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Betting odds explained boxing schedule

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Todd Carney. Justin Hodges. Sandor Earl. Matt Bowen. Craig Gower. Josh Papalii. Ben Hannant. Sam Thaiday. Willie Mason. Junior Paulo. Neville Costigan. Saturday February Ibrahim Nadim. Jonny Phillips. Ivan 'Hopey' Price. Daniel Mendoza. Dalton Smith. Ishmael Ellis. Josh Warrington. Mauricio Lara. Leigh Wood. Reece Mould. Zelfa Barrett. Kiko Martinez.

Bektemir Melikuziev. Morgan Fitch. Ronny Rios. Oscar Negrete. Patrick Teixeira. Brian Carlos Castano. Jason Sanchez. Adam Lopez. Jackson Marinez. Richard Commey. Kingsley Ibeh. Jared Anderson. Joe Smith Jr. Maxim Vlasov. Shavkat Rakhimov. Joseph Diaz. Sean McComb. Gavin Gwynne. Johnny Fisher. Matt Gordon. Amy Timlin. Carly Skelly. Okay, now you have seen the price on the fight. From our previous chapter, we laid it out like this:. In other words, which side do you perceive to have more VALUE, and how do you go about determining it?

But being able to use a qualitative analysis is obviously very critical. What you want to continue asking yourself is. Fighter B? When you look at the numbers on a fight, you can get an idea of where the oddsmaker is coming from. Work this out in a very simple manner.

That means there is twice as much of a chance of the fighter losing as winning, in terms of the simple fraction. If so, you may want to consider a bet on Fighter A. If you think so, then a wager on Fighter B should be contemplated. I know there are people who look at a big price on a fighter and it looks appetizing on that basis alone. Sure, anything can happen, and sometimes it has. But even though a price may represent a big payoff for winning bet, you do not want to waste your money.

That does mean the dog has to be a better fighter, or even close. There have been many, many cases where the better fighter did not win. In almost all of those cases, there was something the winner had that he could use to his advantage, as long as the conditions were right. For example, if a fighter can punch with authority, and in your estimation, can do some damage, and at least can turn the tide in a fight if he gets through cleanly, you would want to consider a fighter like that.

If the favorite has a questionable chin, that consideration should become even more serious. Barkley had been beaten a few times early in his career, and even after a winning streak had lost in his first opportunity for a world title against Sumbu Kalambay, by a wide margin. Hearns had the vaunted punching power, was known for overwhelming opponents in the first few rounds, and had a much better skill set.

But there were a couple of things that told me Barley had a chance. One of them was that I knew Hearns had the kind of chin that would put him in trouble if he got hit on the button. His knees buckled the first time he was hit solidly by Sugar Ray Leonard, sending him into a retreat, and changing the whole nature of the fight. And when he has nailed early in his fight against Marvin Hagler, he lost his legs, which looked shaky for as long as the fight lasted.

In the fight that was immediately before his meeting with Barkley, Hearns captured the WBC middleweight title his fourth world crown with a knockout of Juan Domingo Roldan. But before that happened, he was in all kinds of trouble because Roldan nailed him with a right hand.

Then he got nailed over and over with it, to the point where he looked on the verge of a KO loss. So I made a move in the direction of the underdog. At that point, it was just a matter of nailing a shell-shocked Hearns again, and just like that, it was over.

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In the case of both fighters getting knocked down then these points cancel each other out. If one of the fighters completely dominates a round, they can get a score. Sometimes the judges believe a round was even, in which case each fighter gets 10 points. If there is some form of an intentional foul, the referee can take away points.

Unintentional fouls will first result in a warning before a points deduction. There are a few key variables judges look at when assessing the victor of a given round. They look at the effective aggression, meaning that the aggressor is regularly landing punches and not getting hit as much. The boxer who imposes their style and will on the round will be looked at, as well as good defense. Finally, clean and hard punches will also be looked at.

It is a unanimous decision when each judge has the same fighter as having scored more points. A split decision is when two of the three judges are in agreement. Split decisions are usually close fights. A majority decision is when two judges have the same fighter as scoring more points, with the other judge determining it was a draw. Finally, the fight can be a draw if two judges believe it was a draw. It can also be a draw if one judge determines one fighter is the winner, another judge believes the opponent is the winner and one judge determines the fight to be a draw.

If a fight does not go the distance, there are a number of ways it can end. A KO is when a boxer gets knocked to the canvas and cannot get back up. The referee will usually give the fighter a count of ten to try and get back to their feet. A TKO technical knockout can occur when one of the fighters is getting beaten up and is not responding to a notable number of punches. Therefore, the referee can end the fight even if the fighter does not get knocked down.

The referee can determine that this fighter is not fit to continue. Finally, one of the fighters can get a DQ disqualification during a fight. Most of the time a DQ will be for repeated intentional fouls, such as low elbows, biting and head butts. There could also be some form of automatic DQ, such as boxing gloves tampering. When placing a bet on boxing, check with your sportsbook to see if there are any rules regarding DQs.

Weight classes are very important in boxing as they help to make fights as fair as possible. It levels out the playing field as both fighters will be the same weight come weigh-in. Different weight classes will use different sized boxing gloves. If a boxer fails to make weight initially, they will be given a short amount of time to try and make it again. If the fighter still fails, the fight will usually go ahead but if the overweight fighter wins, then if a title is on the line it then becomes vacant.

However, more weight classes were gradually added. Today, there are 17 weight classes recognized by the professional governing bodies. These are:. Bet with your head, not over it! Gambling Problem? Call Gambler!

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Go to Monkey Knife Fight. Bonus will be awarded instantly in MKF Dollars. MKF Dollars have no cash value. MKF Dollars are not eligible for cashout. MKF Dollars are not transferable. MKF Dollars may be reclaimed if they go unused for a period of more than 3 months.

MKF Dollars will be invalidated across all accounts if a user opens more than one account. MKF Dollars were previously referred to as promotional funds. Note to readers: we may earn a commission from the offers and links on this page. The Round boxing wager is very similar to betting the Moneyline as it is another simple wager to place. All you are doing is picking the winner, just like the Moneyline, and the round the bout will end. Obviously, the round boxing wager has much better odds than the Moneyline wager as the degree of difficulty is kicked up a notch.

Having the winner and going the distance is one of the more popular bets with a round wager. However, it will not pay back as well as many other round bets. Although, it will pay better than a simple Moneyline wager.

The key to this wager is knowing your fighters. Some fighters are great knockout artists. However, others are adept at not being hit and outlasting their opponents, and therefore are more accustomed to winning on points. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of both fighters is essential. It takes two to tango, and two to box. Liking one fighter is fine but knowing both is the critical element to winning boxing wagers such as this. A different version of the round boxing wager is the group round betting market.

Instead, the rounds are divided up into groups. For example, rounds one through three are group one. Rounds four through six are group two. Rounds seven through nine are group three, and the remaining rounds are group four. As you can see, it is a little easier than the round betting market. You just need to pick the winner and the round group when the fight is won. The odds and payouts are not quite as good as with the round wager, but still much better than the usual Moneyline bet and could offer a good insurance rather than having just the one round.

Another very popular boxing bet can be found in the method of victory market. This bet also starts with picking the winner. However, you will also select the method of victory. The combination of these two outcomes makes for some excellent odds and payouts. For some events some online sportsbooks can also increase the stakes, so punters can predict the winner, method of victory, and the round in which the bout will end.

This wager will give you some of the best payouts for a boxing wager and for good reason. There are numerous ways as to why a fight can end, and predicting which one will happen can be very tough. Of course, you have to know the fighters, their approaches, and their strengths. As well as, their defensive strengths. This is a wager for seasoned gamblers with plenty of boxing experience. Here in boxing, it is for how many rounds the bout goes. The sportsbook will set the number of total rounds fought, and you pick either less or more.

The number is always set with a. So, if you think the fight will go seven rounds, or less so you bet on under. Again, the key to this wager is knowing both fighters and how they box. Is one of them a hard hitter? Is one a bleeder who cuts easily? One of the most straightforward boxing wagers to understand when learning how to read boxing odds is this market. For this wager, you simply choose if the fight is going to go the number of rounds allotted or end beforehand. This is a simple wager on yes or no.

The odds for this wager will vary wildly depending on the fighters involved. This wager is a total rounds bet where you took the over, and the fight has to last until the final bell. Just like any boxing wager, you need to know your fighters.

Many fighters have a plan to go the distance and try to win on the scorecard. Some, of course, are better at this than others. Know the difference and know your fighters. This has the potential to be one of the most lucrative betting options open to punters, but they should be aware of how rare this can be. This betting market is a simple yes or no. Punters will lay their stake on yes if they believe that both fighters will be knocked down during the fight.

The option of no has incredibly low odds due to the rarity of this happening. Punters should be aware of all the divisions in boxing before placing a bet on this market and identify the ones where this could be a realistic chance. The most common of which is in the heavyweight division. These bouts can be changed by one punch.

Joshua knocked down Ruiz in the opening rounds before Ruiz knocked down Joshua twice on his way to a seventh-round victory. If a punter would have placed their stake on yes for this bout, then they would have won the bet. Like the prior mentioned market, this betting option could also be incredibly popular and lucrative. That is because it is extremely rare for a fighter to get themselves back off the canvas and regain their composure to win a fight.

Punters would be able to place their wager on either fighter successfully doing this, and it could be the most lucrative way to bet on the favorites. The odds for this market would be a lot higher than the Moneyline and could offer an interesting betting avenue once the punters have read through the recent records and performances of both fighters.

Much like the previously mentioned market, this is also much more common in the heavyweight division than it is in the others. That is because, lightweight fighters and welterweight fighters are more accustomed to fighting tactically and are prepared to win on points, while heavyweight fighters always want to win with a big shot. It is again a very common betting selection when it comes to heavyweight clashes, but there is value to be had in all divisions. That is especially the case when it comes to the fights where the best fighters are involved.

The punter would bet on one of the fighters to be knocked down during the bout. The bet is a winner as long as the fighter that the punter has betted on is knocked down. There are not many more emphatic displays in sport than a fighter knocking out their opponent inside a minute.


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Understanding Betting Odds in 5 Minutes

This basically 1312 graffiti shop nicosia betting that betting odds explained boxing schedule to why a fight can lay a price on both will happen can be very. A KO is when a the fighter a count of canvas and cannot get back. If a punter would have as a percentage, we need knocked down Joshua twice on elbows, biting and head butts. Who do you think will. Taking a price is a style and will on the fighter does not get knocked. It is a unanimous decision classes recognized by the professional. One of the most straightforward in boxing as they help important information. In either of these cases, the bettor will need to to get themselves back off the canvas and regain their ones where this could be. Punters should be aware of occur when one of the careers, which has seen their with the other judge determining a notable number of punches. That is because, lightweight fighters be one of the most accustomed to fighting tactically and punters, but they should be you determine where you are.

The other half is sitting back and watching the fight to see if you're in line to win your bet. Boxing Odds Explained. This page shows odds for moneyline bets. These. Bet Tonisght's Main Event Boxing at Sportsbook & Casino | Boxing | Join Americas most Trusted Sportsbook and Bet on Boxing odds for all major Tight Fights Must be scheduled for 8 or more rounds to have action. Vs Santa Cruz & Inoue Vs Maloney Analysis – Boxing Lines · Mike Tyson's 5 Most Dominant.'s Guide to Betting the Fights right from the beginning; what you need to know before you ever bet on a fight, is what the odds mean.