mertens today. But yesterday has too be consistent and play safe big shots like Sabalenkha is doing. Barthel being injury free now, if she can play to her potential and hit through or out hits Elise Mertens with her big power advantage then she can win.

If Elise Mertens can impose her game and Barthel forgets her big strength power and size advantage and allows Mertens to dictate, then Mertens wins! If Mona Barthel is tired from playing the tough two 3 setters, then the intelligent Mertens will take advantage of a sluggish Barthel and place shots deep into the court and make Barthel run further, gassing her.

That is why we have LB for those matches where the fortune can turn in either direction depending on x,y,z etc. If Mona Barthel was not nervous in the 3rd set tie breaker she would have beaten Elise Mertens and the hype Train of Elise Mertens would have been busted! Elise Mertens is over hyped. She is just a good player with no power who can be man handled by big players like Sabalenkha etc. Mertens is not weak.

I like Mertens a lot, she is very talented. You clearly are not a good judge. But can she handle the power of the Belarussian? They are JUST pre-eliminary or rough draft or initial draft for discussions to get more information…. I quote below the lines from above which says…. In this matchup…. BOTH won! Reagrding the Giorgi vs Sabalenka match…. Please read again carefully with a spectacles.

I was just thinking loud and wanting somebody to help and clarify many possibilities or outcomes of the match. AFTER i post here. John, how many REAL members do we have here. Why is not even a single soul posting ant analysis or discussing matches? Then the only way to keep this website alive and running will be to get sponsorship from outside people. These outside people or business people to meet their personal business ends make more profit…like bookies sponsoring many websites like tennisprediction,com etc.

It is like the politicians taking big bribes from the dishonest business men and then passing new laws taxing the people, making people buy Insurance mandatory etc.. So, to keep the evil business people out like the evil marketing companies, evil bookies etc. This way we DO NOT have to depend on the evil business people like the like the evil marketing companies, evil bookies etc.

That is a total of 7 matches in 4 days! Aryna Sabalenka has also played 7 matches in 4 days but she has won all her doubles and singles matches in 2 easy sets. So, Sabalenka has used less energy in the last 4 days and has lots more energy left. A fresh Bogdan will beat Anna Schmiedlova in 2 sets. She was basically resting her tired body in the 2nd set.

With great will power and difficulty Mertens then fought in the 3rd set and scrapped home with a win. The 3rd set was tight in all the last THREE 3 matches and she struggled to win it against 3 inexperienced and nervous players. A doubles match for Mertens also went to the 3rd set. Barcelona vs Atl. Real Madrid vs Atl. Real Madrid vs Valencia. Barcelona vs Sevilla. Barcelona vs Valencia. Bayern Munich vs RB Leipzig. Bayern Munich vs B. RB Leipzig vs Dortmund.

Dortmund vs Schalke. Bayern Munich vs Schalke. Roma vs Inter. Inter vs Juventus. Juventus vs Napoli. Roma vs Juventus. Lazio vs Roma. Roma vs Napoli. Milan vs Juventus. Bayern vs Dortmund H2H stats. Barcelona vs Man City H2H stats. Real Madrid vs Barcelona H2H stats. Juventus vs Lazio H2H stats.

Welcome to the new matchstat. Livescores provided by Livescore. Please note: This site requires javascript to be enabled for full functionality. Toggle navigation Match stat. Post your comment or tip. Madrid Real Madrid vs Atl.

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